US News Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron does not want to “isolate our seniors again”

22:45  22 september  2020
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End of home education, imams trained in France… Macron's announcements on separatism

 End of home education, imams trained in France… Macron's announcements on separatism Video: Macron: home schooling will be "strictly limited" (AFP) Your browser does not support this video © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Emmanuel Macron unveiled this Friday, October 2, his action plan to better protect the Republic against "separatism". "We must tackle Islamist separatism" which "often translates into the formation of a counter-society," the president stressed in a much-anticipated, and repeatedly postponed, speech on the subject. The head of state quickly targeted radical Islamism.

EMMANUEL Macron is widely perceived to have 'completely bungled' France's coronavirus response - and his aloof, distant style of leadership is damaging the entire French political system, a UK-based Macron 's misery: French President 'completely bungled' coronavirus response - anger grows.

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron called for national unity as France wages "war" against coronavirus , and he promised a I see in our country factors of division, doubts, all those who want to Macron did not announce an extension of the nationwide lockdown, though the scientific council

Visiting an nursing home, the Head of State said he was opposed to a re-containment of residents

Emmanuel Macron a assuré mardi ne pas vouloir © Yoan Valat / AP / SIPA Emmanuel Macron assured Tuesday that he did not want SENIORS - Visiting an nursing home, the Head of State said he was opposed to a re-containment of

residents Emmanuel Macron assured Tuesday that he did not want to "isolate our elders again", during a visit to an Ehpad in Loir-et-Cher, to call on older people to protect themselves more against the rebound of the epidemic, and while several large cities are restricting visits.

“We do not wish, collectively, to isolate our elders again. (…) We are going to support those in charge of establishments so that rules are enacted which precisely allow a proportionate reaction and (…) to continue to see the family, those we love, and to continue to have (…) a minimum activity, to continue to have interactions because that is also life ”, declared the president at the end of his visit.

What will Emmanuel Macron say in his long-awaited speech on separatism?

 What will Emmanuel Macron say in his long-awaited speech on separatism? Accused of procrastinating on the subject, Emmanuel Macron presents Friday his action plan against "separatism", mainly that of radical Islamism, an explosive dossier as the presidential election approaches. The Head of State will deliver this long-awaited speech around 10:30 am at the town hall of Mureaux, in Yvelines, a town of 30,000 inhabitants about forty kilometers from Paris, presented as "a place to live together" and not " of confrontation "by its mayor François Garay (various left).

THE coronavirus pandemic poses an existential threat to the European Union, French President Emmanuel Macron has said, warning of the 'Death of Schengen': Macron warns coronavirus is an existential threat to the EU. Sign up for FREE now and never miss the top politics stories again .

French President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron walked hand-in-hand on Paris' Champs-Elysees on Monday "to send a message of confidence to the French economy" amid the coronavirus outbreak. France, like many other countries, has imposed restrictions in order to slow

"We must collectively redouble our attention"

"More fragile, our elders are more exposed to the virus. We must collectively redouble our attention, "the head of state tweeted shortly after his arrival at the Bracieux nursing home.

More fragile, our seniors are more exposed to the virus. We collectively need to be extra careful.

- Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) September 22, 2020

Director Pierre Goualbault and nurses told him about their exceptional mobilization during the crisis. A nurse told him of the feeling of isolation caused by the epidemic. "They are not in Ehpad because they are sick! They are alive. When we celebrate our birthday, when we go to the creperie, when we travel, we are alive (…) but the Covid has stopped everything, people were locked up, ”said a nurse. "Today the families are relaxed, for the masks I go to war a bit, but when it's been six months since we last saw his mother ...! This is life, this is love, ”she cried.

Lebanon sinks a little deeper into the political crisis

 Lebanon sinks a little deeper into the political crisis © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Lebanon wakes up on Sunday without the slightest prospect of exiting the crisis has after the renunciation of the Prime Minister designated Moustapha Adib, incapable to form a government due to political wrangling over portfolios, despite international pressure.

President Emmanuel Macron of France said people may leave their homes only for essential duties, beginning midday Tuesday. Coronavirus lockdown: France orders people to stay at home for 15 days due to pandemic. Published Mon, Mar 16 20203:25 PM EDTUpdated Mon, Mar 16 20206:15 PM

French President Emmanuel Macron | Pool photo by Guillaume Horcajuelo/AFP via Getty Images. Despite the dramatic nature of recent events, Macron did not move France to stage 3 of its coronavirus plan, under which the country would move to trying to mitigate the impact of the virus

This shift comes at a time when the epidemic indicators go back to , especially for those over 65.

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran last Thursday called on the elderly to “redouble all (their) efforts. Including the most difficult one, to further reduce the number of people you see every day ”.

Other voices were raised to ask not to "infantilize" the seniors, in particular when, at the end of August, Prime Minister Jean Castex asked to avoid "that grandpa and grandma go to pick up the children at school" .

Clusters detected in nursing homes

Several clusters were recently detected in nursing homes , such as that of 54 positive cases in one of the largest in France, in Bourges (Cher).

In several large metropolises, health constraints are tightened, in particular in establishments for the elderly, such as in Lyon where visits have been reduced to two people per resident and per week or in Marseille where visits are limited to two per day. In Nice , Mayor Christian Estrosi has stopped all visits to municipal nursing homes.

HealthCoronavirus: "No generalized confinement" in nursing homes, but occasional "isolation measures", says Olivier Véran HealthCoronavirus in Marseille: Reduced visits to Ephad, Heritage Days canceled ... The prefect toughens the measures against the 'epidemic

Nagorno-Karabakh: Emmanuel Macron denounces the sending of Syrian "jihadists" and denounces "a red line" .
© Reuters The impact of gunfire near a house damaged by a bombardment during the fighting in the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, in the city of Agdam, October 1, 2020. "A red line has been crossed" in Nagorno-Karabakh, Emmanuel Macron said overnight from Thursday to Friday. The French president denounced the sending of Syrian jihadists to the separatist region, where violent clashes continue to claim deaths. A team of journalists from Le Monde was also injured.

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