US News USA: a lawyer accused of mixing her faith and the Law, favorite for the Supreme Court

01:15  22 september  2020
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Illegal tourist rentals: the Court of Justice of the EU ruled in favor of the City of Paris

 Illegal tourist rentals: the Court of Justice of the EU ruled in favor of the City of Paris The judges were seized in 2018 by the Court of Cassation, itself seized by two owners of Parisian studios condemned for having rented their goods without the prior authorization of the Town Hall. The City of Paris has just won a major battle in its fight against Airbnb. On Tuesday September 22, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its ruling in the case between the City and two rental companies of tourist accommodation - the companies Cali Apartments and HX.

Supreme court chief justice William Rehnquist administers the oath of office to newly-appointed justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on 10 August 1993. This may have been a catalyst for the singular focus of Ginsburg’s legal career: she spent the rest of her life working to make sure that intelligent women like

The Court overturned state laws in all of the above. The increase of administrative agencies since the New Deal has resulted in. Which of the following was not part of the Supreme Court 's ruling in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld? All persons accused of being terrorists had the right to a lawyer .

  USA: une juriste accusée de mêler sa foi et le Droit, favorite pour la Cour suprême © Provided by Le Point

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, approached to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court of the United States, is very appreciated by conservatives because of its traditional religious values ​​which, according to its detractors, guide its reading of the Law.

In 2018, she had already been among Donald Trump's favorites for a high court post, which was ultimately awarded to Brett Kavanaugh after a fierce political battle.

At 48, she could in turn make an eventful entry into the temple of American law. His profile, at odds with the very feminist and progressive "RBG", indeed divides Americans.

Supreme Court: an appointment at the end of the week followed by a vote in the Senate

 Supreme Court: an appointment at the end of the week followed by a vote in the Senate © REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Washington, September 9, 2020. US President intends to announce on Friday or Saturday the name of the judge he will choose to succeed Ruth Baden Ginsberg at the Supreme Court. A nomination strongly denounced by Democrats, but the Republican Senate majority leader has confirmed he intends to hold a confirmation vote as soon as possible.

Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court , Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday from Finally, one does not need to be a lawyer to be a Supreme Court justice, but all Justices have been trained in the A favorite of religious conservatives, Barrett soared to the top of the President’s list of potential

United States v. Leon. "good faith " exception to the exclusionary rule was established by case law in U.S. Supreme Court set the limits for the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. Supreme Court ruled that a meeting between a probation officer and client does not equal custody

A practicing Catholic, mother of seven children, two of whom are adopted from Haiti and a youngest with Down's syndrome, Amy Coney Barrett, is by personal conviction opposed to abortion.

After a childhood in New Orleans, in the conservative south of the United States, she graduated from Notre Dame Law School, a renowned denominational institution in Indiana, where she was then a professor for 15 years.

Early in her career, Amy Coney Barrett worked for Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, from whom she espoused an "originalist" view of the law, which requires reading the Constitution as it was intended when it was written.

This academic, praised for her chiseled arguments, however, has limited experience of the courts: she has only sat as a federal judge since 2017, after being appointed by Donald Trump.

The actress Amy Locane (Melrose Place) sentenced to 8 years in prison

 The actress Amy Locane (Melrose Place) sentenced to 8 years in prison Already sentenced for facts dating back to 2010, the actress returns behind bars ... © Abaca Already sentenced for facts dating back to 2010, the actress returns behind bars… Remember, she played the pretty Sandy Harling in season 1 of Melrose Place , in 1992. Two years earlier, it was Johnny Depp that she had given the reply in the comedy musical for teens Cry Baby … A promising career that came to an end in the mid-90s, which is now only a distant memory.

The lawyers addressing the Supreme Court can be (and often are) questioned by the justices at A court opinion or determination on which all judges agree. The opinion is written for the entire court . A judicial philosophy that looks to the "letter of the law " when interpreting the Constitution or a

lawyer -client interview, as well as the contents of the letter from Carmecom's lawyers . Criminal law , sometimes (although rarely) called penal law , involves the prosecutionby the state of a Depending on the offence and the jurisdiction, various punishments are available to the courts to punish an


His Senate confirmation process, mandatory under the US Constitution, had already been stormy. "Religious dogma lives loudly in you," Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein had reproached him.

The formula had turned against its author, accused of intolerance, and had paradoxically increased the aura of the judge in religious circles. The ultra-conservative group Judicial Crisis Network had even produced cups bearing the image of the magistrate overhung by the quote.

Without departing from his calm, Amy Coney Barrett had assured to distinguish between his faith and "his responsibilities as a judge".

But his detractors are not convinced of this and cite his numerous articles of legal doctrine written from Notre Dame, and his more recent decisions as a judge which, according to them, testify to his ideological orientation.

At the Chicago Federal Court of Appeals, she notably took positions favorable to firearms and unfavorable to migrants, to women seeking abortions and to the Obamacare health insurance law that Republicans want to dismantle.

Two years in prison for the Breton student who wanted to infiltrate jihadist networks

 Two years in prison for the Breton student who wanted to infiltrate jihadist networks © STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP The young Breton was appearing before the special assize court in Paris. A Breton student from Douarnenez who wanted to infiltrate jihadist circles in order to carry out "an ethnography of the Islamic State and radical Islam", was sentenced Friday to two years in prison suspended by the court of special meeting of Paris. After more than five hours of deliberation, the 26-year-old anthropology doctoral student was convicted of criminal association terrorist .

marks the Supreme Court 's ruling that the death penalty is constitutional, even though it is an extreme sanction for the most extended the right to counsel to everyone accused of a felony. a. upheld the federal law banning the Nazi party in the United States and prohibiting its activities. b. upheld the

In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court held that which of the following should be treated like people in terms of campaign a. exclusionary rule—Consider This: The exclusionary rule was articulated in the Mapp v. Ohio. b. prior restraint c. libel d. full faith and credit.

"Kingdom of God"

One of his speeches, delivered to students of Notre Dame, is frequently criticized.

Presenting herself as a "jurist of a different style", she considered that a "legal career" was "a means in the service of a cause" and that the latter was "to build the Kingdom of God".

If she entered the Supreme Court, "Judge Barrett, who even opposed access to contraception, would be a scourge for women's rights to reproductive health," said Daniel Goldberg, director of the 'Alliance for Justice, a progressive legal lobby.

"She would join the other judges appointed by Trump to hurt our country for decades, long after she left the White House," he predicts.

Conversely, conservative circles praise a "brilliant", "impressive" woman. Proof of her popularity, on the internet, her fans even represented her in Superman outfit.

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Trump collects himself, under boos, in front of the coffin of "RBG" .
© Provided by Le Point US President Donald Trump meditated on Thursday in front of the coffin of progressive Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg , causing boos and cries of protest. Wearing a black mask, accompanied by his wife Melania, the tenant of the White House marked a moment of silence in the face of the remains of the feminist icon who died Friday at the age of 87.

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