US News CDU politician on everyday life in the corona crisis: Merz warns against getting used to "life without work"

15:12  21 september  2020
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Merz attacks FCB bosses: "Stupidity or arrogance"

 Merz attacks FCB bosses: © FIROFIROSID Sharp criticism of the appearance of the Bayern bosses Munich - The CDU politician Friedrich Merz has the leadership of Bayern Munich for the "pack formation" in the VIP grandstand Attacked at the Bundesliga opener against Schalke 04 (8: 0). "My thought, with what I saw: stupidity or arrogance," said the 64-year-old, who is running for the party's federal chairmanship, of the "Bild" newspaper. The Bayern bosses vowed to get better.

The CDU politician Friedrich Merz fears that short-time work in the corona crisis could lower work morale. Not only Minister of Labor Heil is outraged.

Friedrich Merz, Kandidat für den Parteivorsitz der CDU © Photo: Imago / Jürgen Heinrich Friedrich Merz, candidate for the party chairmanship of the CDU

The CDU politician and candidate for the party chairmanship Friedrich Merz worries about the work ethic of many Germans in the corona crisis, which has been going on for months in the country. "We have to be a bit careful that we don't all get used to the fact that we can live without work," said Merz on "Bild live" on Sunday evening. "We have to go back to work."

Merz also criticized the extension short-time allowance until the end of 2021. "I make no secret of the fact that I am skeptical that this very long extension of the short-time allowance is the right solution."

Federal budget 2021: The next government alliance has to fix it

 Federal budget 2021: The next government alliance has to fix it © dpa Where will savings be made in the future? And what money spent on? The Bundestag will not have heated discussions about this until the coming year. The government deficit is huge due to the corona. The 2021 election campaign will also be decided by who will find the best answer. In any case, the old promises no longer bear fruit. The next government alliance has to fix it. The federal cabinet approved the budget for the coming year this Wednesday.

It is to be feared that employees will not be found where they are urgently needed, as they are tied to the companies for which they receive short-time work allowance.

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Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) reacted sharply to the statements of Merz. "This man either has no idea economically or is socially cynical - or both," he wrote on Twitter . "With short-time working, we secure millions of jobs in the Corona crisis and stabilize overall economic demand."

The Left Bundestag member Fabio De Masi commented on Merz's statement on Twitter with the simple sentence: "He doesn't notice anything anymore."

Merz also commented on the situation in schools at "Bild". “Too many teachers stay at home,” he said, suggesting that he believed that teachers stayed home because of non-serious illnesses. He advocates the course of the Schleswig-Holstein Education Minister Karin Prien (CDU), who is very rigorous in ensuring that teachers who are not seriously ill should come to school. "We need the school system - it has to work, even in times of corona," Merz continued. (Tsp)

Corona warning systems: These corona traffic lights are already available .
© dpa mouth and nose protection in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. In Berlin there are three indicators, in Hesse it has five colors: which Corona traffic lights the federal states have introduced - and how differently they work.

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