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23:05  20 september  2020
23:05  20 september  2020 Source:   lefigaro.fr

puzzle piece found: KSC brings Jung from Hanover

 puzzle piece found: KSC brings Jung from Hanover

Des élèves portant leur masque lors de la rentrée des classes au collège Jean-Moulin, à La Queue-en-Brie (Val-de-Marne), le 1er septembre. © Sébastien SORIANO / Le Figaro Students wearing their masks when they start to school at Jean-Moulin college, in La Queue-en-Brie (Val -de-Marne), on September 1.

Unpreparedness or pragmatism? Following statements on Thursday from the Minister of Health and new recommendations from the High Council for Public Health (HCSP), National Education was still working on Sunday on a reduction in its health protocol. Because the school must absolutely remain open.

The new device concerning the identification of the chain of contamination in a school should make it possible, by reviewing the definition of "risky contact case" to limit the closures of classes and establishments, which have been climbing slowly but surely since the start of the school year. Closures that mainly affect primary school, where children are not forced to wear masks. In recent weeks, confirmed cases and suspicions of Covid - with symptoms difficult to assess on the ground - have overwhelmed school principals, doctors and regional health agencies (ARS). With varying local responses. Here a class closure with a single case and "evictions" of students at the slightest symptom, there a threshold of three cases.

Covid-19: in Buenos Aires, after 6 months of confinement, the rules are relaxed

 Covid-19: in Buenos Aires, after 6 months of confinement, the rules are relaxed © ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP While Buenos Aires has just passed the 6-month confinement milestone, restaurants, bars and cafes are again authorized to serve on the terrace since the beginning of the month. Meetings of less than 10 people are permitted in public areas. The Argentine capital has just passed the six-month confinement milestone, a world record.

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" Children must go to school and there is no need to dismiss students at home, or even to close entire establishments, at the first alert ", explained Thursday the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, specifying that" children, in primary, kindergarten, nursery, are unlikely to contaminate each other and infect the adults around them ”. A position based on an opinion of the High Council, published in the wake, explaining that " at this stage of knowledge ", " the risk of transmission exists mainly from adult to adult ". The instance had been seized a few days earlier by the Director General of Health " to respond to the legitimate concerns raised by a major closure " of classes, schools, schools and nurseries. Parents - and the economy - then have to pay for leaving school.

Paris: after the staircase accident, the school closed until further notice

 Paris: after the staircase accident, the school closed until further notice © LP / Benoit Hasse Rue Clavel (19th century). The building and public works high school accommodates 320 students. Long weekend on the program for the 320 students of the Saint-Lambert building vocational school. The school where three students were injured Friday after an incomprehensible technical defect on a staircase will not reopen its doors on Monday.

"These rules that change every day"

We are therefore moving towards a new definition of " risky contact cases " in schools. Now, if there is a proven case of Covid in a class, other students will no longer be systematically considered as such. They will be able to continue to attend school normally, without a system of "tracing" and systematic tests being set in motion. Follow-up will only be ensured if three children from different siblings test positive in the same class. Students who test positive will be isolated at home and return to school after seven days and symptoms have stopped.

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Relief expected from parents. " This relief will be easier to manage for families who, at the slightest rumor, wonder if they were going to have to keep their child , believes Hubert Salaün at Peep, the 2nd federation of parents of pupils. But c he rules, which change every day, are not likely to reassure parents. "He evokes the transition from the" quatorzaine "to the" septaine ", and the certificate on the honor of the parents, released on September 15 from the hat of the National Education, to calm the discontent of the general practitioners.

Mauritania: demonstration in front of the presidency for private education

 Mauritania: demonstration in front of the presidency for private education © Carmen Abd Ali / AFP The headquarters of the teacher training college in Nouakchott in the capital, April 1, 2019. Teachers and school directors are calling for financial aid pledged by the government to help the private education sector and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. A demonstration was organized by the Union of Promoters of Private Sector Education.

Since the beginning of the school year, the latter have noticed an influx into their offices to obtain a return to class certificate required by certain schools. The Order of Physicians had denounced a requirement based on " no legislative or regulatory obligation ". Since then, parents have been asked to " certify in writing that they have consulted a doctor and that a test has not been prescribed ". " Everyone is discarding!" launches Rodrigo Arenas, at the FCPE, the first parents' federation. Some countries do not claim as strongly as France that children are less contaminating, he adds. France seems to have chosen collective immunity. But it should be said! "

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On the side of the teachers' unions, we are surprised at this new reduction while the epidemiological indicators, in some places turn red. " For schools, this poses a communication problem vis-à-vis families who have opinions on the subject, believes Jean-Rémi Girard, at Snalc. Some are very worried. Others think the coronavirus does not exist , he sums up. That’s why we don’t believe so much in the Honor Certification. ”

According to the last count communicated on Friday by Rue de Grenelle, the Covid epidemic does not seem to hit the school world head-on. Over the last seven days, 5,000 proven cases have been recorded among students, or 0.04% of the workforce. Primary schools are the most affected, with 76 closures. Against 5 colleges and 8 high schools, where the students wear the mask, outside of canteen time. On the staff side, 1,300 cases were identified in one week (0.11%), including 284 in the last 24 hours. “ Will we have enough replacements to deal with the situation? ”asks Snalc.

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