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15:00  23 september  2020
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Seven Sporting Portugal players affected by Covid-19

 Seven Sporting Portugal players affected by Covid-19 © Supplied by Sofoot The tile. Following the cancellation of the game against Napoli on Sunday, due to several positive cases in Sporting Portugal's squad, tests were carried out. The verdict fell on Monday. According to the Portuguese daily Record , seven Leões players and a staff member are infected with Covid-19. Seriously injured, Jérémy Mathieu puts an end to his career The positive cases, all asymptomatic, were placed in solitary confinement.

Arnaud Lagardère, en mai 2018 à Paris. © ERIC PIERMONT Arnaud Lagardère, in May 2018 in Paris. On the eve of an important legal deadline, the emirate says it supports Vivendi and Amber Capital's request, at war with the manager of Lagardère, to be represented on the supervisory board.

The event is extremely rare: the Qatar sovereign wealth fund, usually silent, is expressed publicly. In a statement released Tuesday evening, Qatar Holding LLC, one of the offshoots of Qatar Investment Authority (the fund in question), said it was considering asking to be represented on the supervisory board of the Lagardère group, of which it is one of the large shareholders with 13% of the capital as of December 31, 2019.

Fires in California: firefighters exhausted by fires that do not weaken

 Fires in California: firefighters exhausted by fires that do not weaken © AFP A firefighter facing the fire near Cedar Springs, in the Los Angeles National Forest on September 21, 2020. Huge fires continue to ravage the western United States for over a month. In the field, fatigue and stress are felt among Californian firefighters, who are understaffed and subject to health constraints linked to Covid-19. No lull for the western United States, in flames since mid-August .

Above all, it supports the claim of two other large shareholders at war with Arnaud Lagardère , the Vivendi group of Vincent Bolloré (23.5% of the capital) and the Amber Capital fund (20 %), who also want to join the supervisory board. Where the strategy of the parent company of Hachette, Relay, , Europe 1 and Paris-Match is decided. There, too, where the position of manager of Arnaud Lagardère can be called into question .

Qatar Holding "considers it legitimate for all the significant shareholders to be equitably represented so as to find a consensus on the future and the strategy of the Company. Such a consensus will be likely to promote the creation of values ​​for all the shareholders of Lagardère SCA ", the emirate said in its press release. And to add: "As a long-term investor who remains committed to the Company's side, Qatar Holding confirms that it reserves the right to be represented on the Supervisory Board given its status as a reference shareholder of the Company. . "

Syria: prisoners affiliated with ISIS try to escape with children in a tank truck

 Syria: prisoners affiliated with ISIS try to escape with children in a tank truck © Supplied by France 24 Kurdish fighters take six children out of the cabin of a tank truck one by one, in the company of five women affiliated with the Islamic State who escaped from the Al Hol camp. Screenshot. A video posted on social media on September 11 shows an operation to arrest five women and six children belonging to the Islamic State organization.

Surprise reinforcement for Vivendi and Amber

This is an unexpected reinforcement for Vivendi and Amber, Qatar having been an ally of Arnaud Lagardère for many years. By supporting their demand, he puts pressure on the boss of the Lagardère group. On August 31, the latter refused, with the supervisory board in his hand, to bring in the four representatives requested by his two opponents. He only left the door open to the candidacy of Virginie Banet, pushed by Bolloré. Insufficient for the latter and for Amber, who took to the Paris commercial court . A hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Qatar's announcement does not come by chance.

Contacted by Libé, a source close to Arnaud Lagardère tries to put on a good face: "Management welcomes QIA's request for representation on the board. It makes sense given the ancient history and the quality of the relationship between Arnaud Lagardère and Qatar since more recent shareholders have made this request. It will be studied by the competent bodies with a view to presentation at the next general meeting of shareholders, next spring. "

Deep differences between Afghan negotiators and Taliban

 Deep differences between Afghan negotiators and Taliban © KARIM JAAFAR / AFP Negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban began on September 12 in Doha, Qatar. A week after the start of negotiations, in Doha, Qatar, the two sides are unable to find points of agreement. The positions of the Afghan government and those of the Taliban remain very distant, including on the most basic aspects of the negotiations they started a week ago, observe several observers .

Attempted putsch

Qatar's speech is a new twist in the Lagardère affair, already rich in tasty episodes. Originally, Arnaud Lagardère, financially weakened in a personal capacity , only had to face fierce criticism from Amber Capital on its economic results, its strategic choices and its erratic management. To counter the fund’s coup attempt at the last general meeting, he joined forces with Vincent Bolloré . But the Breton billionaire, whose creeping rise in the group's capital worried the management, changed sides, to put himself alongside Amber , when Arnaud Lagardère had brought in Bernard Arnault , the big boss of LVMH, within his personal holding company to protect himself from a possible attack by Bolloré.

In this open and intestine battle of French capitalism, Qatar has all the appearances of an arbiter. On the supervisory board he already has a "friend", Jamal Benomar - although the businessman is officially presented as an independent director. The emirate's intervention also questions the role played by

Nicolas Sarkozy in the affair. The former head of state was appointed to the group's board this year, at the instigation of Arnaud Lagardère. Close to the reigning family in Qatar, his mission was to preserve Doha's confidence in the boss of Lagardère. Did he fail in this task? Or did he betray his “brother” to side with his friend Vincent Bolloré, on the yacht of which he had celebrated his presidential election in 2007?

Eupen could accommodate the entire Qatari national team .
© Provided by Sofoot Always more. According to the Belgian daily La Derniere Heure , Aspire Zone Foundation, owner of KAS Eupen, and its president Tariq Abdulaziz Al Naama are about to unveil a project as crazy as it is far-fetched. The German-speaking club could welcome the majority of Qatari internationals in the form of a loan during the 2021-2022 season and allow them to evolve together. A maneuver that would aim to better prepare for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar.

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