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01:00  24 september  2020
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USA: Bipartisan Agreement on Interim Federal Funding Text

 USA: Bipartisan Agreement on Interim Federal Funding Text USA-CONGRESS-BUDGET: USA: Bipartisan Agreement on Interim Federal Funding Text © Reuters / ALEXANDER DRAGO USA: BIPARTISAN AGREEMENT ON INTERIM FEDERAL FUNDING WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced that an agreement has been reached with Republicans on an interim federal funding bill to avoid a partial shutdown of administrations ("shutdown ").

In 2021 , the United States federal government budget has allotted almost 53.36 billion dollars toward its 2021 civilian federal agency information technology The 2021 budget figures do not include the portion of the budget allocated to the Department of Defense or other classified IT spending.

Budget & Performance has sub items, Budget & Performance. The President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Budget supports HHS’s mission by prioritizing key It reflects HHS’s commitment to making the federal government more efficient and effective by focusing spending in areas with the highest impact.

Wo wird künftig gespart? Und wofür Geld ausgegeben?Darüber wird der Bundestag nicht erst im kommenden Jahr heftige Diskussionen führen. © dpa Where will savings be made in the future? And what money spent on? The Bundestag will not have heated discussions about this until the coming year.

The government deficit is huge due to the corona. The 2021 election campaign will also be decided by who will find the best answer. In any case, the old promises no longer bear fruit.

The next government alliance has to fix it.

The federal cabinet approved the budget for the coming year this Wednesday. This is good news for everyone who opposed the re-launch of the grand coalition from the start. Because the CSU, CDU and SPD have now reached the end of their government alliance. The grand coalition is saying goodbye - due to the pandemic - with historically high new debt of almost one hundred billion euros. Everything that follows now has to be judged by the next government alliance, which will begin its work at the end of 2021.

Digital administration: Additional money flows into open source, among other things.

 Digital administration: Additional money flows into open source, among other things. © Shutterstock / JRC-Stop Motion By 2022, applications should be made digitally instead of on paper. The economic stimulus package provides for an additional 3 billion euros for the digitization of the administration. Six principles are designed to ensure that money is invested wisely. In order to meet the schedule for digitization of the administration by 2022, the federal government has made an additional 3 billion euros available as part of the economic stimulus package.

Federal Labor has intensified its attack on the federal government 's troubled JobKeeper program, as Australia The opposition has reportedly decided against further tax cuts in favour of a bigger budget surplus to The Morrison Government hasn't yet decided on the date of next year's Budget that is

CBO's regular budget publications include semiannual reports on the budget and economic outlook, annual reports on the President's budget and the long-term budget picture, and a biannual set of options for reducing budget deficits. CBO also prepares cost estimates and mandate statements for

The upcoming election campaign will be one with oomph, to stick to the parlance of the Social Democratic Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. The heated dispute is inherent in the financial planning, it will revolve around a simple word: need for action. That reads unspectacularly, but it is the opposite. It is about uncovered billion checks for the years up to 2024 and thus the question of how the deep red holes in the budget should be filled that the coalitionists are now looking into.

It is understandable that the coalition wants to cheat on the answer to this, it has to make the last few meters of the legislative period. The cheating is also an indication that the CDU, CSU, SPD, Greens, Left, AfD and FDP programs will be divided on the issue of uncovered expenditure. Should you save and cut massively? Significantly increase taxes and duties? Or suspend the debt brake anchored in the constitution until 2024 and run into high debts? It goes without saying that each of the ideas is perceived as unreasonable, depending on the voter group. But because a future coalition will only be found along the lines of the answers, everything points to heated debates.

Ministry of the Interior: Federal Government spends 22 million euros for the protection of Jewish facilities

 Ministry of the Interior: Federal Government spends 22 million euros for the protection of Jewish facilities "Jews must be able to live safely in Germany": Almost a year after the attack on a synagogue in Halle, the Federal Government plans to provide an additional million euros for the protection of Jewish facilities . © Hendrik Schmidt / dpa In October 2019, Stephan Balliet wanted to commit a mass murder in the synagogue in Hall . The door of the house of God held him back at the time.

United States Federal Government Budget 1948-2019 Data | 2020-2022 Forecast. Summary. Government Budget in the United States is expected to reach -12.90 percent of GDP by the end of 2020, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

Budget proposals are being presented and then it will be presented in the Assembly on June 12. Sources said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called on the government of Pakistan not to increase the salaries of government employees in the next

Olaf Scholz is in the comfortable position of being able to tackle this election campaign as Federal Finance Minister. Nobody knows the internal perspective of financial planning as well as the candidate whom the Social Democrats want to send to the Chancellery. That has already brought him the accusation of wanting to buy the chancellorship because he would go far towards his party links and run up so massive debts that nowhere even a cent needs to be saved. All those who look at the Federal Labor Minister's social budget feel confirmed - around half of the inflated federal budget.

You can of course see it differently. The coronavirus has caused household data to collapse dramatically. Exports: all-time low. Gross domestic product: historic slump. Tax revenue: biggest slump. Private consumption: falls despite a temporary reduction in the VAT rate and despite a child bonus. Available private income: down by three percent. Investments in equipment: down 16 percent. These are numbers that the Federal Republic has not experienced since the Second World War. You gave Scholz little freedom in budget planning. He has to run record debts to finance all corona-related additional expenses that are supposed to maintain the everyday structures.

USA threaten with sanctions: Federal government probably wants to save Nord Stream 2 with a billion-dollar deal

 USA threaten with sanctions: Federal government probably wants to save Nord Stream 2 with a billion-dollar deal President Trump is threatening sanctions so that Germany buys gas from the USA instead of Russia. Now the federal government is said to have proposed a deal. © Photo: Bernd Wüstneck / dpa A pipe-laying ship is laying pipes for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea off the island of Rügen in 2018 to rescue . This is what the "Zeit" reports.

Step Two: The Congressional Budget Resolution. Next , Congress generally holds hearings to The budget resolution is a “concurrent” congressional resolution, not an ordinary bill, and therefore does Congress has seldom completed action on the budget resolution by the April 15 target date specified

In the next three years, the Russian government plans to radically increase the secret part of the federal budget , which is usually used to finance The budget for 2021 includes total expenses of 20.634 trillion rubles, while only 16.765 trillion rubles are in the open and scheduled parts of the articles.

In the election year 2021, the Union and SPD will no longer get away with it, and rightly so. The voter needs to know whether almost everyone should continue to depend on the state's cash drop, whether they will save or pay more taxes. The figures show that things cannot go on forever as they are now, when the state pays for everything. Olaf Scholz also has an advantage here. Because he knows the numbers and has already been called out as a candidate, he has already raised the bar. Unsurprisingly, the Social Democrat wants to draw the high net worth and super-earners more to finance the state. Whether that's enough is a completely different question.

But the requirement puts the political comrades under pressure. This is especially true for the CDU and CSU, who are still looking for a party leader and a candidate for chancellor. If up to now you even knew what the Union stood for, except for the Chancellery, then it was the black zero as a symbol of solid budgeting. That is foreseeably lost. And even the debt brake can only be reactivated in 2022 if massive savings are made or taxes are increased. Both are hardly suitable for winning voters. And even less so to convince the Greens as coalition partners, who insisted on readjusting the debt brake even before Corona. The Union will have to come up with new symbols in order not to be dependent on the FDP, which speaks for itself about tax cuts and the dismantling of subsidies.

Olaf Scholz it will come in handy that the political competition still has to sort out. But he is also under pressure: If his work does not soon raise the approval ratings for the SPD, it will be all the more difficult for him later.

European Union. The Twenty-Seven approve a compromise on the rule of law .
© Vincent Kessler / Reuters The member countries of the European Union have agreed on the text proposed by Germany. The representatives of the Member States eventually agreed on the rule of law text which provides for the reduction or suspension of disbursements of funds in cases where breaches by a Member State of the principles of the State of law.

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