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13:10  24 september  2020
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The European Union has unveiled a new migration pact intended to share the responsibility for asylum seekers more evenly among member states. While most arrivals land in Italy and Greece , who are the the frontline of the migration crisis, other EU countries such as Austria, Poland and

A fresh start on migration in Europe . Migration is a complex issue, with many facets that need to be weighed together. The safety of people who seek international protection or a better life, the concerns of countries at the EU’s external borders, which worry that migratory pressures will exceed their

Le nouveau «pacte» de la Commission européenne pour l’asile et la migration n’a pas vraiment convaincu en Grèce et en Italie, qui auraient souhaité d’avantage de solidarité de la part des membres de l’UE. © REUTERS / Murad Sezer The European Commission's new “pact” for asylum and migration has not really convinced Greece and Italy, who would have liked more solidarity from EU members.

The new European Commission “pact” for asylum and migration presented on Wednesday 23 September in Brussels by Ursula von der Leyen and supposed to relieve the countries located on the continent's external border has not really convinced. Greece and Italy, at the forefront of welcoming migrants, would have liked more solidarity from EU members.

With our correspondent in Athens, Joël Bronner and our correspondent in Rome, Anne Treca

Italy: Salvini's black Monday

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The European Union is planning to unveil a new migration pact that will require member states to take more migrants from frontline countries such as Italy and Greece and bring an end to overcrowded camps like the one at Moria on the island of Lesbos.

The EU's new proposed migration pact puts an end to asylum quotas. Now, the European Commission has proposed a new migration pact . It is simultaneously a last-ditch effort and an admission of failure. Member states on the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy , Greece and Spain

In Greece, one of the main entry points for asylum seekers in Europe, the authorities have been calling for more solidarity on the part of the EU member countries, in order to share what they regularly refer to as a "burden". But the plan to reform European migration policy presented by the Commission on Wednesday, although it is supposed to partially relieve the countries located on the continent's external border, such as Greece, has not been particularly convincing in the country. .

In Greece, reactions to the long-awaited European reform on migration and asylum have been less numerous than one might expect. In particular, the importance assumed in local news by the political tensions with neighboring Turkey and the daily expansion of coronavirus cases in the country.

Greece. 6,000 refugees in the new camp in Lesbos, 157 people positive for the coronavirus

 Greece. 6,000 refugees in the new camp in Lesbos, 157 people positive for the coronavirus © ELIAS MARCOU / Reuters Migrants before entering the new temporary camp in Lesvos, Greece, on September 18. Since the fire on the night of September 8-9, several thousand migrants have been living in unsanitary conditions in the Moria camp on the island of Lesvos, Greece. 6,000 of them have been moved to a new temporary camp, authorities said.

Timidly Europe is addressing this new situation, which it deems unjustified, whilst endorsing world decisions of multilateral migration governance, as Due to the Syrian crisis of 2015 the UN General Assembly decided to draft a Global Pact on Migration and Refugees that was adopted at the end of

"I want to propose a new pact on migration and asylum because I think we need a new and fresh view and start on migration . She hopes the EU countries reach an effective agreement, which entails an adequate distribution of responsibilities among Italy , Spain, Greece and other countries most

On the press side, the Kathimerini newspaper, close to the conservative power, nonetheless recalls that the so-called Dublin regulation “has continued to stir up tensions between the 27, because of the weight it places on the countries, which are geographically located on the arrivals front ”.

Solidarity à la carte

But the new solidarity measures announced by Brussels are often considered too limited, and it is the left-wing press which is the most virulent. The daily Efsyn headlines for example: "They abolish the quotas for the reception of refugees, and give in to xenophobic pressures." An allusion to the countries of Central Europe, which refuse to accept refugees, and may for example contribute, instead, to the return of people who are refused asylum in their country of origin.

The Economico website thus denounces in a concise phrase: “à la carte” solidarity.

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Luxembourg criticizes EU Commission's proposals for asylum reform

 Luxembourg criticizes EU Commission's proposals for asylum reform © Virginia Mayo The EU Commission's plans for reforming the asylum system are met with sharp criticism in Luxembourg. Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn criticizes that countries that do not want to take in refugees can instead help with deportations. The EU Commission's plans to reform the European asylum system have met with sharp criticism in Luxembourg.

The pact has split the European Union, where migration remains a politically toxic issue, even as the number of migrants arriving to the EU has dropped by Villa points to a recent survey by Ipsos Italia , in which 60 percent of Italians said they believe that the number of undocumented migrants in Italy

On 29 January 2020, the European Commission's new work programme was published. Under the fifth priority - 'Promoting our European Way of Life' The pact will acknowledge that internal and external aspects of migration are interconnected and will strive for more resilient, more humane and more

Disappointment of the Italian press

For its part, Rome would have liked compulsory solidarity as much on the reception of applicants for asylum than that of economic migrants. Ursula Van der Layen's compromise formula is seen as the lowest common denominator among Europeans which leaves Mediterranean countries in the front line for welcoming migrants .

It is "a compromise without vision or courage", headlines the Corriere della Sera, but still, "the best possible result".

"The European Union is satisfied with little", judges the Repubblica, which underlines that the Commission puts an end to the illusion of a compulsory redistribution of asylum seekers. From right to left, the Italian press is showing its disappointment even if at last specific European aid would be put in place for rescues at sea. This is essential progress for Italy.

The Conte government keeps a low profile

The parliamentarians of the League are not in the nuance. The project is for one only a series of empty words and Italy remains in practice the first refugee camp in Europe. The Sicilian elected officials of the 5-star movement are more positive but demand a turning point for the landing ports. Conversely, NGOs accuse Brussels of building Fortress Europe, with the strengthening of repatriations of economic migrants.

In the midst of this criticism, the government is keeping a low profile, pointing to a step in the right direction, the start of a meaningful negotiation. Rome therefore plays the card of moderation. No doubt also so as not to upset the Commission at a time when the fundamental part for Italy of the allocation of the European recovery fund is being played out.

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Italy: is Matteo Salvini finished? .
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