US News “Everything is sold”: Boom among boat builders despite the Corona crisis

10:05  18 september  2020
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Drought troubles cranes

 Drought troubles cranes © Patrick Pleul / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB / Archivbild Two cranes in flight. The drought since 2018 continues to affect the gray cranes (Grus grus) in the northeast. As crane expert Wolfgang Mewes told the German Press Agency, the birds were only able to raise about a third of the usual offspring in 2020. The main reason for this is the dry nesting opportunities, which has to do with a lack of precipitation and lower water levels since summer 2018.

One release that definitely catches the eye is the first transparent tv of the world. For its part, the cell phone market continues to see fresh ideas regarding its screens, and this time it was Microsoft who revealed everything about the new Surface Duo, which stands out for being its first Android device

The company announced that it plans to expand the supply of transparent OLEDs to the metro in the main regions of China, for which it will work together with the train companies. Transparent displays have long been a prototype primarily displayed at trade shows. However, LG screens are one of the

Boote auf der Interboot in Friedrichshafen. Obwohl die Wirtschaft schrumpft, die Arbeitslosigkeit steigt kaufen viele Deutsche Boote. © picture alliance / dpa Boats at the Interboot in Friedrichshafen. Although the economy is shrinking and unemployment is rising, many Germans are buying boats.

“Speedboats, inflatables, life jackets,” fired Christoph Steinkuhl. "Electric motors, stand-up boards - to date we have sold everything that goes on the water," says the managing director of the Hamburg boat outfitter A. W. Niemeyer.

"In some cases we could no longer deliver." Like his company, many German manufacturers felt in the Corona summer: During the crisis, the demand for boats and accessories increased enormously.

"After the strict lockdown until the end of April, the summer months more than made up for the failure in many places," says the managing director of the German Boat and Shipbuilding Association, Claus-Ehlert Meyer. Entry-level products such as small motor boats are particularly in demand because their drivers do not need a driver's license.

Cartel Office is investigating Amazon for alleged exorbitant prices

 Cartel Office is investigating Amazon for alleged exorbitant prices Amazon is currently facing serious allegations of having exploited its market power during the corona crisis. While the group rejects any guilt, consumer advocates clearly condemn the online retailer. © Provided by Finanz.net DANIEL ROLAND / AFP / Getty Images • Allegedly exorbitant prices at Amazon • Has Amazon exploited the pandemic for its own gain? • Amazon rejects guilt Cartel Office investigates Amazon A group of antitrust and consumer advocates accuses online retailer Amazon of demanding

“Otherwise everything is fine, we are working by videoconference all the time and we are doing our best not to let things accumulate as long as I am in Alvorada,” he said. Yankees tie MLB home run record. Breaking News. Boom among boat builders despite the corona crisis .

"It is a news that affects a woman, who is in the first political line of our country, I believe that it will not affect her much in the campaign. Partial delivery bottlenecks: " Everything is sold ": Boom among boat builders despite the Corona crisis .

“These are mainly models with a 15 hp engine,” says Steinkuhl. He interprets this as a clear sign that many people have decided to buy a boat for the first time in the Corona crisis. "Many have thought about a purchase for a long time and are now using the money from the canceled vacation for it," says association manager Meyer.

Instead of charter a yacht on the Mediterranean, many holidaymakers would now rely on their own boat in Germany, says Marcus Schlichting from Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH. "There are quite a lot of them who haven't had a boat before." From June to August, the manufacturer based in Giebelstadt in Bavaria received around 70 percent more orders than in the same period last year, says Schlichting. "We were very astonished about that."

Because of the coronavirus, short-term furnished rentals are on the edge

 Because of the coronavirus, short-term furnished rentals are on the edge While tourist rental has experienced a colossal boom in recent years, the health crisis has had the effect of a cold shower for many owners in need of vacationers to accommodate © IStock / City Presse The coronavirus pandemic has cooled the owners of furnished tourist accommodation.

In this video we are shown by the government and the NHS how to minimise the spread of Coronavirus and how to keep our hands thoroughly sanitised to help prevent infection.

My personal situation is stable in the sense that my job is rather safe despite the crisis . Note: I am aware that the future cannot be predicted, what I want to find out is the following: Since the price for "my" apartment was set before the corona crisis started, is there already any evidence that the real

It was not easy to meet such high demand immediately after the corona lockdown and two months with “zero incoming orders”, says Schlichting. "Fortunately, we were able to produce through, but we had to improvise with the supply chains."

Because of the high demand and limited delivery quantities, the price of water sports products no longer played a major role for many customers, says Christoph Steinkuhl. "The question was not what does the stand-up board cost, but rather: When can I have it?" The corona trend towards vacationing in one's own country also played a role. A. W. Niemeyer has increased sales in the past few months by a high, double-digit percentage compared to the same period in the previous year, says Steinkuhl.

manufacturers and the industry association assume that the boom could continue into the coming year. "The prognosis is relatively simple," says Steinkuhl. "Because we could not meet the demand this year, we assume that it will spill over into the next." Association managing director Meyer also emphasizes that the industry is “not pessimistic” about the coming year: “The newcomers have enlarged the market.”

Federal budget 2021: The next government alliance has to fix it

 Federal budget 2021: The next government alliance has to fix it © dpa Where will savings be made in the future? And what money spent on? The Bundestag will not have heated discussions about this until the coming year. The government deficit is huge due to the corona. The 2021 election campaign will also be decided by who will find the best answer. In any case, the old promises no longer bear fruit. The next government alliance has to fix it. The federal cabinet approved the budget for the coming year this Wednesday.

“ That will be the start of a trend,” he said, adding that “The travel, leisure & hospitality, airline, and other industries are going to experience layoffs, as (Associated Builders and Contractors, a D.C.-based trade organization representing 21,000 industry members, did not immediately respond to a request

The 444-day crisis that 'changed the world'. 2 Nov, 2019 8:43am 5 minutes to read. Death penalty for rape and murder of British diplomat. Dr Michael Baden raised concerns on Wednesday on Fox News about the New York City medical examiner's findings that ruled Epstein's death a suicide.

But not everyone in the industry benefits from the rush to local waters. The situation is still difficult on the charter market due to the corona-related travel restrictions, says association managing director Meyer. The sale of nautical charts has also "collapsed completely": after all, anyone who cruises on Lake Constance does not need a map of the Caribbean or the Atlantic.

The industry is now hoping for a further boost from the “Interboot” water sports trade fair, which starts on Saturday in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. There is great interest in boating: According to the district office, the number of test subjects for the Lake Constance boatman patent rose by 30 percent by the beginning of September compared to the same period last year. “The run began with the opening of the ports and sailing schools at the end of May, after the season started somewhat delayed,” says a spokesman.

If the trend continues, things could get tight on Lake Constance in the coming year. The district office announced that the number of berths for boats there was fixed. Most yacht clubs have long waiting lists. But even those who cannot find a berth for a new boat so quickly should receive help at the fair in Friedrichshafen: Under the guidance of experts, visitors can practice maneuvering boats on car trailers.

Ten thousandfold suspicion of fraud with Corona aid .
© Robert Michael / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa The Corona emergency aid was intended to secure the economic existence of companies and the self-employed during the Corona crisis. Public prosecutors and investigators take action in more than 10,000 cases across Germany for fraud with Corona emergency aid and other frauds.

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