US News In Louisville, anti-racist demonstrators find divine support

13:30  25 september  2020
13:30  25 september  2020 Source:   lepoint.fr

Accused of conveying racist clichés, the Uncle Ben's brand changes its name

 Accused of conveying racist clichés, the Uncle Ben's brand changes its name The brand will be renamed Ben's Original and the famous image of a face of an elderly African-American will be abandoned © JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES Un package of Uncle Ben's rice on Jun 17, 2020 at a supermarket in the United States.

Protestors march during a demonstration in downtown Louisville , Kentucky. AFP via Getty Images. Police speak with protesters at the First Unitarian church in The group is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the largest radical anti -government groups in the US,” the outlet said.

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  A Louisville, les manifestants antiracistes trouvent un soutien divin © Provided by Le Point

"The sanctuary is open!": Demonstrators denouncing in Louisville the legal consequences of the death of African-American Breonna Taylor were able to count on Thursday evening on the support of religious to escape the police, whose racism they denounced with one voice.

Apparent contrast to the rally the day before in which two police officers were shot and wounded, the hard core of the protest, this time peaceful, rushed once the curfew fell, at the First Unitarian Church.

"The sanctuary is open!" Shouts a black woman into a megaphone, immediately acclaimed by the crowd.

The church building in this Kentucky town immediately opened its doors to anti-racist protesters whose officials said they supported the cause.

Several tens of thousands of demonstrators in Bangkok for a show of force against the government

 Several tens of thousands of demonstrators in Bangkok for a show of force against the government © Provided by Le Point Several tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered on Saturday evening near the former royal palace in Bangkok to demand more democracy and demand the resignation of the Prime Minister, many demanding a reform of the powerful monarchy, taboo subject in Thailand . The demonstration began on the campus of the faculty of Thammasat, scene in 1976 of a massacre where dozens of pro-democracy students were killed by the police, supported by ultra-royalist militias.

They clashed with anti - racism activists who had organised a counter- demonstration and the peaceful rally quickly descended into chaos as bricks, glass and pieces of wood Anti-fascist demonstrators were addressed by shadow secretary of state for international development Diane Abbott.

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In the parking lot, groups equipped with walkie-talkies immediately get busy unloading boxes of provisions of all kinds. A few steps higher, those concerned by the police during the recent gatherings are offered legal assistance.

In the midst of all this commotion, Brother Tim, in brown robe and sandals, crucifix around his neck tries to make his way. The 63-year-old cleric patiently exchanges with those responsible for the protest and haggard activists, to organize the makeshift camp.

He also multiplies the comings and goings with the police in order to try to calm the ambient tension and the invectives exchanged between the two camps.

In the midst of this impromptu setting, one of the leaders of the protest even dares to draw a parallel with the civil rights movement of the 1960s, which had been fueled by many pastoral figures, including Martin Luther King .

Breonna Taylor affair: new tensions in Louisville after the indictment of a police officer

 Breonna Taylor affair: new tensions in Louisville after the indictment of a police officer © REUTERS / Bryan Woolston Tensions between protesters and police in Louisville after the US court ruling in the Breonna Taylor case. September 24, 2020. New anti-racist protests erupted in the streets of Louisville, Kentucky after the US justice announced it would not charge police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor. The 26-year-old African-American was mistakenly killed in her apartment by three police officers in March.

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An Antifa demonstrator was arrested after a police horse died during a confrontation between members of Antifa and right-wing Pegida during a Following the incident, an Antifa demonstrator was arrested for throwing a smoke bomb along with another man who could not be identified.

In the garden which surrounds the stone building with large glass walls, rumors are rife and the demonstrators plague. They would have preferred to shout their anger in Jefferson Square, where they have been gathering for months to demand justice for the young hospital worker killed at her home by the police.

"We found ourselves trapped here", regrets to the AFP Grace Pennix, a young black woman of 19 years.

Around, the square is crisscrossed by rows of police officers, whose helicopters fly over the area. A few demonstrators are seated next to them, handcuffed.

The situation seems to exacerbate the already installed distrust of the protesters towards the police, whose racism they say they too often suffer.

Black beret on his head, brother Tim says he is "ashamed" to witness police violence against African-Americans.

The cleric says he was arrested 20 years ago during similar protests denouncing the death of James Taylor, a man shot and killed by police while handcuffed in his own apartment.

"Here we are 20 years later having to do the same thing", he sighs. "It's so frustrating."

09/25/2020 08:26:32 - Louisville ( United States ) (AFP) - © 2020 AFP

Thousands of Iraqis march for the 1st anniversary of their "revolution" .
© Provided by Le Point Thousands of Iraqis gathered Thursday in Tahrir Square in Baghdad and in places in the south of the country for the first anniversary of 'an unprecedented revolt, which has run out of steam but which they promise to revive if no reform is carried out by the authorities in place.

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