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15:44  17 september  2020
15:44  17 september  2020 Source:   dw.com

Six months after the death of an African American in New York State, a police chief resigns

 Six months after the death of an African American in New York State, a police chief resigns © Michael M. Santiago, AFP Rochester police officers mobilized during a demonstration on September 7 2020, in New York State. The Rochester, NY, police chief announced on Tuesday that he was leaving his post. Several of his men were accused of causing the death by suffocation of Daniel Prude, a black man, during his arrest in March 2020. "I am a man of integrity and I will not stand idly by when outside forces endeavor to discredit me ".

Another right-wing extremism scandal is shaking the German police. But the reactions do not indicate that the dimension of the catastrophe is taken seriously by politicians and police, says Hans Pfeifer.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © picture-alliance / dpa / F. Gentsch Provided by Deutsche Welle

Let's imagine the following scenario: The interior minister of the most populous German state appears before the press. He had shocking news to report: a large network of extremists in the police had been exposed. 29 men and women have been suspended. And all 29 are supporters of the terror network of the "Islamic State". In their chat group they shared the Islamists' inhuman and violence-glorifying propaganda. And that has been undiscovered for eight years.

second division Braunschweig distances itself from photos with right-wing extremist content

 second division Braunschweig distances itself from photos with right-wing extremist content © FIROFIROSID Braunschweig clearly distinguishes itself from right-wing extremism Braunschweig (SID) - second division football club Eintracht Braunschweig distances itself from its content after a photo has been published by a Twitter user.

The German police had already made headlines in advance because there were IS sympathizers in numerous authorities who had sent from police computers to their opponents as death threats. A terrible scenario that luckily did not happen. But what would have been going on in Germany! With the police, no stone would have been left unturned. Rightly.

Right-wing extremist police officers not an isolated case

The real case of extremism in the police is not about Islamists, but about right-wing extremists. The 29 suspended men and women were members of a chat group that shared images of Hitler and the worst racist agitation, and that has been since 2012. A terrible scenario - only that, unfortunately, very real.

DW-Redakteur Hans Pfeifer © DW / B. Geilert DW editor Hans Pfeifer

Belarus: hundreds of arrests during a demonstration of women

 Belarus: hundreds of arrests during a demonstration of women © Provided by Le Point Belarusian riot forces arrested hundreds of people on Saturday during a women's march in Minsk against President Alexander Lukashenko . About two thousand women participated in this parade, waving the white and red flag of the opposition. Police blocked the march and arrested hundreds of protesters, according to an reporter AFP . Hooded riot police in black uniforms, as well as police in khaki uniforms and masked plainclothes police officers made the arrests.

And now? The Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia is not thinking of resigning; Germany's top security guard, the Federal Minister of the Interior, says nothing himself, but lets his ministry speak of "shame". The largest police union GdP is thinking publicly about football in Corona times. And the head of the aggressive German police union complains about bike paths in Berlin, young socialists and ponders the sense of accepting refugees from Greece. Was there something?

Despite all the horror and the commitment to unreserved clarification, politics remains surprisingly unaffected - for the fact that the list of right-wing extremist networks and individuals in the armed forces and police is getting longer and longer. They all either shared pictures of Hitler, Nazi symbols, death threats, racist agitation or even hoarded weapons and ammunition.

Breonna Taylor affair: new tensions in Louisville after the indictment of a police officer

 Breonna Taylor affair: new tensions in Louisville after the indictment of a police officer © REUTERS / Bryan Woolston Tensions between protesters and police in Louisville after the US court ruling in the Breonna Taylor case. September 24, 2020. New anti-racist protests erupted in the streets of Louisville, Kentucky after the US justice announced it would not charge police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor. The 26-year-old African-American was mistakenly killed in her apartment by three police officers in March.

More than just protest against the Chancellor

And just for clarification: these "civil servants" are not doing this in protest against refugees or Chancellor Merkel - no, they are supporters of the Volkish Hitler fascism with its millions of murdered Jews, Sinti and Roma political opponents and the disabled. They are enemies of the state in uniform.

Any serious clarification on the structure and extent of racism and right-wing extremism in the ranks of the German police has still failed. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had just rejected a corresponding study.

Social outcry remains

The question of the extent of right-wing extremism among the police is not insignificant, but ultimately secondary. Because every single case shakes the trust of the citizens in the security authorities. Who should a person who is threatened by neo-Nazis turn to? Who is racially insulted? About this police? And with a good feeling? Hardly likely.

The fact that politicians deal with disaster reports from the security apparatus so routinely can have only one reason in the end: There is no serious empathy, no sympathy with those who suffer from this right-wing extremist involvement of the police. And these are mainly refugees, migrant Germans, people of color and opponents of right-wing extremism. Society's solidarity with this large part of itself remains pale. Shockingly, only the outcry from the police about the mischief in their own ranks remains even paler.

Author: Hans Pfeifer

"Focus": Head of the constitution protection had alleged right-wing extremists as bodyguards .
© HANNIBAL HANSCHKE Constitution protection chief Thomas Haldenwang employed a bodyguard with possibly right-wing extremist background, according to "Focus". The man belongs to the Uniter group, which is suspected of being right-wing extremists, reports the magazine. The President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Thomas Haldenwang, has employed a bodyguard with a possibly right-wing extremist background, according to information from "Focus".

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