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10:20  28 september  2020
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Brexit: Brussels urges UK to drop “unacceptable” bill

 Brexit: Brussels urges UK to drop “unacceptable” bill © Pixabay Brexit: Brussels urges UK to drop “unacceptable” bill European Union (EU) urges United Kingdom to give up revisiting the Brexit agreement, especially as time is running out to reach an agreement on relations between the two blocs. While the negotiations between London and Brussels drag on the front of their post-Brexit relations and the risk of no deal is more than ever on the table, the European Union is raising its tone.

Brexit trade talks could enter their final stages this week after both sides made key concessions. This would mean that a final agreement would be in place just after the next EU summit in Brussels in mid-October. In return , the UK would agree to adhere to some 'baseline rules' over the use of state

EU-UK post - Brexit trade talks. Image copyright EPA. Image caption Finishing talks with the EU without striking a deal would still be a "good The move could change the nature of new Northern Ireland customs arrangements intended to prevent a return to checks at the border with the Irish Republic.

Le vice-président de la Commission européenne, Maros Sefcovic, le 22 septembre 2020 à Bruxelles © Aris Oikonomou The Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Sefcovic, September 22, 2020 in Brussels

Pressed for time and despite a confidence shaken by the British turnaround on the Brexit treaty, the United Kingdom and the EU resumed dialogue on Monday, with the hope that an agreement on their future trade relationship remains possible.

The week begins at midday with a meeting in Brussels between the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Sefcovic, and the British Secretary of State, Michael Gove.

Le secrétaire d'Etat britannique, Michael Gove, le 15 septembre 2020 à Londres © DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS The British Secretary of State, Michael Gove, September 15, 2020 in London

At the heart of these discussions, the very controversial bill under consideration in the British Parliament, which calls into question some commitments made by the United Kingdom in the agreement governing its departure from the EU on January 31.

POINT OF VIEW. Brexit and the conservative revolution

 POINT OF VIEW. Brexit and the conservative revolution © Reuters TV via REUTERS Boris Johnson in Parliament on Wednesday 16 September. Christian Lequesne, Professor of Political Science in Paris, discusses the consequences of the Brexit debate for the Conservative Party. In Britain, the Conservative Party has long relied on two principles: tradition, in the sense that standing up for what exists is always preferable to leaping into the unknown; economic liberalism, that is, the belief in market superiority over the state.

The government publishes a bill which overwrites key parts of the Withdrawal Agreement with the Boris Johnson has urged MPs to support a bill which modifies the Brexit deal he signed with the EU Meanwhile, the latest scheduled round of negotiations on securing a post - Brexit trade deal with the

Useful information for returning Swiss nationals. Brexit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The agreement sets out, inter alia, the status of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit, as well as the details regarding the Settled and pre-settled status are the new UK permanent residence status post - Brexit .

Les principales étapes du Brexit © Sophie RAMIS The main stages of Brexit

The text reviews certain customs and public aid provisions for the British province of Northern Ireland, planned to avoid the return of a border with the Republic of Ireland , an essential safeguard for the maintenance of peace on the island.

Furious at this turnaround, which, by the British government's own admission, would violate international law, the Europeans gave London until the end of the month to withdraw their project, on pain of legal action.

- "Great difficulty" -

The negotiators must then get into the heart of the matter on Tuesday: a new round of discussions on their future relationship, the ninth since March and the last for the moment on the agenda.

From corroborating sources, no breakthrough is expected during this week of discussions in the Belgian capital.

By 2060, China commits to carbon neutrality, a first

 By 2060, China commits to carbon neutrality, a first © UNITED NATIONS via REUTERS Xi Jinping's speech to the United Nations, September 22, 2020 It's a surprise announcement: China is A goal of carbon neutrality by 2060 has been set, reinforcing the Paris climate agreement… and marking a contrast with the attitude of the United States on the issue.

Comprehensive trade agreements are typically negotiated over the course of many years, not months, and experts say the best the United Kingdom can hope for this year is a deal with Europe that keeps tariffs at bay but leads to new administrative and regulatory barriers on exports of goods and services.

The draft Brexit agreement has prompted several resignations in Theresa May's government and many negative assessments across the UK. The draft document, published late on Wednesday, envisions the post - Brexit transition period set to last until the end of 2020.

But "the way to an agreement will have to be identified", insists a European diplomat. “If we have no movement, the process will be in great difficulty,” he warns.

And the specter of a "no deal", which would shake a little more economies already weakened by the epidemic of coronavirus, would come to haunt the spirits again.

Discussions are due to end on Friday, just as EU heads of state and government will meet in Brussels for a two-day summit, which will begin on Thursday.

They are taking place within a particularly tight schedule: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left the negotiators until October 15, the date of a European summit in Brussels, to reach an agreement. The Europeans believe that a trade agreement must be concluded before the end of October.

Le Premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson sort du 10 Downing Street, le 23 septembre 2020 à Londres © Hollie Adams British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street, September 23, 2020 in London

The objective is to allow the necessary time for a ratification of the text for it to enter into force on January 1, 2021 , when the transition period during which the United Kingdom continues to apply European standards will have ended.

Controversial Brexit law in London: There is considerable resistance in the House of Lords

 Controversial Brexit law in London: There is considerable resistance in the House of Lords No relaxation for Boris Johnson - even if the controversial Single Market Act comes through the House of Commons next week. There are other hurdles. © Photo: dpa British Prime Minister Boris Johnson no longer wants to know anything about the EU exit treaty. Iain Duncan Smith is considered a hardliner by the British Conservatives. Last February, shortly after Brexit, he stated that the EU was on its way to becoming “the sick man in the world”.

A UK Department of Transport spokesperson said Tuesday that "our discussions with the US about a new UK-US air service agreement have been Both sides want to conclude these discussions soon." The department added that "all parties have a shared interest in ensuring that existing rights will

The Brexit talks appear to be on the point of collapse after Britain flatly rejected an EU ultimatum over the government’s plans to break international law by The clash on Thursday followed an EU demand that Boris Johnson drop his plans within three weeks or face financial or trade sanctions, after the

- "Very relaxed" -

But the talks are still stumbling over several "sensitive subjects" on which the two parties remain "still very distant from each other", according to another EU diplomat.

Among them, the perennial question of the guarantees required by the EU in fiscal, social, environmental and above all State aid, to avoid seeing the emergence on the other side of the Channel of a deregulated economy, which would compete unfairly.

An agreement on fishing, allowing Europeans to continue fishing in British waters, which are full of fish, also remains to be found - even if London presented an attempted compromise in the previous round.

Finally, the "governance" of the future agreement, in particular the way in which London and Brussels will be brought to resolve their future trade disputes (and the place of the Court of Justice of the EU in this process), continues to pose a problem.

The British bill has seriously scalded the member states, who intend to tie up an agreement as solid as possible, as an insurance against any future attempt to turn around.

"The intention is to border the text legally. Not sure that the British are ready for that", explains a European source.

"They are very relaxed about reinterpreting provisions they don't like, or even violating them," she continues. "You are dealing with a partner that you cannot trust."

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