US News Donald Trump spent $ 70,000 in hairdressing fees in one year

21:20  28 september  2020
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 TikTok and Toc Toc are in a boat… TRIBUNE - TikTok is at the center of a conflict between the United States and China, which of Trump or the app will survive the month of November? © AFP Edito Julia 666 The upper section is seen partially empty as US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the BOK Center on June 20, 2020 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  Donald Trump a dépensé 70 000 dollars de frais de coiffeur en une année © Copyright 2020, The Obs

This is an incongruous detail among the very serious revelations of the "New York Times" on tax returns by Donald Trump. The American daily, which reveals that the American president paid only $ 750 in income tax in the year of his election, in 2016, claims that many of his expenses were covered by his companies: private plane, residence but also ... hairdressing costs, up to $ 70,000.

Will the New York Times bombshell on Trump's taxes be fatal to him?

According to the "New York Times", the bill of 70,000 dollars (approximately 60,000 euros) for his hairstyles on the set of "The Apprentice", the reality TV show that brought him into the household Americans, has thus been supported by its companies. A much higher amount than the taxes he paid in 2016.

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Nine of his companies also covered at least 95,464 dollars (around 80,000 euros) in expenses for his daughter Ivanka with her make-up artist and hairdresser prefer.

The costs of traveling in his private plane, which Donald Trump travels between his various properties, such as food or gas, have also been counted as business expenses, the New York Times continues.

Scathing reaction from "AOC"

The daily also cites the example of its Seven Springs property, which it classified as an investment in order to wipe out $ 2.2 million (€ 1.9 million) property taxes. The Trump clan has however often referred to this property as a second home.

As the "New York Times" points out, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US tax administration, allows business expenses to be deducted from taxes if they are "ordinary and necessary", these terms often being very freely interpreted by some entrepreneurs.

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Pointed out in October for a hairdresser's bill deemed high, Democrat MP Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was quick to react to this detail revealed by the "New York Times": "Last year, the Republicans set me on fire hate and vitriol because I had given myself a $ 250 haircut and locks for my birthday, she wrote on Twitter. Where are the critics when their idol spends $ 70,000 on a hairdresser? »

Last year Republicans blasted a firehose of hatred + vitriol my way because I treated myself to a $ 250 cut & lowlig… https://t.co/fOvdARtOe9

—AOC (@Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) Trump refutes these revelations

En more to reveal that Donald Trump had paid only $ 750 federal income tax the year he won the presidency, in 2016, and as much "his first year in the White House", the "New York Times ”reveals that he“ has not paid income tax at all in ten of the previous fifteen years, largely because he has declared more losses of money than gains, ”writes the daily American.

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, room for debate

 Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, room for debate © Provided by Le Point After months of invectives, the hour of face-to-face has come: Donald Trump and Joe Biden meet on stage on Tuesday 35 days away from a very high tension American presidential election. Tens of millions of Americans will have their eyes riveted on their screens for this first debate between the Republican president, 74, and the former Democratic vice-president, 77.

The media may sense Trump's provocative trap, can they avoid it?

After the publication of the "New York Times", Donald Trump denounced "bogus information, totally invented". "I paid a lot, and I paid a lot of state income taxes as well," he added without giving details.

Donald Trump's tax returns are at the heart of a legal battle, the president having always refused to publish them unlike all his predecessors since the 1970s.

While the New York businessman had built his notoriety on his success, these revelations strongly scratch the image of a fine negotiator and genius entrepreneur that he wanted to build for himself.

They could offer arguments of choice to his opponent Joe Biden, during the first debate Tuesday evening. But with just over a month before the election and with Trump counting on a loyal basis, nothing is said to be influencing the outcome of the poll.

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