US News Bonnie Strange: That's why she can't find the right one

14:20  29 september  2020
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Elections in Italy: far right and Salvini fail to take revenge

 Elections in Italy: far right and Salvini fail to take revenge Matteo Salvini dreamed of revenge, but the former interior minister failed. The Italian far right failed on Monday to conquer Tuscany, a left-wing bastion and key region which it hoped to make a triumphant symbol of its national ambitions.

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Bonnie Strange © Getty Images Bonnie Strange

Bonnie Strange is currently single again. Why it just doesn't work out with the men, she has an explanation.

Bonnie Strange , 34, just seems out of luck with men. The 34-year-old thinks she knows the reason for this. You reach the wrong men with your Instagram appearance.

Bonnie Strange: Instagram vs. Reality

"I address a certain target group of men with my photos," explains the Model in an interview with RTL. What Bonnie Strange shows of herself on social media, however, does not necessarily correspond to reality. While she often presents herself lasciviously and freely in the pictures , she is not necessarily the woman "who does striptease for you in bed all the time at home".

In Brazil, we no longer have rice, it's the hunger for beans

 In Brazil, we no longer have rice, it's the hunger for beans © Pilar Olivares Bags of rice in a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 10. Every Friday, the “Seen from the world” column looks at an emerging country. This Friday, Brazil, where the “arroz e feijão”, national dish, weighs more and more heavily in the household budget. How do you recognize a Brazilian? In fact, after a few days away from his country, he already feels lacking in arroz e feijão, the white rice-black bean tandem, a pillar of the Brazilian diet.

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Romance desired

And which type of man would Bonnie Strange want by her side? "I'm more of a little girl. So I like romantic things, romantic sex, romantic men. I like men like from Disney movies, I like guys who like animals, who are a little nerdy and not women all the time Write on Instagram, "reveals the mother of little

Goldie Venus , two. However, her last partners were all different, she admits.

No luck with the men

Bonnie Strange was previously in a relationship with former "The Voice" candidate Bobbie Lies until the two separated in August 2019. With ex-boyfriend

Leebo Freeman she has little Goldie Venus. The relationship broke up in 2018 after child father Bonnie allegedly cheated on a porn model during her pregnancy. The marriage with Carl Jakob Haupt († 34) lasted only from 2013 to 2014. The blogger succumbed to cancer at the age of only 34 years.

Why does Donald Trump want to ban TikTok?

 Why does Donald Trump want to ban TikTok? Millions of young Americans wonder: how long will they be able to use their favorite application? Their president, Donald Trump, is threatening to ban TikTok in the United States. A little strange that a head of state would be interested in a dance "app", right? In fact, what he doesn't like is that TikTok is Chinese. Donald Trump accuses the social network of spying on Americans. He claims that TikTok collects the information given by its users (their name, age, where they live ...) and gives

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"I saw myself as a project"

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A post shared by Bonnie Strange (@bonniestrange) on Sep 25, 2020 at 3:08 am PDT

With now one million followers on Instagram, Bonnie is one of the most famous influencers in Germany. "At some point I saw myself as a project and developed myself into a Barbie," she recently explained in the OMR Podcast the difference between the fictional character "Bonnie Strange" and the real Jana Weilert, as she is actually called. Success proves her right. She has already landed major advertising deals with customers such as Calvin Klein,

Jean Paul Gaultier or Prada. Now all that's missing is the right man ...

Sources used: RTL , OMR

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