US News German pork, banned from exporting to Asia, risks invading the French market

17:30  29 september  2020
17:30  29 september  2020 Source:   latribune.fr

Mali celebrates the 60th anniversary of its independence

 Mali celebrates the 60th anniversary of its independence © France24 / Graphic studio On September 22, Mali celebrated the 60th anniversary of its independence. But before the Republic of Mali, there was the Federation of Mali made up of French Sudan and Senegal. Florence Gaillard looks back on the events of 1960. On September 22, 1960, Mali, a former French colony, obtained its independence. On the occasion of this sixtieth anniversary, France 24 retraces the path of this former federation which has become the Republic of Mali.

Thousands of tonnes of German pork that can no longer be exported since the outbreak of swine fever in wild boars in the east of Germany will weigh on the European market, points out Tuesday the organization Culture Viande which represents the French industrialists.

Since the discovery, announced on September 10, of a first infected wild boar carcass in the Brandenburg region, on the Polish border, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil and Argentina have suspended imports German pork.

Harmless to humans, fatal to the animals concerned

Harmless to humans, this highly contagious viral disease causes hemorrhages which can be fatal within days in wild boars and pigs.

Industry: employment should not benefit too much from relocations!

 Industry: employment should not benefit too much from relocations! © Pôle emploi Industry: employment should not benefit too much from relocations! Even if France shows its willingness to relocate in order to reindustrialize the country, this will only be possible in robotic sectors and this will not create jobs massively, according to economists. Boost the made in France via the relocation should support our industry ...

Many outbreaks have appeared in Europe, first in the East, then as far as the gates of France, which has remained unscathed until now.

"At the last count, 36 wild boar carcasses" have been discovered so far in eastern Germany, Paul Rouche, deputy director of Culture Viande, union of industrialists of the slaughter, cutting and processing.

Prevent the German pork, sold off, from invading the French market

The organization estimates that the closure of part of the export outlets of Germany - the leading European pork producer with more than 5 million tonnes in 2019 - implies that "9,000 tonnes of German pigmeat will now, every week, weigh down the market" of the European Union.

The challenge for professionals is to " contain German imports which will come on the French market" , at lower prices than French pork, noted Mr. Rouche.

Coronavirus: The head of German diplomacy is placed in quarantine

 Coronavirus: The head of German diplomacy is placed in quarantine HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-GERMANY-MAAS: Coronavirus: The head of German diplomacy is placed in quarantine © Reuters / POOL CORONAVIRUS: THE HEAD OF GERMAN DIPLOMACY SE BERLIN QUARANTINE - German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas went into solitary confinement on Wednesday following a positive COVID-19 test suffered by one of his bodyguards, announced his services. A first test carried out on the head of German diplomacy concluded that there was no contamination, the ministry said.

Weak links: processing and catering

In the supermarket shelves, "so far it has held up well" because of the emphasis on the French origin, he continued. However, "imports are starting to come in" in the processing and out-of-home catering sectors.

At the same time, Culture Viande notes that "the absence of Germany (on the Chinese market, Editor's note) will open new opportunities for the other EU countries , as for the major world exporters that are the United States, Canada and Brazil ".

France has so far benefited economically from the swine fever which has decimated the Chinese herd and caused a rise in world prices.

However, China is trying to quickly reconstitute its farms to be less dependent on imports. On the spot, "the prices are around 7 euros per kilo for live pork, it's huge", reports Paul Rouche.

Debate: Lefts see Eastern clubs on the sidelines .
Saxony's leftists caused emotions with a football debate in the state parliament. They wanted to present the problems of the East German clubs as a reflection of the development in the whole country. "The history of the Eastern clubs could also be called: How the market handled East German football," said the MP Marika Tellers-Walenta. "Not in the same league" - this picture still applies to a large extent to the East.

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