US News Trump-Biden debate: the heated duel summed up in five highlights

12:00  30 september  2020
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US President calls it “fake news”: Trump is said to have hardly paid any taxes for years

 US President calls it “fake news”: Trump is said to have hardly paid any taxes for years © picture alliance / dpa The silhouette of US President Donald Trump stands out in front of the US flag. Just over a month before the US presidential election, an explosive report in the New York Times raises questions about the finances of incumbent Donald Trump. The newspaper wrote on Sunday, among other things, that the US president only paid $ 750 federal income tax in 2016 and 2017. Trump called the report "total fake news".

Donald Trump and Joe Biden debate each other for the first time, amid multiple crises the US has to face concurrently: the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tuesday night’s event is one of the four debates planned. A vice presidential debate between VP Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris will take place

President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden did not have a debate , but a shouting match filled with personal attacks, interruptions, hateful hoaxes As Trump repeatedly brought up a Senate report accusing Biden ’s son Hunter of receiving multi-million dollar payments from Ukraine, China and

It makes you wonder what Donald Trump and Joe Biden might find to say to each other during the next two debates between them. The first duel between the US president and his Democratic opponent turned Tuesday night at the rat race.

For about 90 minutes, amid burning issues like how the coronavirus pandemic was handled, personal attacks flared. Here are the five highlights to remember from this chaotic oratory joust.

Biden to Trump: “You're gonna shut it down, yeah?

The tone of the evening was set from the opening minutes of the debate between Biden and Trump, when journalist Chris Wallace addressed the issue of the President's appointment of Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court instead. of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died ten days ago.

US Elections. The highly anticipated Trump vs. Biden Debate

 US Elections. The highly anticipated Trump vs. Biden Debate © MARK MAKELA / REUTERS - SHAWN THEW / EPA MAXPPP Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face off on Tuesday, September 29 in Cleveland, during the first of three televised campaign debates. The first debate in the race for the White House will pit President Donald Trump against his Democratic opponent Joe Biden on Tuesday, September 30.

Tonight’s debate is a chance for President Trump to shake up a campaign that has seen Joe Biden consistently lead in polls. The first face-to-face debate between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump ushers in the Black Swan season of American politics, a time when the unpredictable becomes the commonplace.

President Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have gone head-to-head in the first of three televised debates before the US election in November. During a heated 90 minutes, the nominees clashed over everything from the state of the economy to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump wants it to be confirmed by the Senate before the November election. Joe Biden would prefer Congress to vote after the ballot. The subject gave rise to heated exchanges between the two candidates and when Trump interrupted Biden, the latter, appearing very annoyed, ended up opening the floodgates: "You are going to shut it down, yes? ".

“Can you shut it down?”: Joe Biden loses his temper at Donald Trump pic.twitter.com/h7YSxuGgBS

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Throughout the debate, l he former vice-president of Barack Obama did not spare the champion of the Republicans, calling him in turn a "liar", "clown" or "worst president America has ever had". Trump was obviously not left out. “There is nothing smart about you,” he blurted out during the evening.

Biden still ahead in polls

 Biden still ahead in polls With about a month to go, the US presidential race is in full swing. The outgoing president and his Democratic rival clash this Tuesday in the first of three televised debates ahead of the November 3 elections. Ahead of this first shock, Joe Biden was still ahead of Donald Trump in terms of voting intentions: 49.8% against 42.8%, according to the latest poll averages calculated by RealClearPolitics (as of September 27).

Mr Trump taunted Mr Biden for not receiving endorsements from law enforcement groups, even though hundreds of current and former law enforcement officials have backed the Mr Trump repeatedly interrupted his Democratic opponent, which clearly got under his skin. Biden : "Will you shut up , man?

Trump prodded Biden as he addressed the camera, telling the American people to call their senators and oppose the nomination, and to And that, friends, summed up the 75 minutes that followed. Some of Biden ’s strongest early moments came as he attacked Trump ’s response to the pandemic.

The families of the candidates invite themselves into the debate

The courtesies exchanged between the two septuagenarians were not limited to their own person. Donald Trump took advantage of having Joe Biden in front of him to attack once again his son Hunter, whom he accuses of carrying out shady business in Ukraine and China. "We could talk about his family all night long," Biden snapped back.

Another angle of attack adopted by Donald Trump: the addiction of Hunter Biden to cocaine, the latter having been discharged from the US Navy in June 2013 after having tested positive. What outraged the Democratic candidate: “My son, like many people, had a drug problem. He passed it. He settled it. And I'm proud of him. "

On the coronavirus, the president" has no plan "

Among the essential subjects addressed by the two candidates was obviously the coronavirus epidemic, which has killed more than 200,000 in the country. A balance sheet that Joe Biden puts on the account of the action of Donald Trump, or rather on his laissez-faire.

POINT OF VIEW. American elections: compassion against fear

 POINT OF VIEW. American elections: compassion against fear © AFP After months of invectives, the time has come for face-to-face meetings: Joe Biden and Donald Trump meet on stage on Tuesday 35 days before an American presidential election under very high voltage. "In 2020 we must learn to live with an America that will remain deeply and durably divided on the essentials" underlines Dominique Moisi, special advisor of the Montaigne Institute.

Mr Biden and Mr Trump will have three debates before the 3 November election. Back in 2016, Mr Trump suggested his then-Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, had been "getting pumped up " before their debates and challenged her to take a drug test ahead of their final live TV encounter.

President Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. are debating for the first time, moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News. Watch here with our live fact-checks and analysis, or click here to catch up on the highlights .

“Things are what they are because you are what you are,” Biden said to Trump, accusing him of underestimating the severity of the crisis for too long. “The president has no plan. He has not planned anything at all ”, also ruled the Democrat. Charges swept aside by Donald Trump. According to him, his administration did a “remarkable job” and Biden would have “lost many more people still”.

Trump wreaks havoc on white supremacists

Since the death of George Floyd, racial tensions are particularly high in the United States, with the unrest sometimes turning into tragedy, such as in Kenosha, where two people were killed by a young white supremacist . When journalist Chris Wallace, a little overwhelmed throughout the evening, asked Donald Trump if he was ready to condemn the actions of these far-right groups, the president gave no clear answer, preferring to attack the "radical left".

Chris Wallace asked President Trump during Tuesday's debate whether he was willing "to condemn white supremacists and militia groups."

"Proud Boys, stand back and stand by," he replied. "This is not a right-wing problem. This is left wing."

Donald Trump's male friends: Who are the ultra-right Proud Boys?

 Donald Trump's male friends: Who are the ultra-right Proud Boys? "Hold back and be ready" - the US President incites the right-wing group Proud Boys in the TV duel. To the horror of many observers. © Photo: dpa / John Locher / AP A member of the Proud Boys discussed with a counter-demonstrator in Portland. It was one of the most sensational moments of the already heated TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. US President Donald Trump appealed directly to an ultra-right, violent group: "Proud Boys - stand back and stand by", said Trump.

As a debating tactic, Trump ’s choice of endless chatter succeeded in dominating the conversation. Donald Trump , Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace during the first presidential debate at the He has five more weeks to sow chaos and disinformation through the land as he brawls his way across

Trump 's style is aggressive, Biden 's amiable - but both share a weakness. What to look for tonight. Tens of millions of Americans will get a close up look at the Republican and Democratic candidates hoping to win the presidential election on 3 November.

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"Pretty much everything I see is pretty much down to the left ", he said. The president sowed a little more trouble when he mentioned the Proud Boys, a group of the extreme right, which in particular saw several of its accounts being suspended by Twitter and Facebook. Trump called on them to “fall back” and “stand ready.”

Biden commits to results, Trump dodges

Will the November 3 poll results be recognized by both candidates? shown very clear on the question by assuring that he will accept the verdict of the ballot box whatever it is: "If it is not me, I will recognize the result".

"It is a fraud": for Donald Trump, it may take "months" to know the outcome of the presidential election pic.twitter.com/T7e4m2iPGF

- BFMTV (@BFMTV) September 30, 2020

Donald Trump is off vanche refused to make such a commitment and chose to dodge on the subject. As he has done for several months now, the American president questioned the sincerity of the elections by mentioning the possible “frauds” linked to the correspondence vote, a vote which began about ten days ago. According to him, the winner may not even be known "for months". "It's going to end badly," he added. This is what tens of millions of Americans must have said to each other as they watched the debate.

US Presidential: facing the Covid-19, Donald Trump bombs his chest .
© AFP / Nicholas Kamm “I feel great! Donald Trump tweeted, just after comparing the new coronavirus to the seasonal flu. Donald Trump is "looking forward to discussing" with Joe Biden next week. At least that's what he said in a tweet on Tuesday, the day after his return from the hospital. Its campaign manager even confirmed to the The Hill site "that he intends to be there in person", thus ruling out the hypothesis of a virtual presence.

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