US News DRC: President Tshisekedi tries, in vain, to calm things down in the Karega affair

10:00  03 october  2020
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The opposition in the DRC has long maintained that President Felix Tshisekedi is a puppet of former President Joseph Kabila. Kabila's alliance commands an overwhelming majority in both the National and Provincial assemblies. Martin Fayulu, runner-up in the December election, accuses President

President Edgar Lungu has met President of the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ) His Excellency Felix Thsiskedi on the sidelines of the on-going African Union The idea to burn the market has been authorized by Home Affairs Minister Steven Kapyongo who is camped in the area.

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(illustration) Le 24 août 1998, selon l’ONU, les rebelles du RCD et leurs alliés militaires rwandais ont bel et bien massacré plus d’un millier de civils dans des villages du Sud-Kivu. © JOHN WESSELS / AFP (illustration) On August 24, 1998, according to the UN, RCD rebels and their Rwandan military allies did indeed massacre more than a thousand civilians in villages in South Kivu.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, President Félix Tshisekedi calms things down. The Congolese head of state has spoken out on the case Vincent Karega, the Rwandan ambassador accused of denial of the massacres of Congolese in Kasika, in the South -Kivu, in 1998. Vincent Karega had relativized the responsibility of the Rwandan military and rejected the content of the Mapping report as published by the UN High Commissioner. No question of expelling this diplomat, said the president in front of Congolese journalists based in Brussels. Words that spark an outcry in Kinshasa.

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Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo has been sworn in as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo after winning the disputed 30 December poll. When the UDPS was created, the Tshisekedi family was forced into internal exile to their home town in the central Kasai province.

DRC leader Felix Tshisekedi 's first year in office has seen a tug of war with his opponents, dealing a blow to his reform promises. Kabila's political party boasts a majority in the senate, something that he is using as a bargaining chip with the incumbent.

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

"There is no point in creating an unfortunate incident", declared the president. Félix Tshisekedi affirmed that steps at the diplomatic level have been undertaken for Kigali to reframe Vincent Karega. The president's words were faithfully reported by the press, one of his close associates told RFI.

For the pro-Kabila senator, Francine Muyumba, who has been raging for several months against the "lack of restraint" of diplomats accredited to Kinshasa, "one cannot sacrifice the honor of a nation to satisfy the interests of the allies". Also, president of the Commission for External Relations of the Congolese Senate, Francine Muyumba considered that Vincent Karega had committed a "serious fault" which "should be clearly denounced by the Congolese authorities".

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The Catholic church in the Democratic Republic of Congo has waded into the political crisis that has gripped the country calling for a divorce On Tuesday (June 30) Archbishop of Kinshasa, Frindolin Ambongo has called for the dissolution of the political alliance between President Tshisekedi and his

DRC President Tshisekedi in Angola on first official trip abroad - Продолжительность: 0:39 AFP News Agency 2 835 просмотров. UDPS President , FELIX TSHISEKEDI ( DRC ) in Alleluia Ministries International with Pastor ALPH LUKAU - Продолжительность: 9:43 Pastor Alph Lukau 328 080

The citizen movement Lucha believes that President Tshisekedi is not courageous to take such a decision. He accuses the head of state of violating the dignity of the Congolese people.

When the Filimbi movement, of which Floribert Anzuluni is the coordinator, he considers unacceptable the position of the president and promises to continue his mobilizations. “The position of the President of the Republic is difficult to understand and not acceptable, especially since it goes against the will of the great majority of citizens, explains Floribert Anzuluni. What would Rwanda have done if a foreign diplomat made similar comments to Rwanda about the Rwandan genocide? We will continue the mobilization campaign until the diplomat leaves the DRC, it is really a question of dignity! "

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It is not only civil society that is demanding the expulsion of Vincent Karega. Members of the opposition are among the number. Both sides have turned upside down, not only by the lack of official commemorations, but also by the lack of justice for the 617 crimes listed in the UN's Mapping Report .

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