US News Donald Trump: White House refuses to prove a negative corona test

10:50  11 october  2020
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Recovery wishes for the US President from around the world

 Recovery wishes for the US President from around the world After Donald Trump became aware of the coronavirus infection, recovery wishes for the US President were also received from abroad. He wishes Trump a "quick recovery", wrote EU Council President Charles Michel on Friday morning on the online service Twitter. "Covid-19 is a fight that we all continue to fight. Everywhere. No matter where we live," added Michel, referring to the corona pandemic.

President Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus, according to a statement from the White House .

Late, Saturday the White House announced that Trump ’s results came back negative for Covid-19. (P.S.: in case you were wondering how Covid-19 got its name, it stands for COrona VIrus Disease 2019. Trump took the test one week after a dinner at Mar-a-Lago in which he came into direct

US President Trump appears again in public a week after his stay in the clinic and wants to campaign next week. However, there is no certainty as to whether it is now testing negative for the corona virus.

  Donald Trump: Weißes Haus verweigert Nachweis eines negativen Corona-Tests © TOM BRENNER / REUTERS

According to his personal doctor, US President Donald Trump is no longer contagious after his Covid 19 disease. The latest coronavirus test has shown according to "currently recognized standards" that the president "no longer represents a risk of transmission for others," said medical doctor Sean Conley on Saturday evening (local time) in a letter distributed by the White House.

Melania Trump still distances herself from her husband

 Melania Trump still distances herself from her husband © WALTER / BESTIMAGE Melania Trump still distances herself from her husband Melania Trump is much more careful than her husband. Also contaminated by Covid-19, the First Lady is discreet, and would scrupulously respect the imposed quarantine, unlike Donald Trump who is increasing controversy. Two very different behaviors in the face of the coronavirus crisis. Melania Trump and her husband have tested positive for Covid-19 and quarantined at the White House as a precaution.

WASHINGTON — President Trump tested negative for the coronavirus, the White House physician said on Saturday, a week after having contact with multiple people who days later tested positive for the virus. “This evening, I received confirmation that the test is negative ,” the physician, Sean P. Conley

President Donald Trump may be eagerly seeking a return to normal after three nights in the hospital. But the White House he arrived home to Monday with dramatic and reckless flourish has changed drastically since he was airlifted off the South Lawn at the end of last week.

Conley referred to Trump's latest test on Saturday morning. Trump, who is running for a second term on November 3, has already planned major campaign appearances from Monday.

Trump can now, around ten days after the appearance of the first symptoms, end his voluntary quarantine in accordance with the criteria of the CDC health authority, the doctor said. The tests in the course of his illness had shown a steadily decreasing virus concentration, Conley continued. He will continue to watch Trump, who is returning to "his active schedule".

Trump has not had a fever for "well over 24 hours" and "all symptoms" have "improved", the doctor wrote.

However, he did not provide any information about which symptoms were still detectable in Trump and to what extent. In addition, Conley never explicitly wrote that the latest corona test at Trump was negative. It therefore seemed possible that the most recent test was still positive because of a low virus concentration.

Donald Trump and the covid: these new revelations which burden the White House

 Donald Trump and the covid: these new revelations which burden the White House © Backgrid USA / Bestimage Donald Trump and the covid: these new revelations which burden the White House While Donald Trump encourages Americans not to be afraid of the coronavirus after having itself tested positive for Covid-19, the management of the coronavirus pandemic by the White House is singled out by a documentary compromising for the American president. Less than a month before the US elections , Donald Trump's management of the coronavirus pandemic is more controversial than ever.

Mr. Trump ’s positive test result posed immediate challenges for the future of his campaign against former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee, with barely a month until Election Day. The White House did not say how long Mr. Trump would have to remain isolated, but it

Donald Trump will address supporters from the White House balcony on Saturday. Photograph: Jacquelyn Martin/AP. Earlier in the day, Dr Sean Conley, Trump ’s personal physician, issued a letter clearing the president to return to in-person campaign events, but omitting any medical justification

When can Trump have been infected? Unclear things remain

The 74-year-old Trump said he had tested positive for the corona virus on October 1. However, the White House never announced when Trump's regular corona tests were last negative. Trump fell ill with Covid-19 and was therefore treated for three days in a military hospital from October 2. There doctors gave him the antiviral drug Remdesivir, anti-inflammatory drugs and an experimental antibody cocktail, among other things. According to many experts, the aggressive treatment - contrary to the representation of the White House - indicated a more serious illness.

After a stay in the clinic: At the first public appearance on Saturday, Trump says: "I feel great"

Trump made a long TV appearance for the first time on Friday, and on Saturday he made his first public appearance again in the White House. Trump spoke of a balcony of the White House in front of several hundred supporters who had gathered on the south lawn of the site. They mostly wore masks, but were relatively crowded. "I feel great," said Trump to the cheers of the supporters. The Republican strongly warned of an election victory for his Democratic challenger Joe Biden . His speech was unusually short with less than 20 minutes: on such occasions, Trump very often speaks for more than an hour.

Donald Trump: "A dish of mash on your head" ... The hallucinating revelations of his niece about her private life

 Donald Trump: © SIPA Donald Trump: "A dish of mash on your head" ... The hallucinating revelations of his niece on his private life Mary Trump, the disinherited little girl of Frederik and the only Democrat of a deeply Republican family, publishes a shocking book and paints a vitriolic portrait of the current President of the United States to Paris Match. A simple statement would not have been enough to define all the evil that his uncle represents.

The White House has repeatedly refused to disclose when President Donald Trump last tested negative for COVID-19. The last time Trump or Insider asked the White House repeatedly on Thursday how often the president is tested , when his last test was, and if it had disclosed any tests

US President Donald Trump and the first lady tested positive for coronavirus Thursday. Immediately, the White House canceled plans for the president to attend a campaign fundraiser and It will impose a negative impact on the image of Trump and the US, and may also negatively affect

Biden's program was "socialist" or even "communist" and would plunge the country into crisis, claimed Trump. The Democrat is not able to rule the country, said Trump. In polls, however, the president is behind Biden, 77, a former senator and ex-vice president, a good three weeks before the election.

Trump's campaign team has announced a major campaign appearance for the president in the electoral states of Florida , Pennsylvania and Iowa for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Trump also promised again at the White House appearance that the pandemic would soon be over. "She's going to go away and the vaccines will help and the resources used to treat it will help a lot," Trump said. The "China virus" will be "defeated once and for all," he promised. However, many experts consider Trump's forecasts for the pandemic to be far too rosy and accuse him of failure. According to

data from the University of Johns Hopkins, around 7.7 million people have been infected with the corona virus in the country of 330 million people, and 214,000 people have died.

In Washington D.C. there is actually a ban on gathering more than 50 people, but since the White House and its premises are federal territory, an exception applies. According to the White House, 2,000 people had been invited to the election campaign event. The rally was declared a "peaceful protest for law and order".

Donald Trump hates again and again: “he is so racist” .
© Zuma Press / Bestimage Donald Trump hates again and again: “he is so racist” Siri Hustvedt, at the initiative of the Writers against Trump organization , gave an interview to Liberation on newsstands this Saturday, October 17. The writer explains how the racism of Donald Trump pushed her to create this movement against the candidate for the US presidential election.

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