US News USA 2020: Trump, PA criticizes Biden's environmental program

11:45  14 october  2020
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US Presidential: Despite his convalescence, Donald Trump wants to go to Florida for a meeting on Saturday

 US Presidential: Despite his convalescence, Donald Trump wants to go to Florida for a meeting on Saturday The President of the United States does not want to miss this meeting on Saturday, a key step in the campaign © Dennis Van Tine / STAR MAX / IPx / AP / SIPA Convalescent, Trump wants to participate in a campaign meeting on Saturday in Florida ELECTIONS - The President of the United States does not want to miss this meeting on Saturday, a key step in the campaign A few days after leaving the hospital where he was being treated for his Covid-19 infection, Donald Trump intends to relaunch his camp

Joe Biden criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ s approach to the coronavirus pandemic, going after a key swing- state ally of President Donald Trump . In a press release sent Wednesday morning, the former vice president said that DeSantis needed to provide “science-based action” on the

Biden and Obama met at Obama' s Washington office. After sitting down across the room from one another, Biden asks Obama whether he could imagine standing up as president and saying, "It' s not my responsibility, I take no responsibility," as Trump has previously done. "Those words didn't come out

USA-ELECTION: USA 2020: Trump, PA, criticizes Biden


ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM JOHNSTOWN, Pa. / PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (Reuters) - Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden traveled to states that are key to the US presidential election on Tuesday as the campaign intensifies and accelerating ahead of the November 3 poll when a record number of voters voted early.

During a meeting in Pennsylvania, his second campaign event in as many evenings, Donald Trump sharply criticized Joe Biden for his environmental and energy policies. The outgoing president accused his rival of wanting to ban hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), a measure which he said would harm the economy of this state.

Trolling behind Biden, Trump crisscrosses America again

 Trolling behind Biden, Trump crisscrosses America again © MANDEL NGAN US President Donald Trump speaks from the balcony of the White House in front of his supporters October 10, 2020 Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa: three Key states in three days. Donald Trump begins a marathon of meetings on Monday with the hope of catching up on Joe Biden by the November 3 election.

The current head of state , Donald Trump , has once again practically called Joe Biden a fool. They say that he does not reach world leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un. Trump stressed that they have a 100% sharp mind.

After Biden calls out Trump for disrespecting the military, Trump attacks Biden ’ s sons. Trump blames China for the U.S.’ coronavirus outbreak, and Biden A woman wore a President Trump -themed mask at a debate watch party in Lititz, Pa . The president has helped make the wearing of face masks

"One of the most important issues for Pennsylvania is the survival of your fracking industry," Donald Trump told crowds who, three weeks before the poll, is racing against time after his forced rest due. to COVID-19.

The current tenant of the White House has planned to hold other meetings during the week as he seeks to catch up with the former vice-president, clearly at the top of the national polls.

Video: Joe Biden: "We win in Florida and it's over" (Le Figaro)

In some decisive states, however, the gap between the two rivals is narrower. A Reuters / Ipsos poll released Monday gives Joe Biden a 7 percentage point lead in voting intentions in Pennsylvania, up from 5 points a week earlier in that state where Donald Trump narrowly won in 2016.

US Presidential: Twitter blocks a controversial article on Biden, then apologizes

 US Presidential: Twitter blocks a controversial article on Biden, then apologizes Facebook and Twitter blocked an article in the "New York Post" without initially providing an explanation © STRF / STAR MAX / IPx / AP / SIPA The bird representing Twitter. POLEMIQUE - Facebook and Twitter blocked an article in the “New York Post” without initially providing an explanation The confession of Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter could not be clearer: block the sharing of 's web address a New York Post article about Joe Biden with zero context as to why is "unacceptable".

Mr Trump frequently interrupted, prompting Mr Biden to tell him to "shut up" as the two fought over the pandemic, healthcare and the economy. The US president was challenged over white supremacist support and refused to condemn a specific far-right group. Opinion polls suggest Mr Biden has a

As President Trump holds daily briefings, Mr. Biden has kept a low profile, worrying Democrats who feel the president needs to be challenged more robustly. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday criticized President Trump ’ s response to the coronavirus outbreak.CreditCredit Hannah

Joe Biden visited Florida again on Tuesday, seeking to win over the senior electorate by criticizing Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus health crisis. Speaking to about 50 people gathered at a community center, he said the Republican president had recklessly ignored the threat posed by the virus to this at-risk population.

"For Donald Trump, you are expendable. You are negligible. Virtually you are nobody. That's how he sees seniors," he said.

Joe Biden's success in Florida could be a blow to Donald Trump's re-election chances. The latest opinion poll in this state where the Republican president resumed his campaign on Monday shows that the Democratic candidate is favored by certain key demographic groups, primarily seniors.

Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida this week, where he is popular, suggesting his campaign is focused on Trump's conservative electorate rather than winning over undecided voters .

Nearly 12 million Americans have already voted at the advance poll, including more than 1.6 million in Florida, according to data from the University of Florida-based Elections Project group which lists early voting figures.

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Second TV duel with Biden: Trump wafts a touch of desperation .
The US President has played through his repertoire of unfair attacks against his challenger. Trump does not harm himself with his appearance - but whether he helps him? © imago images / UPI Photo Donald Trump on the last TV debate before the US election in November. Trump has a touch of despair In psychoanalysis there is the phenomenon of projection. A person ascribes his own wishes, fears or worries to another person. Projection is a defense mechanism.

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