US News file number XY: Maria Baumer murder case: Her murderer was in the audience of the ZDF show

18:50  14 october  2020
18:50  14 october  2020 Source:   bunte.de

Greens expert Mihalic reiterates demand for racism study at the police station

 Greens expert Mihalic reiterates demand for racism study at the police station Video: Perseverance slogans and stricter, local Corona measures (Euronews) Your browser does not support this video The domestic policy expert of the Greens in the Bundestag, Irene Mihalic, has another one Call for an independent scientific study on right-wing extremism in the police force. A "deeper look" would be important to recognize the extent of problems, said Mihalic on Tuesday in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin".

In May 2012, Maria Baumer, then 26, disappeared without a trace. She actually came from Regensburg, disappeared , however, during a weekend stay with her fiancé in the Bernhardswald community, around 30 minutes away from Regensburg. Her fiancé was also the one who reported Maria missing. Together with her family, he tried everything to find his girlfriend. At the end of October 2012 he appeared on the ZDF program " Aktenzeichen XY " and asked for the help of the audience - without success. Almost a year later, in October 2013, mushroom pickers found the remains of Maria Baumer in a forest.

Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst, Rudi Cerne © imago images / Metodi Popow File number XY unsolved, Rudi Cerne Maria Baumer's fiancé was convicted. However, after two months of pre-trial detention, he was released. In December last year the time had come again: Maria Baumer's fiancé at the time was arrested again and charged. Just over a week ago, the suspect was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Maria Baumer at the Regensburg district court after a long circumstantial trial. He had previously admitted that he had buried Maria Baumer's body. However, he did not kill her, only found her dead, he protested.

The murderer was at "Aktenzeichen XY"

The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn described as a "criminal organization" by justice

 The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn described as a The party leader and his main cadres were found guilty of having led it, in a historic verdict acclaimed by the crowd but punctuated by incidents .

In today's program "Aktenzeichen XY" (October 14th), presenter Rudi Cerne (62) will again deal with this sensational case and the question "Did we actually have one in the XY studio Killer sitting? ", Deal with. He told the German Press Agency: "That has never happened in the history of 'Aktenzeichen XY'." At that time the perpetrator presented himself as a desperate and unsuspecting betrothed and even asked for help, although he knew very well that Maria was dead. Even the presiding judge, Michael Hammer, described the condemned man's performance as remarkable. He had created a lie to deceive the relatives.

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