US News The hassle of reimbursing canceled flights, take advantage of the help Global renovation of your accommodation ... the eco flash of the day

09:15  15 october  2020
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Coronavirus in Ile-de-France: More than one in two people in great precariousness infected with the virus

 Coronavirus in Ile-de-France: More than one in two people in great precariousness infected with the virus The positivity rate in accommodation centers, food distributions or workers' homes is 55% , according to Médecins sans frontières © SYSPEO / SIPA Homeless people in a street of Nice EPIDEMIA - The positivity rate in accommodation centers, food distributions or workers' homes is 55%, according to Médecins sans borders Among precarious people, more than one in two has been infected with the coronavirus in Ile-de-France , announced the NGO Médecins sans frontières (MSF) , in a study published on T

Cancelled Flight Compensation. Because of the spread of the coronavirus, many connections have been closed and cancellations continue to occur. The amount of compensation is between €250 to €600 per passenger depending on the distance of the flight . You are entitled to receive refreshments

Flight Cancellation Compensation. The discomfort caused by a cancelled flight may be The amount depends on the distance of the flight and the delay at your final destination. We will handle the entire communication with the airline and take all of the necessary legal steps to help you receive

La galère du remboursement des vols annulés, profitez de l’aide Coup de pouce rénovation globale pour votre logement... le flash éco du jour © Sophie Lévy-Ayoun / Capital The hassle of reimbursing canceled flights, take advantage of help Global renovation boost for your home ... the eco flash of the day Find the essentials of today's eco news in the flash produced by capital.

The rant of the day is being pushed by passengers whose flights were canceled during the coronavirus epidemic. Left in the dark by the airlines, these aggrieved customers accumulate unanswered emails to obtain compensation. Like Jean-Louis, awaiting compensation for a Paris-Cuba flight invoiced at 1,400 euros, who testifies on Capital.fr: “Since June, we have not heard from Air Caraïbes, nor from proposal for reimbursement or voucher. However, they always send us promotions ”. Carriers are required to compensate passengers for canceled flights, but some continue to play the clock. The same goes for travel agencies, which continue to offer vouchers, while consumers are often entitled to demand reimbursement.

"We have stopped making plans": the coronavirus makes it difficult to organize the All Saints' Day holidays

 The health situation creates uncertainty for parents. Tourism professionals expect meager revenues. © Provided by Franceinfo The All Saints' Day holidays are approaching, and for many parents it is still the great unknown. Even more perhaps in areas of maximum alert, such as Paris or Marseille.

The period of time you will need to self-isolate will depend on when you visited or made a transit stop in a non-exempt country. You must self-isolate and provide the address of your overnight stop on your public health passenger locator form in addition to your declared accommodation address.

It would help reduce the amount of solid waste you produce, and what eventually winds up in your local landfill. Plus, compost makes a great natural fertilizer. This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story.

Capital practical info. It concerns the owners of housing… and more particularly those who rent them out. To speed up the renovation of the private rental stock, the government has decided to extend MaPrimeRénov ’to landlords. An extension of the main aid for the energy renovation of housing, which will be without compensation on the rents charged. A landlord can even be helped for three properties he leases! In detail, the lessors will be considered as the owner-occupiers. They will therefore be entitled to the same amounts of aid, depending on their resources and the work they undertake. More information on Capital.fr.

The figure of the day: 915 euros. This is, on average, what households paid in fuel and energy taxes for their home in 2019 . In detail, the bill climbs to 670 euros for gasoline and 245 euros for supplying homes. A figure that has continued to increase since 2014, and which now represents nearly 2.2% of annual family income. Households living in the countryside, far from urban centers, are the most affected by ecological taxation, due, among other things, to the daily use of their vehicle. Conversely, it is families who live in big cities who bear the least burden of this green tax. And the difference is notable: a household in the countryside bears on average 1,160 euros in energy taxes per year against 665 euros for a family living in Paris.

REPORT. The Institut de France, a little-known showcase for the five French academies

 REPORT. The Institut de France, a little-known showcase for the five French academies © DANIEL FOURAY, WEST-FRANCE Auction of academics' chairs under the Cupola. On the occasion of its renovation, the famous Coupole hosted an auction of academic chairs on Thursday 8 October. Could you take a picture of me? Click, here is Ainuz, beaming, immortalized on the steps of the ’Institut de France in Paris, an institution that brings together the five academies of France, including the famous Académie française . He is one of the privileged few who will enter the illustrious Cupola.

(2-1_BIKE) the cost of the bicycle. What are the bike's best features? - How long does a training session last / take ? * What's the duration of a regular training session? - Have there been recent renovations ? - Has the flat been recently renovated?

G. The popularity of text messages led to the development of a special system of words or ‘chat speak’. Many of the products that you use every day contain water or were manufactured using it. Being responsible for another living being can help you be more responsible in the rest of your life too.

And we end with the announcements of Emmanuel Macron. The President of the Republic has indicated that a curfew will be put in place from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. from Saturday at 12 a.m. It will concern the Île-de-France, but also the metropolises of Grenoble, Lille, Aix-Marseille, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Montpellier, Toulouse and Rouen. This curfew will last at least four weeks , but the government wants to institute it for six weeks, until December 1st. In these areas, bars, restaurants or theaters, for example, will close after 9 p.m. Travel after this time will be limited and supervised. Offenders will be subject to a fine of 135 euros. Emmanuel Macron has announced upcoming aid for professionals affected by these new restrictions. Recipients of RSA and APL will receive exceptional assistance of 150 euros, plus 100 euros per child.

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Red Star: "The Bauer stadium will be renovated before 2024", assures the mayor of Saint-Ouen .
© Red Star FC Stade Bauer (Saint-Ouen), July 8. Mayor (PS) Karim Bouamrane poses on the lawn of the Audonian enclosure alongside club president Patrice Haddad (left). When he receives us in his office, Karim Bouamrane wears a mask in the colors of the Red Star. The new mayor of Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) is a “child of the club” and is actively working to help him regain his place at the top of French football.

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