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12:55  16 october  2020
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criticism from the Federal Audit Office: is the railway getting too much money for coping with corona?

 criticism from the Federal Audit Office: is the railway getting too much money for coping with corona? The damage estimate was made in May - and, according to the auditors, is long out of date. Aid should only be paid out gradually. © imago images / Sven Simon The train should get back on track. Just not with too much tax money, demands the Federal Audit Office. Deutsche Bahn AG is to receive five billion euros in tax money this year as compensation for Corona losses .

Germany Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and Learn more about Worldometer's COVID-19 data. Total Coronavirus Cases in Germany . New Daily Coronavirus Cases+Cured New Cases vs. New Recoveries (Number of newly infected vs

Coronavirus counter with new cases, deaths, and number of tests per 1 Million population. Germany . = all cases have recovered from the infection . Highlighted in grey. = all cases have had an outcome (there are no active cases). 4,585 new cases and 19 new deaths in Germany [source].

Another high: health authorities in Germany reported 7334 corona cases within 24 hours. The opening up of schools has not resulted in uncontrolled virus outbreaks, surveys show.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © picture-alliance / dpa / M. Murat Provided by Deutsche Welle

The corona virus is spreading rapidly in Germany. With 6638 new cases, the highest value since the beginning of the pandemic in Germany was registered on Thursday. A day later, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), to which the health authorities report new case numbers every day, spoke of 7334 new infections. Exactly a week ago it was 4516. However, the current values ​​are only partially comparable with those from spring, because significantly more tests are now being carried out - and thus more infections are being discovered.

traffic light should slow down Europe's Corona patchwork quilt

 traffic light should slow down Europe's Corona patchwork quilt The EU states want - in principle - a Europe-wide traffic light system to mark Corona travel restrictions. But before it can be realized, many (political) traffic lights have to switch from red to green. © picture alliance / dpa / J.Büttner Provided by Deutsche Welle After weeks of negotiations, the EU member states have agreed on initial guidelines against the European patchwork of corona travel restrictions.

The chancellor warns that as many as 58 million Germans could become infected by coronavirus. But it recorded its lowest number of new infections , just 19, on Tuesday. Third patient dies in Germany . Wednesday also saw Berlin city authorities ban all events with more than 1, 000

Bitcoin tumbled as much as 16% after rising above , 000 on Friday. There is nothing on the economic calendar, with Marriott International among companies reporting earnings. Russia reported a record number of new cases in one day and now has more confirmed infections than Italy.

intensive care units treat more COVID-19 patients

There is also a clear increase in the number of COVID-19 patients treated in intensive care. According to the RKI management report, 655 people infected with corona were treated accordingly on Thursday, 329 of whom were ventilated. A week earlier, the value was 487 (239 ventilated). Around 8,700 intensive care beds are currently still available in Germany.

Coronainfektionen in Schulen sind derzeit überschaubar - das zeigen aktuelle Umfragen © picture-alliance / dpa / S. Hoppe corona infections in schools are currently manageable - this is shown by current

surveys. Nevertheless, the federal government is concerned. Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) sees Germany "at the beginning of a really big second wave". And this wave "we have to interrupt now," said Braun. The situation is currently "significantly more serious" than during the first Corona wave in spring, he added.

Meeting with the Chancellor: This is what the Prime Ministers are calling for

 Meeting with the Chancellor: This is what the Prime Ministers are calling for Dispute over the ban on accommodation and different measures in each federal state: Today's meeting between the Prime Ministers and Chancellor Merkel harbors a lot of potential for conflict. © dpa When you could still go hiking together. Armin Laschet, Markus Söder and Michael Kretschmer will be standing below the summit cross on the Zugspitze at the annual conference of the prime ministers in 2019.

The group has more than 16, 000 followers on Facebook and communicates largely through encrypted messaging service Telegram. It is still serious." She said it would become more challenging in the winter. Germany has recorded 242, 000 infections , fewer than the other major European nations.

The nationality of the infected and the origin of infection may vary. The number of deaths also includes untested cases and cases in retirement homes that presumably died because of COVID-19, whilst most countries only include deaths of tested cases in hospitals.[68].

Quick action required

Video: Coronavirus and then the flu: The collapse is imminent (Euronews)

Braun urged local and state politicians to react quickly. The motto must be: "Caution immediately!" If the number of infections rose significantly in a district, immediate action had to be taken - before the incidence value exceeded the threshold of 50 new infections within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to the RKI, at least 348,557 people in Germany have been proven to have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus since the beginning of the Corona crisis. The number of deaths in connection with a corona infection was therefore 9734. That was 24 more than on Thursday. According to estimates by the RKI, there are around 287,600 recovered.

Schools are not hotspots

According to the state governments, fears that the nationwide opening of schools to full class size could lead to an uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus after the end of the summer holidays have not been confirmed. According to a survey by the editorial network Germany (RND) among the education ministries of the federal states, an average of 98 percent of all students were able to take part in face-to-face classes by the start of the autumn holidays.

Further corona measures: These are the specific resolutions of the federal and state governments

 Further corona measures: These are the specific resolutions of the federal and state governments In the fight against the spread of the corona virus, the federal and state governments have agreed to stricter corona rules. These include fewer guests at celebrations and a curfew in hotspots, as the German Press Agency learned on Wednesday from participants in the deliberations of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Minister of the federal states in the Chancellery.

+++ GERMANY /CHINA: New German -Chinese Study on Antibodies+++ According to a study, in many cases, corona patients Last week, almost 500, 000 patients were tested – around 175, 000 more than a month ago. “Thus, chains of infection could be quickly interrupted after local outbreaks of the virus.”

R number – since new infections in Germany have dropped to relatively low figures, it said, the estimate was more prone to statistical fluctuations. entire municipalities can be put under lockdown if they cumulatively register more than 50 new infections per 100, 000 inhabitants within seven days.

The figures were collected by the ministries at the respective point in time before the start of the autumn break. Accordingly, around 0.04 percent of students in North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria were infected with the corona virus. The infection rate was slightly higher in Berlin, where about 0.07 percent of the schoolchildren were infected with the new virus. Saxony-Anhalt, on the other hand, did not record a single coronavirus case in schools.

The infection rate was also manageable among teachers. In NRW, for example, 0.1 percent of teachers were affected, in Berlin 0.14 percent.

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel will sich in Sachen Pandemie-Bekämpfung häufiger mit ihren EU-Kollegen per Video austauschen © Olivier Hoslet / EPA Pool / dpa / picture-alliance Chancellor Merkel wants to talk to her EU colleagues more often via video when it comes to fighting pandemics

Merkel wants more cooperation

In view of the dramatic increase in the number of corona infections across Europe, the states have - and heads of government of the EU agreed to intensify cooperation in the fight against pandemics. Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized after deliberations that it was a matter of preventing unchecked growth in the number of infections. That is why there will be more regular consultations via video in the future. "The question of how we get out of this pandemic decides the health of many people. It decides the question: How many people have to die? And it also determines our economic performance," emphasized the CDU politician.

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Into Denmark, out of Italy: Which holidaymakers should pack their bags quickly now? .
The travel chaos continues. The federal government wants to help tour operators and hosts. Patio heater should be paid for. © Photo: dpa Close for German vacationers from midnight: Denmark prohibits travel to holiday homes. It is a race against time that holidaymakers currently have to face. Anyone who has spent their autumn vacation in Italy would be well advised to start their return journey this Friday.

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