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09:25  18 october  2020
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 Michael Wendler: Maite Kelly on the DSDS scandal: The 18th season of " Germany is looking for the superstar " causes quite a stir even before it airs. Ironically, new juror Michael Wendler (48) is not on site at the recordings for the recall.

Sturm der Liebe (pronounced [stuːrm ˈliːbə], lit. " Storm of Love ") is a German television soap opera created by Bea Schmidt for Das Erste. It premiered on 26 September 2005. It follows in several interwoven plot threads stories about relationships taking place in the fictional five-star hotel

A collection of animated short stories that cover numerous categories including science fiction, dream, horror as well as comedy. Awakening after traveling light years off course, a ship's crew struggles to discover just how far they've come.

The telenovela " Sturm der Liebe " is actually unimaginable for many fans without the scheming and charismatic Christoph Saalfeld, played by Dieter Bach (56). In an interview with "liebenswert-magazin.de" the actor still thinks about a possible exit from the show. But he leaves a back door open.

Dieter Bach im Februar 2020 in München © Getty Images / Hannes Magerstaedt Dieter Bach in February 2020 in Munich "Storm of Love" star has already seen a lot

Whether plane crash in the Carpathian Mountains or "locked-in syndrome." "- Dieter Bach has already experienced and survived a lot at the Fürstenhof of" Sturm der Liebe ". Nevertheless, in an interview with "liebenswert-magazin.de", the sympathetic antagonist thinks about how Christoph Saalfeld's withdrawal from the Fürstenhof could look like. However, it is important to the actor that it doesn't have to be forever.

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 The most delicious food from the Far East: Our 16 favorite dishes from Asian cuisine More and more people who are close to the pop singer are now speaking up. After Michael Wendler (48) suddenly announced his DSDS -Aus on Instagram with a video message, a wave of indignation followed. © Getty Images gettyimages-453676004.jpg In the video above you can see Michael Wendler's statement about his departure from the RTL casting show DSDS.

And for that reason, I never stopped watching him in adolescent awe and wonder, and I promise you I never will. So very sad to learn of his passing. Oh man, I just heard about Eddie. Fucking hell. I hope Wolfgang and Alex and the rest of his family are doing OK. The greatest of all time has left the building.

His only love now was his country - until he met Edwina Mountbatten. It wasn't Edwina's first visit to India - she had engineered an invitation to the Viceregal Lodge before her This is the point at which her younger daughter Pamela, the biographer in the family, acknowledges that love blossomed

Dieter Bach talks about his most difficult time - in the following video:

A mysterious exit from "Sturm der Liebe"

"I think Christoph's farewell should have something mysterious," says Bach. "It would be more exciting if Christoph disappeared and you had the feeling that he could come back." Bach, who recently reported on his most difficult time in the series , emphasizes how important the role of Christoph Saalfeld is for the series.

The gray eminence from "Sturm der Liebe"

"Christoph is in a certain way a gray eminence who could definitely still have an influence on the royal court, even if it were somewhere else - or one would believe that theoretically it could still exist", says the actor in an interview. And he states: "I would find an exit that leaves many questions unanswered more attractive than a dramatic death."

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 Michael Wendler: Expressed a few weeks ago: These Corona statements are surprising "Perfectly prepared", "very professional" - how do these statements fit in with his statement in the Instagram video in which he announced his resignation as a DSDS juror and with Throwing conspiracy theories around? "I accuse the federal government of gross and serious violations of the constitution and the Basic Law with regard to the alleged corona pandemic and its resulting measures," said Michael Wendler in the clip, before continuing: "Almost all television channels - including RTL - are

Peter Roth will leave his job as chairman of Warner Bros Television Group in 2021. The veteran TV exec has been at the helm of the production studio since 1999. '[W]hile there's never a great moment to say goodbye, he felt that this was the right time to transition in a new leader for the group,' she said.

He's returning to portray the titular serial killer for a 10-episode limited series at Showtime, which picks up where the original show left off with its eighth Dexter subsequently faked his own death , starting over as a lumberjack in the solitude of Oregon's wilderness, a move that felt out of character for the

So if Bach has a say, he will probably not die serial death in "Sturm der Liebe". And even if he leaves the series one day, fans can still hope for a comeback of the audience favorite.

No marriage in sight

Incidentally, it is rather unlikely that Bach will enter the port of marriage after a possible series exit. In the interview he reveals: "Actually, I don't find it so important to get married. However, it is important to me to have a commitment to one another - and marriage is of course a possible step, but not the only one." According to the actor, everyone must determine for themselves whether they want to get married and what the marriage could then mean. "I'm still open-minded about the outcome."

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