US News food inspectors criticize the reform: "Around 30 percent of the general rule controls will be dropped"

11:25  18 october  2020
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New rules of the game: Millions of apartment owners are affected by the WEG reform

 New rules of the game: Millions of apartment owners are affected by the WEG reform Whether new windows, the construction of charging stations in the underground car park or even extensive renovations to the whole house: the question of what rights and obligations arise from joint ownership is regularly asked by apartment owners facing challenges or even causing arguments. A fundamental reform of the Condominium Act (WEG) now provides new rules - also for the frequently deployed administrators, whose powers were at times heavily disputed.

B. The first ties between Russia and Britain were formed in the middle of the 16th century in the time of Ivan the Terrible. It was then that some wealthy British merchants founded the Muscovy Company which held a monopoly on trade Arid desert lands cover about one third of the earth’s surface.

30 -year mortgage rate drops to record low. A group of eight powerful Democratic and Republican attorneys general plan to forge ahead with their own antitrust investigation Perhaps nothing sums up the Navy icon better than his confession that he celebrated win No. 100 with a fast- food burger.

Maik Maschke is the vice-head of the professional association. He warns of a weakening of consumer protection and is also critical of Berlin's solo efforts.

Bei der Arbeit: Lebensmittelkontrolleure prüfen die hygienischen Verhältnisse vor Ort. © Photo: picture alliance / dpa At work: food inspectors check the hygienic conditions on site.

Maik Maschke is Vice-Head of the Federal Association of Food Inspectors and works as an inspector in Saxony. The district office of Pankow wants to publish the results of all food controls on the Internet from November. At the federal level, a new ordinance will soon come into force that will reduce the regular controls, Maschke sees all of this critically.

Survey: Individual mobility popular after Corona

 Survey: Individual mobility popular after Corona According to a survey, having one's own car is likely to remain a preferred mode of transport for many people even after the Corona crisis - bus, train and sharing services, on the other hand, have a hard time. © Georg Wendt / dpa A cargo bike driver drives in Hamburg on the A7, on which the traffic jams in front of the Elbe tunnel.

As a general rule , a paragraph should use a minimum of three sentences to develop an idea. G. American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It is a very physical game and the players wear helmets and special protective clothes.

Agrarian reforms . Why was reform introduced? Stolypin wanted to reform agriculture in order to modernise Russia and make it more He hoped that reorganising the land would increase support for the Tsar among unskilled farmhands. This would reduce the threat of the Social Revolutionaries.

Mr. Maschke, what good is it for consumers in Pankow when they know how the snack bar or your café around the corner performed during the last inspection?

In principle, it is good when people are informed. But too much information is harmful and dulls consumers. Instead of confronting them with all control reports that are not necessarily easy to understand for third parties, they should be specifically informed about black sheep.

What does that mean exactly?

The consumers should find out if there have been serious violations and the entrepreneur has been legally fined for them. In addition, there is already the opportunity to find out about the controls. The federal states publish corresponding reports every year. However, hardly anyone reads it. We food inspectors fly under the radar until there is another major food scandal.

Municipalities: Many people affected do not know the source of the infection

 Municipalities: Many people affected do not know the source of the infection In numerous cases, those affected and health authorities do not know where people were infected with the coronavirus. In North Rhine-Westphalia, 43 percent of the reported new infections are currently not known in which environment this happened, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday at the request of the German Press Agency in Düsseldorf. The figures match the experience of the health authorities in Düsseldorf and Cologne.

And he fought a general election telling us he had an oven-ready deal. [This] now suggests that he was misleading people in that general election. Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill tweeted that any threat of backtracking on the protocol would be a "treacherous betrayal which would

Deforestation for food may result in food insecurity in the future. Currently, 52% of all the land used for food production is moderately or severely impacted by soil erosion. Deforestation in the current scenario may have reduced; however, it would be too early to assume.

All the better that Pankow rushes forward!

I don't believe in going it alone in individual districts. We do not need a patchwork of information, but a national system.

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But we are far from that.

Unfortunately yes, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Pankow informs, Marzahn-Hellersdorf not, what's the point? Take a bakery with several branches in Berlin: the company has to disclose the control results in one district, not in the other. That is unjust and leads to uncertainty.

In Denmark, the results of the check-ups hang at the entrance to restaurants. Every guest can see this and then consider whether to enter the restaurant. Why can't we do that in Germany too?

Denmark has a completely different control system, the country is a central state with a centrally organized official food control. In Germany we have 16 federal states and 401 offices responsible for food monitoring. Even the fines are different. We need food monitoring that works nationwide according to uniform criteria. Then you can also talk about the symbols and the notices. I can't work with the Berliner Bären in Berlin, take my hygiene pass in Saxony and hang three forks in the window in Stuttgart.

survey: Germans favor Jens Spahn as the new CDU boss

 survey: Germans favor Jens Spahn as the new CDU boss 22 percent of Germans would like the federal health ministers to be the CDU chairman. However, he is not running at all, but supports Armin Laschet. © Reuters Spahn does not apply for the CDU chairmanship, but competes in a team with NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn would have good cards from CDU chairman, but few good cards as candidate for chancellor of the Union.

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Another problem is that many controls do not even take place due to a lack of staff.

We are currently lacking around 1500 food inspectors in Germany to be able to carry out the regular checks required by law. In Germany, the entrepreneur is primarily responsible for food safety, we inspectors check it. How often this happens depends on the risk assessment and a point system based on it. This system has now been changed. The new regulation comes into force these days.

What's changing?

The control frequencies are significantly reduced. Around 30 percent of the general controls will be eliminated. You adapt the task to the current staff and not the other way around. All districts and cities that have not yet met the requirements will benefit from this. But this leads to a significant weakening of consumer protection.

Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner says the food control must concentrate more on the problematic farms.

If I do fewer regular checks, it becomes all the more difficult to discover the problem companies at all. Take

Wilke as an example.

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The Hessian sausage manufacturer who sold a lot of rotten meat ...

Wilke had to be checked at least twelve times a year, after the reform it is only four times a year. If a food inspector finds mold on the wall, he can warn the company and tell the entrepreneur to remove it immediately. But if you check less often, the wall is already completely moldy and the mold also spreads to the food, the operation may have to be shut down.

Instead, the Ministry of Agriculture wants to strengthen event-related controls.

But nobody knows what exactly that is supposed to mean. We conducted a nationwide survey and I can tell you that nobody is looking through it at the moment and everyone understands it differently

Farmers 'Association welcomes compromise on EU agricultural reform as a "good basis" .
The German Farmers' Association welcomed the compromise of the EU ministers on reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP) as a good basis. Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) as the council chairwoman "did a very good job," said farmers' president Joachim Rukwied on Wednesday in Berlin. Agricultural policy is becoming "clearly greener", and "we farmers are proactively following the path." It is very important for farmers that the EU budget for agricultural policy remains stable.

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