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11:50  18 october  2020
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Louane sang near Rennes, at the Château des Pères

 Louane sang near Rennes, at the Château des Pères © OF Louane in mini-concert at the Château des Pères. The young singer is back. On October 23, she is releasing her third album entitled "Joie de vivre". She spoke about it yesterday, Wednesday October 7, at the Château des Pères, a magnificent property, east of Rennes. Before a mini-concert offered to sixty listeners of Hit West radio. Louane grew up ... She is now 23 years old, a baby and a third album ...

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of Lucky Luke 93 by Achdé . Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. L ' album qui met en scène les Dalton obligés de vivre avec Lucky Luke et qui leur invente un neveu est amusant et rempli de références au célèbre film des

This is one of the newest Lucky Luke books and the creative team of Achdé , Pennac & Benacquista have done a fine job of making it feel like a classic Lucky Luke adventure. It’s beautifully drawn by Achdé who lovingly mimics Morris’s style and it manages to breathe fresh energy into the Daltons by

Achdé, dessinateur de Lucky Luke. © Stéphane Kossmann Achdé, designer of Lucky Luke.

For the first time, in A Cowboy in the Cotton, the famous hero of the American West is confronted with slavery and racism.

Achdé , designer of Un cow-boy dans le coton (1), tells us about this new album by Lucky Luke, which will be released on October 23, 2020. A hero who has animated him since childhood. “The first time I ran into Lucky Luke was in 1965. I remember a scene from a boxing ring poker game from The Judge album. It fascinated me. " Interview.

Lucky Luke inherits a plantation in Louisiana. Faced with racism, how does he react?

It's easy to stop outlaws when you shoot faster than your shadow. There he is faced with a more pernicious enemy: the state of mind of an entire population. We weren't going to make him solve the racism problem. For the first time, we show a Lucky Luke who doubts.

Rennes. Twenty-five years later, Tagada Jones still enraged

 Rennes. Twenty-five years later, Tagada Jones still enraged © Mathieu Ezan The hardcore punk band Tagada Jones. With their hardcore punk, the Rennes group has given 2,000 concerts and crossed 35 countries. He released his 10th album, A feu et à sang. The "street art" cover will be displayed on the walls, as at Antipode, this Monday, October 12, 2020, by the Rennes-based street artist Poch. Tagada Jones releases an album every two and a half years. "We were at the end of a cycle.

Lucky Luke - Hukuman Gantung book. Read 13 reviews from the world's largest community for Au crayon, Achdé n’est pas en reste, qui renoue avec le Lucky Luke de la grande époque et fait The books by the new creators have to tread a fine line between respecting and celebrating what’s come

Ce nouvel album de Lucky Luke nous permet de découvrir le talent de Laurent Gerra, amoureux de la série, dans son nouveau rôle de scénariste brillant et de constater, après le Cuisinier français, qu’ Achdé est un remarquable “imitateur” du Maître Morris. Une addition de talents qui fait de La Belle

Did you start working on this album long before George Floyd died?

It takes two years between the development of the script, the drawings and the printing. So this is not opportunism. The novelty is that Lucky Luke, a popular and universal hero, tackles this subject, as Morris and Goscinny could have done in their time.

Why didn't they do it?

In their day, comics were more aimed at young people. Since then, the public has grown, readers have matured, comics have become a medium in their own right. Popular comics changed tone from the 2000s. Lucky Luke remains a caricature of the West and we try to keep as much humor as possible in the albums, but we look at these more serious subjects of American history. .

How did you feel when you saw the anti-racist protests in the United States this summer?

"I feel guilty about having a too easy life": Francis Cabrel pays tribute to his worker father in his latest album

 After five years of absence, Francis Cabrel is making a comeback with his 14th album, "At the dawn coming back ". Guest of the "8:30 p.m. Sunday" on France 2, the singer, usually so discreet, gave himself up on a few subjects close to his heart. © Provided by Franceinfo Very rare on television sets, Francis Cabrel accepted Laurent Delahousse's invitation.

'The Adventures of Kid Lucky : Cowboy in Training' by Achdé is a loving tribute to famous character Lucky Luke , but Contrairement aux autres bd de Lucky Luke , cet album n’est pas une aventure, mais plusieurs gags d’une seule page. With his new horror novel, The Only Good Indians, author

Finally found some more footage of the new Kid Lucky animated series. I still wonder if this series will come to Dutch and Flemish television. Lucky Luke will have his big new adventure in the South. In the era of segregation. The man next to Luke is Bass Reeves and he really existed.

For me, that’s no surprise. The problems of racism are not new. In the 1990s in the United States, I saw stores that said, "Unwanted people of color." It hasn't changed much when you hear Donald Trump. Americans are capable of the worst as well as the best.

The album is set just after the abolition of slavery. What happens to the ex-slaves?

The owners are not crazy, they exploit them for even less. The photos of the years 1870-1880 are terrible. Blacks are in dire straits. Northern promises to give them land and money have not been kept. A whole population is confronted with the problem of racism, poverty and violence.

Is it difficult to draw, with humor?

Obviously. I empathize with my characters. When I draw, I hear them, their voices, the sounds. I also hear the pain, the laughter, the emotion. I am extremely attached to my characters.

You stage Bass Reeves, who did exist. Who was he ?

He was the first black marshal. A marshal was a very important person, nothing to do with a sheriff. Son of a slave, Bass Reeves has arrested over 3,000 outlaws, a true hero, a type of loyalty ... His life is a novel. It has been forgotten because it does not correspond to the Hollywood imagination.

"Well done Boris, well done!" : Carla Bruni bedroom Boris Johnson

 © OLIVIER BORDE / BESTIMAGE "Bravo Boris, well done!" : Carla Bruni bedroom Boris Johnson This Wednesday, October 14, Carla Brun was the guest of Emilie Mazoyer on Europe 1. Coming to present her new eponymous album, the singer also reacted to the words of the British government, which suggested to artists who were in difficulty because of the health crisis to retrain ... This is an announcement that has not fallen on deaf ears.

De Lucky Luke albums van Dargaud van 1982 t/m 1988. Overzicht strip Lucky Luke , op deze ACHDE - Lucky Luke e les Daltons Misure: 100x50 cm / 50x25 cm #artprints #interior # design I can tell you this is the first appearance of bushwack as a pup ! According to Morris & Goscinny According

Lucky Luke also gave us Rantanplan ("Rin Tin Can" in some English translations; "Bushwhack" in English dubbed Now Morris has passed away too, Achdé is in charge of the art, restricting himself to strict Rocky Luke : Banlieue West is a whole album that parodied Lucky Luke and their characters.

Do you do a lot of documentation?

I may be a bit of a maniac, but I take it upon myself as Morris and Uderzo explained to me: even if we make "not serious" stories, we have to do it seriously. Let the reader subconsciously feel that this is not the wind. The drawings of nature, landscapes, bayous, fauna, plantations, are exact. All the buildings on the album exist.

Do you remember the first Lucky Luke you read?

Oh yes! It was in the pages of Spirou. I come from a modest family of five children, Spirou was inexpensive, we were subscribers. The first time I ran into Lucky Luke was in 1965. I remember a scene from a boxing ring poker game from The Judge album. It fascinated me. It was a bird's eye view with lots of hats on. I couldn't really read, I was learning to count and I had fun counting them. My mom said to me, “I sensed you were going to want to do this and that made me sorry. (Bursts out laughing)

Did she have any other plans?

In the 1960s, drawing Mickey Mouse was not serious! I made him happy. I studied radiology and practiced for a few years before giving up everything to get into comics. It took a while but I made it my job and I don't regret it.

Becoming a cartoonist for Lucky Luke in 2001 was difficult?

Kid, like many apprentice cartoonists, I copied complete Lucky Luke albums. Then I drew the universe of Morris, under his leadership, with Rantanplan's strips. After her death, when Ms. Morris approached me, I asked for a six-month trial. I was terrified. The hardest part was letting go of my schizophrenic side. Now, I take great pride in it, it is the height of a designer life. But each album is a questioning and a very big challenge.

Interview by Pascale LE GARREC.

(1) A cowboy in cotton, Achdé and Jul, after Morris. € 10.95. Ed. Lucky Comics. In bookstores on October 23, 2020.

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