US News In Lille, the police apply the first penalties for non-compliance with the curfew

14:20  18 october  2020
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Covid-19: LVMH makes a donation for the Institut Pasteur de Lille to test its

 Covid-19: LVMH makes a donation for the Institut Pasteur de Lille to test its molecule © Jérémy Barande / Ecole polytechnique Université Paris-Saclay / Wikimedia Commons Covid-19: LVMH makes a donation for the Institut Pasteur de Lille tests its molecule The Institut Pasteur de Lille is launching a clinical trial funded to the tune of 5 million euros by LVMH, to test the effectiveness of its molecule against Covid-19. LVMH is putting its hand in its pocket to fund France's research effort in the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Making clear his disgust that preparations for the celebrations had begun as early as October 10, the governor vowed to impose a curfew on October 31 and limit Campanians’ movements He also said he plans to coordinate these “strict controls and sanctions” with the interior ministry and the police .

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is a law enforced by the European Union for protecting the personal data of citizens belonging to the EU countries. It came to effect on 25th May 2018. Under this law websites all across the world serving

Quelque 12.000 policiers et gendarmes sont mobilisés partout en France pour faire respecter le couvre-feu entré en vigueur samedi. Nous avons suivi une équipe à Lille, entre contrôles et premières verbalisations. Reportage. © Maximilien Carlier / Europe 1 Some 12,000 police and gendarmes are mobilized throughout France to enforce the curfew that came into effect on Saturday. We followed a team in Lille, between checks and first verbalizations. Reportage.

"Sir good evening, please switch off the ignition. Do you know that there is a curfew in France? You will be fined for not respecting the curfew." It was the first major test for the some 12,000 police and gendarmes responsible for enforcing the curfew in France, which concerns nearly 20 million people. Unless there is an exemption, it is forbidden to go out between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the Paris region and in 8 large metropolitan areas, including Lille, where Europe 1 followed the first checks.

VIDEO. Coronavirus in Bouches-du-Rhône: What perimeter for the curfew in Marseille and Aix? The great vagueness reigns

 VIDEO. Coronavirus in Bouches-du-Rhône: What perimeter for the curfew in Marseille and Aix? The great vagueness reigns The day after Emmanuel Macron's announcements, no one knows for now whether the curfew will only concern Aix-en-Provence and Marseille or the entire metropolis © Daniel Cole / AP / SIPA Un bar in Marseille CORONAVIRUS - The day after Emmanuel Macron's announcements, no one knows for the time being whether the curfew will only affect Aix-en-Provence and Marseille or the entire metropolis "Do I know if my municipality is concerned? But then, not at all.

A non -exempt country or territory is any country or territory that is not on the travel corridors list. Example 1 . You leave a non -exempt country on Monday morning and If your test for coronavirus is positive you will be asked to share your contacts with the NHS Test and Trace service, and your

Police officers should not be allowed to demand entry to a property without cause or due process. By some (social) distance, this reaction by Daniel Andrews and the state of Victoria has to be one of the most extreme in the world and seems to be born more out of panic than concerns for public safety.

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In a few minutes, the streets have emptied. A screed of lead fell on the capital of Flanders. To enforce the curfew, a hundred police officers were mobilized in the Lille metropolis. € 135 fine and checks on motorists and pedestrians.

"I have no paper on me"

Which sometimes leads to some tension, like this dialogue between a young woman and a police officer: "I am homeless, I have no paper on me ... what do you want to do? - You are asked to provide proof of identity and proof. - I don't have any! - Okay, so you will be fined by the colleagues who are over there. "We do not have to believe that she is homeless. She is made up, prepared ... I think she is trying to bluff us," said Jean-François Papineau, boss of the Northern police.

The curfew, a French story

 The curfew, a French story © Frédéric STUCIN In Paris, March 31. Used on rare occasions in the modern history of the country, this is the first time that the device has been put in place for health reasons. Once again, like eighty years ago, Parisians should not miss the Last Metro, title from a film by François Truffaut, if they want to be home before the curfew begins. The term inevitably refers to the 1940s and the period of the occupation.

California lawmakers passed an LGBT-rights bill that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a "willing" minor child. The California Democrat urged his followers on Twitter to read an Associated Press "fact check" story about his legislation with the headline "Bill Would Not Legalize

You could get penalty points (endorsements) on your driving record if you're convicted of a motoring offence. Offence codes and penalty points must stay on your driving record for 4 or 11 years depending on the Driving after making a false declaration about fitness when applying for a licence.


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"It is 9:10 pm, you can see that I am playing the game"

In the almost empty streets, there are only delivery men on bicycles or scooters. But a few kebabs and pizzerias stay open after 9 p.m., with people inside. "I have clients, I can't pull them by the colback and throw them out. I told them they had to get out! You can see that I'm playing along. It's 9:10 pm. It's already difficult. for us, and for 10 minutes, you come to me ...! ", indignant a boss of establishment. "Sir. We find that at 9:00 p.m. your establishment is not closed. We draw conclusions from what we find. We have nothing more to tell you."

An assumed firmness, assures Michel Lalande, prefect of Hauts-de-France. "We were in pedagogy last night. Tonight, we are no longer in pedagogy: we are in practical work." Overall, the curfew was observed. Now remains to be held lengthwise.

Virus: 46 million French people under curfew, Brussels is still tightening the screw .
© Francois Lenoir Brussels Curfew late in Brussels, more than two out of three French people now ordered to stay at home in the evening, cap of the 10,000 deaths crossed in Germany: Europe is hit by the second wave of the coronavirus and restrictions are multiplying on Saturday on the Old Continent.

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