US News "So that the girls look at me": Gad Elmaleh tells how he got rid of his shyness!

14:40  18 october  2020
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Dani tells about the time when she juggled between her nightclub and her family life

 Dani tells about the time when she juggled between her nightclub and her family life © Europe 1 The singer Dani publishes "Golden Horizons", a new album where she sings in particular in duet with JoeyStarr. Invited on this occasion in the show "It feels good", she recounts the time when she ran her own nightclub for four years. This is a little-known episode in the life of the hoarse-voiced singer . For four years, Dani ran a nightclub, called "The Adventure", at a time when her children were still at home.

‘I’ve got fever, Kong,’ gasped Skelton. ‘ Get me the medicine chest and, for God’s sake, blankets. He had been worried by the evident poverty of the establishment and he felt that the Granges could ill afford even Grange hesitated. There was a glimmer of cupidity in those small, cunning eyes of his .

She told him over dinner all about Mrs. Next Door’s problems with her daughter and how Dudley had learned a new word (“Won’t!”). “And finally, bird watchers everywhere have reported that the nation’s owls have been behaving very unusually today. Although owls normally hunt at night and are hardly

He released an album of covers by Claude Nougaro which attracted him much mockery on the Web, even before its release in the bins. In an interview with JDD, Gad Elmaleh recounts his passion for music.

© ABACA "So that the girls look at me": Gad Elmaleh tells how he got rid of his shyness!

On November 20, he released his first record in the bins: " Dansez sur moi ", an album of covers by Claude Nougaro. This October 18, in the columns of the JDD, Gad Elmaleh tells how he prepared this album , during confinement. After his trip to the United States, to start the stand up again from zero, this new challenge is an "enchanted break", specifies Gad Elmaleh. A priori he does not intend to make a career in music ... even if he has a few songs in his drawers, he says.

An LR deputy wants to create a "working group" of elected officials to legalize cannabis

 An LR deputy wants to create a © AMIR COHEN A medical cannabis plant from the Israeli company Pharmocann. The pécressiste deputy of Essonne Robin Reda, president of a mission of information on the cannabis, does not want that the right remains “with the scoop” on the legalization. He wants to bring together local elected officials, from the right and beyond, who advocate changes in legislation. LR MP Robin Reda is not categorically for the legalization of cannabis.

So could you very kindly tell me how to find it for him ?" "Well," said Owl, "the customary procedure in such cases is as follows." But Owl went on and on, using longer and longer words, until at last he came back to where he started, and he explained that the person to write out this notice was

She looked at me with her calm gray eyes. Her expression was so placid, it was hard to believe I do not know how to express precisely the impression he made upon me. I amused myself by thinking that in his choice of books he showed pleasantly the irreconcilable sides of his fantastic nature.

But this interview granted to our colleagues is above all an opportunity to tell about his passion for music. This is how , the ex of Charlotte Casiraghi confides: "Kid, in Casablanca, I did not think of being a humorist or actor, I dreamed of being a singer".

"The first thing I bought ..."

Besides, Gad Elmaleh gives as proof: "The first thing I bought when I had money, it is not a car or a Rolex but a piano, a Steinway. At home, I also have guitars ".

Before breaking into the profession of actor - on stage as in the cinema - it was behind a double keyboard, in the 80s, that he first stood out. He remembers: "I was very shy at the time, so I needed (...) to play the piano so that the girls look at me ...". Mission accomplished.

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Jeff Katz, portrait painter of Prince .
On the occasion of the reissue of the album "Sign o’ the Times ", the photographer who had been dubbed by the kid from Minneapolis tells us. © Jeff Katz Photography © Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc. Luck is like a phone call. In the spring of 1984, Jeff Katz was a young photographer with little experience. The Warner record company contacts him: could he play the assistants for their star Prince who wants to shoot his new group, The Family himself? Of course.

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