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23:25  18 october  2020
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Guinea: opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo prevented from campaigning amid violence

 Guinea: opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo prevented from campaigning amid violence © Supplied by France 24 The UFDG convoy was blocked by men wearing yellow t-shirts while he was traveling to Kankan (left), and houses in a predominantly Fulani neighborhood were set on fire in Kankan (right) on October 11. Facebook screenshots. With less than a week to go before the presidential election, the campaign on the ground was tense again on Sunday, October 12 in Guinea.

Des Guinéennes attendent de pouvoir voter lors de la présidentielle, le 18 octobre 2020, à Fria. © REUTERS / Saliou Samb Guineans are waiting to be able to vote during the presidential election, on October 18, 2020, in Fria.

In Guinea, the polling stations for the presidential election were to close this Sunday, October 18 at 6 p.m. local time. Outgoing President Alpha Condé, 82, is running for a third term after the controversial adoption of a new constitution. In total, nearly 5.5 million voters were called to the polls to choose from the twelve candidates running.

In a polling station in Coléah, in the inner suburbs of Conakry, the counting began after the official end of the ballot, at 6 p.m. local time, notes our correspondent in the Guinean capital, Carol Valade . The seals on the ballot box have been broken. The ballots will now be taken out one by one, a line written in chalk on the large blackboard opposite the name of the corresponding party. Then the ballot box will be sent for centralization.

Presidential in Guinea: campaign under tension, the opposition mobilized

 Presidential in Guinea: campaign under tension, the opposition mobilized © Cellou Binani, AFP The opposition presidential candidate, Cellou Dalein Diallo, during a demonstration by his supporters on October 15, 2020 in Conakry. The campaign for the uncertain presidential election in Guinea entered its home stretch on Thursday with the return of the two main candidates, President Alpha Condé and Cellou Dalein Diallo, in the capital, Conakry.

From the reception of the very last minutes of the country, the Ceni, the Electoral Commission, will have 72 hours to proclaim the provisional results. The flashlights were taken out as the count is expected to continue late into the evening. In any case, no major incident has been reported in Conakry. The Minister of Security, Albert Damantang Camara, confirmed this in the middle of the afternoon.

President Alpha Condé and his main opponent, Celou Dalein Diallo, called for calm after voting. In most neighborhoods, the streets were invaded at the end of the afternoon by football matches, a bit like every Sunday. The only fear now is that the opposition will proclaim its own results despite the government ban.

Isolated incidents

If the vote went well until the beginning of the afternoon, things were sometimes complicated in places, reports our correspondent, Mokhtar Bah. This is particularly the case in Yomou, in the far south of the country where representatives of the opposition in polling stations were expelled and a local official of the alliance which supports the opponent Celou Dalein Diallo was arrested and thrown in jail. According to our information, this opposition official opposed the ballot stuffing orchestrated by strangers.

Presidential elections in Guinea: the last fight of President Alpha Condé

 Presidential elections in Guinea: the last fight of President Alpha Condé © Sipa At 82 years old, Alpha Condé should be re-elected President of Guinea for a third term on Sunday, while the opposition accuses him of autocratic excesses. It is an understatement to say that Alpha Condé knows from the inside the crusades and the sacrifices of the African opponent. The man had to wait until he was 72 to become, after decades of brawl, prison and exile, the first democratically elected president of Guinea.

In Kissidougou, one of the largest agglomerations in the forest region, the same observation was recorded: expulsion of delegates from political parties and voting by minors in the localities of Massadou and Bendou. In Siguiri, in the northeast, an official of the main opposition party, the UFDG [Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea], was arrested without knowing the reason. One of his comrades was beaten up by a supporter of the ruling party, the RPG [Rally of the People of Guinea].

For its part, the RPG campaign HQ welcomed the conduct of the ballot throughout the national territory but denounced irregularities in the north of the country favorable to the opposition. In Lower Guinea, no problems were reported until the close of the vote.

A calm poll

In Kankan, stronghold of the Guinean head of state, Alpha Condé, the counting also started around a quarter of an hour after the official closing of the polling stations, in the primary school of the Bordo district , reports our special correspondent on site, Bineta Diagne.

Riots after presidential election in Guinea

 Riots after presidential election in Guinea Opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo was twice defeated by incumbent Condé in presidential elections in Guinea. Now he wants to know and creates facts - even before the official results are announced. © John Wessels / AFP / AFP / Getty Images police officers tear gas against supporters of opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo Riots broke out in West African Guinea after opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo declared himself the winner of presidential election on Sunday .

The chairman of the polling station opened the ballot box, which was sealed, under the watchful eyes of members of his office. Around him were six representatives of political parties, all with a sheet of paper and ready to record in detail the vote count of this office. The process is very slow. Members of the voting bureau count the envelopes to make sure they have the right number of voters, all by flashlight.

For the rest, in Kankan, no major incident was reported by observers. Nearly 600 members of civil society have been spread across Upper Guinea. In addition, there are 12 observers from ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States. They are all unanimous on one point: the voters voted calmly.

Once the count is complete, all eyes will then be on the Communal Election Commission, responsible for centralizing the reports from all the polling stations in the commune of Kankan.

The only downside: the PADES [Party of Democrats for Hope], the party of candidate Ousmane Kaba, denounced some anomalies this morning. In particular, there are fictitious polling stations in a district of Kankan. This information was denied by Mohamed Lamine Traoré, the president of the CECI (Independent Communal Electoral Commission) of Kankan. The latter calls for serenity at a crucial moment in the electoral process.

In the midst of a pandemic, early voting in the United States breaks a record: 50 million Americans have already voted

 In the midst of a pandemic, early voting in the United States breaks a record: 50 million Americans have already voted © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Almost ten days before the US presidential election between Joe Biden to Donald Trump, more than 50 million Americans have already advance polled , according to the count this Friday, October 23 from the US Elections Project, source of information on the American electoral system.

Missing report

In Labé, in Middle Guinea, the counting also started at the primary school of the Tata-1 district, reports our special correspondent on site, Charlotte Idrac . Residents gathered in the courtyard in the fading evening light to await the posting of the minutes.

The president of the electoral commission of the prefecture speaks of a good climate for this day of voting. The same goes for the Guinean Organization for Human Rights (OGDH) which welcomes "the enthusiasm and the serenity of the voters". In the polling stations, this October 18, voters were indeed at the rendezvous. They were very numerous this morning, at the opening of the polling stations, around 7 a.m., and the attendance then decreased as the day went on.

The vote therefore took place calmly. A problem is however to be noted in the district of Daka-1: in a polling station, the president realized this morning that the envelope promised by the Electoral Commission did not contain minutes, the only document authorized for record the results.

The question arises of what will happen for these votes knowing that this office has 556 registered voters. For his part, the president of the Electoral Commission explains that there is only one report per polling station, not a little more. It cannot therefore be replaced. Discussions are underway to try to find a solution.

For its part, the rainbow RPG [Rally of the People of Guinea] of outgoing President Alpha Condé claims that some of its delegates were prevented from accessing polling stations in Labé. Polling station officials explained that only one representative per party was accepted in each station. So they asked the other delegates to leave.

(More information to come)

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