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18:15  19 october  2020
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Sunday's ' The Walking Dead ' gives Michonne a big hint that Rick ' s still alive along with a heartbreaking message you may have overlooked. "The phone is obviously a hint at some larger story that took place," said Kang about the second clue Michonne finds for Rick ' s whereabouts .

We also hear from showrunner Angela Kang on the whereabouts of Heath as he has been missing and all but forgotten. Only 2 days after Rick ' s exit and we What do you think The Walking Dead fans? Is this not one of the greatest times ever for a The Walking Dead fan? PS who else would you like to

The spin-off series The Walking Dead: World Beyond proves to be a grateful source for new information about the place where Rick Grimes is again this week.

The Walking Dead: Schockierende Details zu Ricks Aufenthaltsort verraten © AMC The Walking Dead: Shocking details about Rick's whereabouts revealed

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is the latest spin-off from the The Walking Dead universe and has so far mainly caused a sensation through various references to Rick Grimes' whereabouts . In its last TWD episode, this was rescued by members of the Civic Republic and brought to safety by helicopter.

Meanwhile, however, another suspicion arises: Rick is in captivity. As we learned in the first episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, it's impossible to escape from the clutches of the Civic Republic . The latest episode of the spin-off provides further insight into the huge community.

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Where did Rick go and why hasn't he made his way back to his family in the years that have passed? Is he being held prisoner somewhere? It sounds like we'll find out in a series of movies which will follow Rick Grimes. Chief content officer of " The Walking Dead " announced them on "Talking Dead " after

THE WALKING DEAD : WORLD BEYOND "The Truth About Rick " Promo [HD] The Walking Dead Season 10 Rick Grimes This new trailer for The Walking Dead : World Beyond

Warning, spoilers for World Beyond will follow.

The Walking Dead reveals more about the Civic Republic

Elizabeth Kublek ( Julia Ormond ), Lieutenant Colonel of the Civic Republic Military, is not reluctant when it comes to exhibiting the superiority of the Civil Republic. The resources (energy, medicine, water, etc.) of the organization, which so far has attracted attention with the symbol of the three linked rings, seem unlimited.

More impressions in the World Beyond trailer:

As Comic Book records, the Civic Republic is home to 200,000 souls. In comparison: The Commonwealth, the largest community in The Walking Dead comics, only comes to 50,000. The Civic Republic sees itself as the last light in the world and the last hope of mankind. But there are also downsides, even very dark ones.

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All the details we know so far as A New Beginning arrives. There has been a slew of casting announcements - ranging from new additions to shock departures - announced The Independent has compiled all you need to know about The Walking Dead season 9 below ranging from release date to

THE WALKING DEAD continues to subvert the expectations of its viewers with each passing episode with unexpected plot Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The Walking Dead season 10: Judith Grimes kept the truth about Rick Grimes from Daryl (Image: AMC).

Has World Beyond secretly betrayed Rick's fate?

Just recently, Kublek and her team wiped out the 10,000 survivors from Campus Colony in Nebraska. When the soldier Barca ( Al Calderon ) questions this act, he is withdrawn from his post and faces an uncertain but definitely not too promising future. System-critical thoughts are not wanted here.

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Rick could have had a similar experience. The Civic Republic is looking for good people to develop its own supremacy. But as soon as someone doubts the methods, a short process is made. For example, the Campus Colony was not wiped out because it was a threat, but because it could have become a threat.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond © AMC © AMC The Walking Dead: World Beyond © AMC

That this tough regiment also preoccupies the decision-makers is illustrated by Kublek's reaction after their conversation with Barca. She remains alone in her magnificent apartment, which does not lack any luxury. But not even the loud music can hide your remorse, which eventually comes to the fore in the form of tears.

Will we see Rick Grimes in World Beyond?

We shouldn't have high hopes for an appearance by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. After all, three movies have been announced to that will shed light on the character's fate. Further connections - especially with regard to the sinister machinations of the Civic Republic - are not excluded.

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Do you think we'll see Rick Grimes in World Beyond sometime?

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