US News Who is Scott Atlas, Trump's bizarre and influential anti-mask adviser?

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Donald Trump: White House refuses to prove a negative corona test

 Donald Trump: White House refuses to prove a negative corona test US President Trump appears again in public a week after his stay in the clinic and wants to campaign next week. However, there is no certainty as to whether it is now testing negative for the corona virus. © TOM BRENNER / REUTERS According to his personal doctor, US President Donald Trump is no longer contagious after his Covid 19 disease.

Scott William Atlas (born July 5, 1955) is an American neuroradiologist, professor, commentator, and health care policy advisor . He is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Dr. Scott Atlas has supported Trump ’ s policies on masks , opening the economy and calling for school reopening. Not to mince words, ultra-right talkshow His writings attacking Obamacare and Medicaid from the right established him as an adviser to Republican politicians on health policy, and he has

One of the most influential advisers in President Trump's entourage on coronavirus issues has taken a series of controversial positions.

  Qui est Scott Atlas, l'étrange et influent conseiller de Trump opposé aux masques? © Alex Brandon / AP / SIPA

Donald Trump is a fan of Doctor Scott Atlas. Last week during an television show, the billionaire paid tribute to this adviser who had become very influential, certainly by peeling his name: "Scott Atkins ... Look at Scott!" Doctor Scott! He's from ... A great guy! Stanford! He will tell you that he does not agree with you! ”Retorted Donald Trump while journalist Savannah Guthrie questioned him about his refusal to support the wearing of a mask. "He is not an expert in infectious diseases," said the moderator. "Oh I don't know ... He's an expert, one of the great experts in the world," Trump countered.

Mask Singer 2020: Alessandra Sublet confides in the international star to recognize

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Atlas ' tweet echoes President Donald Trump ' s misleading claims about masks even as the US grapples with grim new spikes in cases. Unlike the government's medical experts who advised Trump in the early months of the pandemic, Atlas has adopted a public stance on the virus much

President Donald Trump ' s new coronavirus adviser , Dr. Scott Atlas , is raising concerns from the director of the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci. Atlas was brought onto Trump ' s coronavirus task force in August, after appearing on Fox News for several months, where he often echoed the president's

Scott Atlas, who belongs to the Hoover Institution of the prestigious Stanford University, is indeed not an infectious disease specialist. 65-year-old Dr. Atlas is a respected researcher in the field of neuro-radiology. He is in particular the editor of a manual which is a reference in the field, specifies his biography on the Hoover Institution website. This specialization does not prevent him from expressing himself on other subjects. At the Hoover Institution, a powerful conservative think tank, he notably led a fierce fight against Obamacare, arguing against the idea of ​​public health insurance. In politics, he signed up for Republicans, for example alongside former New York mayor and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in 2007. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the neuro-radiologist has increased the number of positions that break with the consensus defended by the medical authorities. His first tweet on the subject, on March 13, downplayed the dangers of SARS-CoV-2, denied the need for testing in the absence of symptoms, and deemed transmission by asymptomatic people "much less likely", positions that collided with reality.

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Atlas , who has been on the coronavirus task force since the pandemic began in the US, then used examples of areas where he said 'cases exploded even with Twitter has removed a 'misleading' tweet from White House adviser Dr Scott Atlas (pictured) who claimed that masks don't work.

Scott Atlas , a neuroradiologist and fellow at Stanford’ s conservative Hoover Institution, has argued for “herd immunity” and incorrectly stated that children have little risk in developing complications from coronavirus. Scott Atlas , a neuroradiologist and fellow at Stanford’ s conservative Hoover Institution

"He has lots of great ideas", applauds Trump

On May 26, guest of a radio program presented by Rudy Giuliani, he exposed the position he defends tooth and nail: "The misdeeds of the politics of containment are worse than the pandemic itself. " Scott Atlas had on the same occasion praised the merits of the approach adopted by the Republican governor of Florida. At that time, the state had an average of 30 deaths per day linked to Covid-19 and was presented by some conservatives as an example. By early August, the average daily death toll was set to exceed 180.

Scott Atlas joined the White House coronavirus task force in mid-August, after a spike in infections in July highlighted the shortcomings of the Trump administration. The president had spotted him on his favorite channel, Fox News. A few days before his appointment, Dr Atlas pleaded for a return from the fall of the university football championship despite the pandemic, a subject dear to the president. Donald Trump has praised his merits to journalists, according to the " New York Times ": "He has lots of great ideas. And he thinks what we did was really good and now we're going to take it up a notch. "

Five Finger Death Punch: We have nothing against mask wearers

 Five Finger Death Punch: We have nothing against mask wearers guitarist Zoltan Bathory says: Five Finger Death Punch have nothing against mask wearers; the formation is misunderstood. © Provided by www.metal-hammer.de Five FInger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory Guitarist Zoltan Bathory says: Five Finger Death Punch have nothing against mask wearers; the formation is misunderstood. Five Finger Death Punch have recently come under fire for their new music video for the song ‘Living The Dream’ (see below).

Who is Dr. Scott Atlas ? Trump ' s new coronavirus adviser . After months of tension and disagreement between President Donald Trump and the public health experts on his pandemic response task force, he's added a new one: Dr. Scott Atlas , a medical adviser whose views echo his

Trump has leaned on Atlas in recent months, preferring his advice over that of other advisers , like Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Atlas , a neuroradiologist who isn't an expert in infectious diseases, gained attention after he made a number

Scott Atlas, à gauche, écoute le président Donald Trump lors d'une conférence de presse à la Maison-Blanche, le 11 août dernier. © Andrew Harnik/AP/SIPA © Supplied by Paris Match Scott Atlas, left, listens to President Donald Trump during a press conference at the White House on August 11. © Andrew Harnik / AP / SIPA

Since his arrival, Scott Atlas has imposed himself in the working group, to the point of eclipsing infectious disease specialists like Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx. President Trump himself has repeatedly criticized scientists, especially Dr Fauci, who in the early months of the pandemic embodied the voice of reason, especially during chaotic task force press conferences. The message from Doctor Atlas, more in line with the president's wishes, allowed him to gain the upper hand, tells the " Washington Post " in a detailed account published on Monday. Scott Atlas opposed the extension of Covid-19 screening, defended discredited theories about the pointlessness of wearing a mask and physical distancing, while advocating the search for collective immunity, an approach considered as dangerous by other scientists advising the White House. Tensions are such between the president's advisers that Deborah Birx, who has been widely criticized for having too often echoed Donald Trump's optimistic forecasts, asked Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the team of advisers, to push Atlas aside. Pence refused to take sides.

"New York Times": Trump has a Chinese bank account

 According to a media report, US President Donald Trump has pursued business interests in China for years - and still has a bank account in the People's Republic. As the "New York Times" reported on Tuesday (local time), Trump's hotel company still had an office in China while he was running for the presidential election in 2016 and at the time worked closely with a large company controlled by the government in Beijing.

American neuroradiologist Dr. Scott Atlas , who has been a part of White House Coronavirus Task Force since August, has been occasionally spotted in public not wearing personal protective equipment, despite relevant recommendations from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Trump recently said America is “rounding the corner” in making progress against COVID-19. The medical establishment is taking aim at Dr. Atlas because he has emerged as one of the most credible opponents of lockdown tyranny and now has the ear of President Trump .

A deceptive tweet censored by Twitter

In statements to the "Post", Scott Atlas denied supporting the choice of collective immunity, which he had however done publicly. He also assured that he had always defended "all measures" to save lives. On Saturday, however, he tweeted a message denying the effectiveness of the masks, which was later taken down by Twitter. He has since posed as a victim, tweeting a quote from "1984" by George Orwell. “The Party tells you not to believe your eyes and ears. This is his ultimate and essential command, ”he notably resumed.

In a March 26 column for the conservative daily “Washington Times”, Scott Atlas relied on a possible death toll of 10,000 in the United States to justify his rejection of restrictive measures. Seven months later, the death toll rises to nearly 220,000 in the United States. It could reach 400,000 deaths by the end of the year, according to an editorial in the " Journal of the American Medical Association " which is based on a study of excess mortality in the country since the start of the pandemic.

Donald Trump's worst verbal dropouts .
© Alex Gakos / Shutterstock.com Donald Trump performing in Washington US President Donald Trump (74) often seems to have his own truths. The 74-year-old, who is standing for re-election on November 3, has caused a sensation in recent years with a few sayings. Here is a small selection: Here is the book "Too much and never enough: How my family created the most dangerous man in the world" by Mary L.

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