US News Brexit: faced with Johnson's "No deal", Sefcovic remains phlegmatic

22:10  19 october  2020
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Brexit. Michel Barnier expects more “weeks” of negotiations

 Brexit. Michel Barnier expects more “weeks” of negotiations © PAUL FAITH / AFP Michel Barnier during a press conference in Dublin, January 27, 2020. The European negotiator for the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union announced that it was ready on Tuesday to continue negotiations beyond October 15, the deadline set by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Brexit news – live: EU ‘expects deadlock to last days’ as PM urged to strike side- deal to avoid drug shortages. Follow all the latest developments. Britain’ s pharmaceutical is appealing to Boris Johnson to strike a swift side- deal with Brussels to avoid delays and shortages of medicines if he crashes the

Fast. 'Or play along with Johnson destroying Parliamentary democracy while pretending to 'take back control'.' Former Tory MP Nick Boles, who quit But such votes have no binding legal force. Commons Speaker John Bercow, who voted Remain , also reacted with outrage to Mr Johnson ' s announcement

The United Kingdom said it was open Monday to the "intensification" of post-Brexit trade negotiations, currently at an impasse, proposed by Brussels, while repeating that discussing only made sense if the Europeans changed their position.

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Boris Johnson again threatens to slam the door

Already sluggish, the discussions escalated Thursday when the 27 met in council demanded concessions from London to reach a free trade agreement in time to implement it next year, when EU rules cease to apply to the UK.

Economic dispute: EU does not yet give up Brexit trade pact - Johnson threatens

 Economic dispute: EU does not yet give up Brexit trade pact - Johnson threatens In the dispute over a Brexit trade pact, the European Union wants to ignore a deadline set by Great Britain for an agreement and continue to negotiate intensively in the next few weeks. This emerges from a draft of the final document for the EU summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels. © dpa In the dispute over the Brexit trade pact between the EU and Great Britain The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, however, remains open to breaking off the talks.

Preparations for no - deal Brexit stepped up. Boris Johnson offers olive branch to Ruth Davidson but rejects her opposition to no deal Brexit . Nick Timothy: Varadkar can blame Britain – but he' s the real threat to peace. Johnson to unveil biggest ad campaign since Second World War.

EU sources had hoped Johnson might “play the game” by talking tough on the backstop, while renegotiating the political declaration on the future Whichever Brexit outcome he pursues, whether it’ s a disastrous no deal Labour may stay neutral if referendum is between its Brexit deal or remain .

Prime Minister Boris Johnson then declared the talks “over” and asked the British to prepare for a “no deal”, a potentially devastating option for economies already shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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After a phone call to his British counterpart David Frost, European negotiator Michel Barnier said on Monday that the EU remained " available to intensify "discussions" on the basis of legal texts ", stressing to await the reaction of London.

In the UK Parliament, Minister Michael Gove, responsible for coordinating government action, "welcomed" this statement:

"Obviously we have to make sure we work on the basis of the intensification they are proposing. I'd rather look to the future with optimism than look back angrily. "

Scottish head of government campaigns for EU support for independence

 Scottish head of government campaigns for EU support for independence Shortly before the EU summit on Brexit, Scottish head of government Nicola Sturgeon campaigned for support from the European Union for Scotland's independence. "The Scottish government believes that the best future for our country as an independent nation lies within the EU," wrote Sturgeon in a guest article for the newspaper "Die Welt" (Thursday edition). She described Brexit as "irresponsible", "foolish" and "harmful to the economy".

BORIS Johnson ’ s Brexit strategy to make the British public believe they are heading for a no - deal Brexit will fail, according to leading Polish MEP Writing on Twitter, Ms Huebner said: “Boris Johnson is trying to create a feeling in the UK of a no - deal necessity. “It is absolutely obviously that the no

Johnson remains the front-runner to be the next prime minister, though he has raised new questions about his temperament. That’ s why politicians who oppose a no - deal Brexit , from the cabinet down, are bracing themselves for battle. Read more: Wit Made Boris Johnson -- And His Team Know It

He repeated to wait for a movement from the EU and to be ready for an Australian or Mongolian type agreement, in other words a "no deal", the name of which the British government refuses to pronounce:

"He does not There is no sense in continuing to negotiate: as long as the EU maintains its position, such discussions will be meaningless, ”the minister reaffirmed.

The three stumbling blocks still on the table

Video: "We will have to make mutual concessions" in the discussions on the post-Brexit agreement, warns the Irish Prime Minister (Le Figaro)

The two sides continue to pass the buck to each other despite the lack of time available to reach a compromise, with the Europeans believing an agreement necessary before the end of October to be transposed and adopted by the end of the year.

In the absence of a free trade agreement, the British government repeats over and over again, it would be satisfied with a "no deal" on January 1, despite the potentially devastating consequences for economies already weakened by the pandemic, with the re-establishment of quotas and customs duties between the 27 and London.

Faced with pressure from London, the Europeans stay the course

 Faced with pressure from London, the Europeans stay the course © KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP European leaders, Thursday, in Brussels. The Twenty-Seven would like to seal an agreement with London so as not to further upset economies already severely weakened by the health crisis. If there is one quality that we should recognize in Europeans, it is their tenacity. Over the past year, Boris Johnson has had this bitter experience, to his expense.

MPs are expected to hold their crucial vote on Theresa May’ s Brexit deal next Tuesday (15th January). Boris Johnson claims that a No Deal Brexit is the

Brexit divorce bill. Irish backstop. No - deal Brexit . Continuing United Kingdom relationship with the European Union. The Conservatives won a large majority in that election, with Johnson declaring that the UK would leave the EU in early 2020.[8] The withdrawal agreement was ratified by the UK on

Discussions are still stumbling over three subjects:

access for Europeans to fish-rich British waters, the guarantees demanded in London in terms of competition, and the way of settling disputes in the future agreement.

Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, agreement or not, the British executive intends to urge companies this week to accelerate their preparations to face the new customs rules which will apply from January.

Relations with Brussels and discussions to reach a compromise became strained last month with the announcement of a bill revising certain provisions of the divorce treaty that governed the United Kingdom's exit from the EU on January 31.

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Positive note

In London on Monday morning, the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Sefcovic, met Michael Gove about this dispute , which prompted the EU to initiate infringement proceedings against the UK.

[ The Vice-President of the European Commission, Maros Sefcovic , during his press conference, Monday October 19 2020 in Brussels. Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard / Reuters]

Brexit negotiations: Boris Johnson threatens no-deal

 Brexit negotiations: Boris Johnson threatens no-deal The EU and Great Britain still have a few weeks to agree on an agreement on future relations. Boris Johnson is once again threatening a hard Brexit. © TOBY MELVILLE / REUTERS For weeks the negotiations between the EU and Great Britain about how their relations should look in the future. Now UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing his country's economy for a hard Brexit.

Johnson faced a Saturday deadline by law to request an extension to the current Brexit departure date of Oct. 31 had no deal been reached. The pro- Remain Liberal Democrats also said they were determined to stop Brexit altogether and still advocated a second referendum.

Dec.17 -- U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will change the law to guarantee there is no extension to the Brexit transition phase, setting up the potential

Both came out on a rather positive note, with Michael Gove reporting "significant progress" while Maros Sefcovic praising the "clear direction and commitment" given by London for 'arrive at "a compromise on all issues on the table".

The controversial bill criticized by the British archbishops

According to the Bloomberg agency, the British government is considering abandoning the controversial provisions of a bill that would allow it to override certain measures of the treaty, in violation of the international law, in order to facilitate negotiations.

The bill also has many detractors in the United Kingdom, for whom it undermines the credibility of the British voice on the international stage.

Latest criticism to date, a column of the British archbishops in the Financial Times on Monday underlined the "enormous" consequences "moral", "political" and "legal" which this "disastrous precedent" would have.

The text is to be considered Monday and Tuesday in the House of Lords. The test promises to be more difficult than in the House of Commons, where he cleared the first obstacles without difficulty.

Vaccine against Covid-19: the clinical trial of Johnson & Johnson will resume .
© Cheryl Gerber / Johnson & Johnson via AP Doses of the vaccine developed by the Johnson & Johnson laboratory. Currently in phase 3, the clinical trial of this candidate vaccine against Covid-19 must resume. He had been interrupted a few days ago. The clinical trial of the candidate vaccine from the American laboratory Johnson & Johnson is expected to resume shortly.

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