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11:30  20 october  2020
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"Persist": a poignant film gives a voice to an imprisoned Iranian lawyer

 © Behrouz MEHRI Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who had been released after three years in prison, on September 18, 2013 at her home in Tehran March 2018, in Tehran: lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh confided in her career during which she led with tireless courage the most difficult fights in Iran: saving teenagers from the death penalty, defending banned religious minorities or mobilizing for Women's rights.

Freedom Revisited: Which aspects of freedom need to be defended , or recalibrated, to meet the challenges of In defence of freedom : Choose an area in the realm of business, economics, politics, or civil Become a member of a truly unique and strong global community by sharing your thoughts

The “speech” defended under “ freedom of speech” does not refer to literal verbal utterances. In short, we are talking about what Jonathan Rauch describes as “liberal science ,” the development of Under freedom of religion, people are free to believe any creed they want to, and they are also free

Samuel Paty has become a martyr of the free society. He is not honored by raising him to the honor of the altars, but by defending freedom and science against religion and ignorance.

  Görlachs Gedanken: Freiheit und Wissenschaft müssen verteidigt werden © AP

The beheading of a teacher in France by an Islamist has shown that our liberal basic order has enough enemies. We don't even have to become the enemy of ourselves. The debate about whether our basic rights will be restricted by the fee if, thanks to Corona, we no longer get beer in a pub after eleven o'clock in the evening or have to wear a mask, fades in the face of a religious stone age extremism that disregards the most elementary rules of human coexistence: you should not dead!

Murder of Samuel Paty: the emotional reactions of the personalities

 Murder of Samuel Paty: the emotional reactions of the personalities Many personalities joined the anonymous on social networks to pay tribute to Samuel Paty. © Bestimage On Sunday, thousand people gathered in Paris to pay tribute to Samuel Paty , history and geography professor beheaded in the middle of the street two days earlier in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines) during 'a terrorist attack. On social networks, it is just as many people who wanted to pay tribute to him.

Alexander Görlach lives in New York. Systematic discrimination. If Christians continue to be moved ever closer to Kurdish militias fighting the Turkish state, they are likely to be marginalized even further in the eyes of Erdogan' s supporters — about one out of every two Turks.

Freedom begins with naming things. This has to happen in spite of political climates, careers being won or lost, and the fear of being criticized. Moreover, when you are feeling under the weather, there is nothing like a sweet pair of eyes that immediately get your mind off thoughts that are making you

That there are extremists inside and outside Europe who celebrate the beheading of Samuel Paty as a good deed, who glorify their religion and their founder, is appalling. This shows us where we could develop back in the free world if we again put ideology and dogma above facts and knowledge, as in our own religious past. The neo-nationalists and neo-fundamentalists of a supposedly Christian West, for example in Warsaw and Budapest, do nothing else when they claim that our commonwealth is based solely on Catholic Christianity. Conversely, it is correct: our order is based on the fact that science has fought for primacy over religion.

This is why the zeal with which the corona measures are disputed is all the more incomprehensible. In times of a pandemic, wearing face masks is not a question of belief, but rather based on facts. The meaningfulness of wearing a mask can very well be discussed, but not in the way our ancestors fought out the dispute about the deity of Jesus Christ or his real presence in the sacrament of the altar on the battlefield. The fact that the majority of those who read these lines no longer know what these theological disputes are about is impressive evidence of what we have succeeded in doing in the West.

Who is Scott Atlas, Trump's bizarre and influential anti-mask adviser?

 Who is Scott Atlas, Trump's bizarre and influential anti-mask adviser? One of the most influential advisers in President Trump's entourage on coronavirus issues has taken a series of controversial positions. © Alex Brandon / AP / SIPA Donald Trump is a fan of Doctor Scott Atlas. Last week during an television show, the billionaire paid tribute to this adviser who had become very influential, certainly by peeling his name: "Scott Atkins ... Look at Scott!" Doctor Scott! He's from ...

Freedom of expression gives you the right to hold your own opinions and to express them freely without interference, although you also have a duty to behave responsibly and to respect other people’ s rights.

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion

This achievement goes well beyond the domain that we would classically attribute to religion. Today we reflect critically on the colonial age and do not recite what was customary until a generation ago, namely to say that "we brought civilization, medicine and Christianity to the savages".

The same applies in the domain of gender equality: religions and ideologies whose followers - however conspiratorial - babble on something that is ultimately supposed to cement the superiority of men have also had their day in a world of science and facts govern. But they are on the rise again and if we don't pay attention, we will soon be swinging real clubs again.

What is the difference between science and belief? Knowledge is based on what is in the world, researches, comes to intermediate results, and then researches further. Faith holds true and is preoccupied with synchronizing reality with what their religion claims to be the case for a lifetime. Some people fail because their fanaticism breaks them.

Zidane steps up to defend his troops

 Zidane steps up to defend his troops Present in front of the press on Tuesday, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane defended Isco, and his entire squad more generally. © Provided by Mercato 365 Zinédine Zidane adores Toni Kroos A loss against the promoted Cadiz (0-1) on Saturday and here is Real Madrid in the spotlight before facing Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League on Wednesday evening (6:55 p.m. ). And if Zinedine Zidane initially played down , he then defended his group in front of the press on Tuesday.

Anti-religion, pro-equality, pro- science and education. Also, things that do this while making me chuckle. See more ideas about Anti religion, Religion Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. You're upset because you want your religious laws to be the laws of the land? You know who else wants that?

A. If you mention travelling to Moscow in the winter, most foreign tourists will think you are crazy. Many of them will imagine snow, freezing temperatures and having to wear big parkas and fur hats.

There are areas in which the individual's faith can and may remain true: A Muslim and a Muslim woman can continue to believe that Mohammed is their personal prophet. But you cannot and must not assume (which most of them do not either) that the rest of the world sees it the same way.

Science may be able to prove that Muhammad and Jesus did indeed live. But whether they are really those who their believers think they are is beyond what one can know and is therefore insignificant for the future of the world and the continued existence of the human race. Your message survives the times without dogmatic baggage.

Before the big finger pointing to Muslims breaks loose, it is worth taking a comparative look at those supposedly enlightened people who sense a conspiracy behind everything they do not understand: Bill Gates, Bilderberg, Reptiloide, the Jews. Anyone who thinks this way is not far from the ideas of radical religious extremists. Knowledge is not suitable for ultimate certainties. Only in discourse do societies achieve intermediate results on the path to knowledge.

Samuel Paty has become a martyr of the free society. He is not honored by raising him to the glory of the altars, but by defending freedom and science against religion and ignorance.

After tweet from satire magazine: Turkey outraged by "Charlie Hebdo" caricature by Erdogan .
Turkey has sharply condemned an front page of the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" with a caricature of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . Erdogan's communications director Fahrettin Altun accused the magazine of “cultural racism” late on Tuesday evening. The "so-called caricatures" are "repulsive" and without human morality, it said in a message. "The anti-Muslim agenda of French President Emmanuel Macron is bearing fruit!" Wrote Altun.

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