US News REPORT. In Detroit, voting Biden makes sense, but not automatic

12:10  20 october  2020
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Trolling behind Biden, Trump crisscrosses America again

 Trolling behind Biden, Trump crisscrosses America again © MANDEL NGAN US President Donald Trump speaks from the balcony of the White House in front of his supporters October 10, 2020 Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa: three Key states in three days. Donald Trump begins a marathon of meetings on Monday with the hope of catching up on Joe Biden by the November 3 election.

Is voting for Biden , a terrible candidate, the only principled position to fight Trump? And his rise was made possible by the failed two-party system and the corporate dominance of electoral politics in the In numerous interactions with voters , Biden has poked their chests in an aggressive manner; told an

Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday issued a forceful rebuttal to President Trump’s claim that the former vice president would preside over a nation overwhelmed by disorder and lawlessness, asserting that it was Mr. Trump who had made the country unsafe through his erratic and incendiary governing style.

Wendy Caldwell-Liddell votera Biden, mais elle est en colère contre le candidat démocrate et son équipe. © Yona Helaoua Wendy Caldwell-Liddell will vote Biden, but she is angry with the Democratic candidate and his team.

The Democratic candidate cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of Hillary Clinton, who in 2016 lost Michigan to the wire. All eyes are on the African-American electorate in Detroit.

Le Pasteur Charles H. Ellis III : « La leçon de la défaite de Hillary Clinton a porté. » © Yona Helaoua Pastor Charles H. Ellis III: “The lesson of Hillary Clinton's defeat bore.

When a politician wants to address the African American community, he goes to church. In Detroit , the birthplace of the auto industry where more than 78% of the 700,000 residents are black, the Greater Grace Temple Apostolic Church is a must-see. This year, however, it is impossible to campaign there because of the pandemic. Before the virus we had up to 2,000 people, recalls Charles H. Ellis, III, sitting in one of the empty rows of his megachurch.

Trump and Biden expected for a televised duel, each on his own

 Trump and Biden expected for a televised duel, each on his own © JIM WATSON US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, during their debate on September 29, 2020 in Cleveland Unprecedented evening for a riddled election campaign historic events: 19 days before the US presidential election, Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, leading in the polls, will respond live Thursday evening to questions from voters, but each on a different channel.

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“Joe Biden made me feel more confident about something that’s bothered me my whole life. Joe Biden cared,” he said. The importance of voting was another major focus of the convention, amid fears that the pandemic and actions by the Trump administration will make it harder for Americans to cast their

Dans le centre de Detroit, les chantiers pullulent, mais la reprise ne bénéficie pas à tous. © Yona Helaoua In the center of Detroit, construction sites abound, but the recovery does not benefit everyone. "If Roger Rabbit was a candidate against Trump, he would have my vote!" "

This 62-year-old pastor supports Joe Biden whose responsible behavior he appreciates in the face of Covid-19 . According to him, the Democrat should not be too handicapped by this lack of direct contact with the community: I think that Donald Trump alone increases our enthusiasm. If Roger Rabbit was a candidate against him, he would have my vote!

The lesson of 2016

Mobilizing the black community is crucial in Detroit. In 2016, Donald Trump won Michigan with less than 11,000 votes out of nearly 4.8 million. Hillary Clinton led in Wayne County, where Detroit is located, but she won some 90,000 fewer votes than Barack Obama in 2012. So Joe Biden is counting on this pool of voters.

REPORT. In Florida, Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus cools seniors

 REPORT. In Florida, Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus cools seniors © Chandan Khanna, AFP Joe Biden supporters decorating their golf cart at the end of August for a parade in The Villages. The Villages in Central Florida is the largest retirement community in the United States. Firmly republican. But more and more residents are proudly showing their support for Joe Biden.

Ms. Harris made her endorsement after the primary race narrowed to what is effectively a two-person race between Mr. Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Moderate-leaning Democrats have rapidly coalesced behind Mr. Biden , whose campaign has been rolling out new endorsements

Overall, Biden did a lot better than many expected but on policies and straightforward facts, Trump won the first debate comfortably. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made it clear what the goal was: “Clearly this is the most chaotic presidential debate that I have ever seen.

Charles H. Ellis, III is optimistic. According to him, Donald Trump's victory served as a lesson for non-voters and protesters in 2016. They said to themselves: I don't like the way Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party treated Bernie Sanders (the defeated Socialist candidate in the primary of 2016, Editor's note) so I will not vote. Well, you see the result when you try to lecture someone. Maybe we are teaching this lesson to ourselves. Now the Supreme Court is set to expand its Conservative majority to six to three judges. With terrible consequences for civil rights and the right to vote, themes dear to our community.

Two-speed recovery

The former vice president's economic record is a good point, according to the pastor: Joe Biden can tell Michigan he was there, sent by Barack Obama, to save the auto industry during of the 2008-2010 crisis, when General Motors and Chrysler were thought to be disappearing. The traces of this crisis have not disappeared in Detroit. The city declared bankruptcy in the summer of 2013. After difficult years, investments were made in the city center where construction sites abound. But this recovery is at two speeds.

At the Rosa Parks bus station, a short walk from trendy shops and restaurants, travelers and homeless people come and go. This is where Wendy Caldwell-Liddell decided to speak to voters. The 29-year-old consultant has just created the Mobilize Detroit organization to encourage residents to register on the electoral roll. Trump has to go, she insists. But she says she is angry with Biden and his team. They come to Detroit but only talk to the people who already support them. Here we have had water cuts for two years, the inhabitants are threatened with eviction. How can we not mention these problems? Of course, I will give my vote to Biden on November 3. But not everyone else thinks like me. And I don't blame them.

Second TV duel with Biden: Trump wafts a touch of desperation .
The US President has played through his repertoire of unfair attacks against his challenger. Trump does not harm himself with his appearance - but whether he helps him? © imago images / UPI Photo Donald Trump on the last TV debate before the US election in November. Trump has a touch of despair In psychoanalysis there is the phenomenon of projection. A person ascribes his own wishes, fears or worries to another person. Projection is a defense mechanism.

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