US News The EU still powerless in the face of Erdogan's imperial ambitions

12:10  20 october  2020
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Nagorno Karabakh. Erdogan denies the presence of pro-Turkish Syrian fighters

 Nagorno Karabakh. Erdogan denies the presence of pro-Turkish Syrian fighters © TURKISH PRESIDENT PRESS OFFICE HANDOUT / EPA / MAXPPP Recep Tayyip Erdogan, October 14. Faced with accusations that Syrian fighters backed by Ankara were sent to Nagorno Karabakh, Recep Tayyip Erdogan denied but said he was ready to provide "any kind of support" to Azerbaijan.

Home. MENA. Military campaign pushes forward – Erdogan ’ s imperial ambitions threaten Libya. Educated at California State University, Los Angeles, in the field of International Relations, he previously served as Chief Negotiator and Internal Organizer in several jurisdictions for the SEIU labor

Secondly, Erdoğan hopes to insure Turkey’ s position in the Aegean, eastern Mediterranean, Syria and Libya against a change of administration in Washington. Turkish-backed forces in the Syrian town of al-Ghazawiya, near Afrin in the rebel-held northern countryside of Aleppo province, on 28 July.

Le président turc, Tayyip Erdogan, à droite, recevant le candidat chypriote Ersin Tatar, à Istanbul, le 5 août. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, right, receiving Cypriot candidate Ersin Tatar in Istanbul on 5 August. A majority of Member States, including Germany, prefer to play the negotiation card with Turkey, while a protege from Ankara has just been elected in North Cyprus.

Europeans appeals to reason do nothing. President Recep Erdogan demonstrates week after week that he is not ready to give up his imperial ambitions in what he considers to be Turkey's natural hinterland, that of the Ottoman Empire, as shown by his growing involvement , from Azerbaijan to Libya via Syria or Cyprus. The master of Ankara took advantage of the US diplomatic and military withdrawal to invest the Mediterranean, turning it into a powder keg.

Corona crisis: Erdogan attacks doctors: "Enemies of Turkey"

 Corona crisis: Erdogan attacks doctors: It was a huge discrepancy that the opposition MP Murat Emir noticed at the end of September. The politician came into possession of internal statistics from the Turkish Ministry of Health. The figures showed that there were 29,377 positive corona tests in Turkey on September 10, 2020. © picture alliance / dpa Recep Tayyip Erdogan However, the ministry only reported 1512 new infections to the public for the same day.

These two men, driven by their own imperial ambitions , have no intention of seeking peace in Syria, except on their own terms. So it is that the refugees have become a weapon in their own right – a crisis the combatants are relentlessly fuelling in the hope of coercing Western governments into

In the European Union — far and away Turkey’ s biggest trading partner — diplomats talk airily about a “carrots and sticks approach” toward Ankara, but they are In the Caucasian conflict, Erdogan has again avoided barbs at Putin, but he has name-checked Russia in his attacks against the international

From this point of view, the election on Sunday of his protégé, the nationalist Ersin Tatar, at the head of the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC, only recognized by Ankara), following an intervention Massive movement of the Ankara authorities in the electoral campaign is not a trivial event.

Takeover of Northern Cyprus

It is in fact part of the Turkish desire to seize some of the gas fields recently discovered in waters that Greece and Cyprus consider as territorial. Turkey considers that this is not the case, because it claims a special status for the Aegean Sea and it considers that the waters of the TRNC are open to it, this Republic having nothing to deny it, while Nicosia considers that 'these are its waters since the TRNC has no international existence ... For two years, Ankara has therefore sent, in violation of international law, gas prospecting vessels accompanied by warships in the Aegean Sea, just like it does not hesitate to cross Cretan waters to go to Libya in order to supply arms to the government in Tripoli in defiance of the international embargo.

OM have real ambitions in C1: Villas-Boas announces the color!

 OM have real ambitions in C1: Villas-Boas announces the color! The coach of Olympique de Marseille approached the Champions League campaign with great determination, on the eve of the match against Olympiakos. © Panoramic C1: OM does not want to make up! This Wednesday (9 p.m.), Olympique de Marseille will face Olympiakos will return to the prestigious Champions League after a long wait. Small thumb of the table, OM was placed in the fourth hat at the time of the draw. But there is no question of figuring out.

Erdogan ’ s Libya play always had a significant economic dimension. Turkish business ties to the North African nation predate the current civil war: In the final decade of Moammar Libya is also key to Turkey’s claims in the Eastern Mediterranean, where it hopes to become a significant energy player.

Now Mr. Erdogan is offering full-throated supported to the Azeri offensive, while demanding that Armenia withdraw from Nagorno-Karabakh. But it is in the U. S . interest to stop the fighting and restart negotiations. That will require reining in Mr. Aliyev and Mr. Erdogan and their exaggerated

The resumption of control of the TRNC, created following the conflict of 1974 which saw the Turkish army invade the northern third of Cyprus in order to protect the Turkish-speaking community of the island considered threatened by the attempt to reunite the island to Greece concocted by the dictatorial regime of the colonels, is one more step in the strategy of tension implemented by Erdogan. Because the new president, unlike his predecessor Mustafa Akinci, at odds with Ankara, opposes any reunification of the island, for example by creating a federal state with the Greek Cypriots: on the contrary, he demands the creation two states, which could be the prelude to an outright annexation of the TRNC by Ankara. But without going that far, Ersin Tatar’s victory will give Erdogan additional leverage to have his rights to part of the Aegean gas fields recognized.

The Union deprived

Faced with Ankara's determination, the Union appears to be quite helpless, for want of being a military power. The only two countries to have supported Greece and Cyprus by sending warships and fighter jets are France and Italy, to a lesser extent. A majority of member states, led by Germany which shies away from any military threat, prefers to play the negotiating card. Thus, during the European Council of October 1 and 2, the Twenty-Seven rejected any sanction against Turkey until next December and promised it, if it stopped its illegal drilling, an improvement in the Customs Union that binds it. to the EU as well as additional financial means to manage the refugee camps (already 6 billion euros paid since 2016).

Turkey-France quarrel: Erdogan once again calls on Macron to have his mental health examined

 Turkey-France quarrel: Erdogan once again calls on Macron to have his mental health examined © AFP / Ludovic Marin Turkey and France are again in the midst of a diplomatic quarrel. Despite the criticisms that had fallen on him, he does it again. 24 hours after publicly questioning the "mental health" of Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan again urged his French counterpart, this Sunday, to have his mental health examined.

Erdogan certainly is more Islamic relative to past Turkish rulers, but on the other hand he’s not very religious and will he want to move Turkey to a theocracy? It has performing a real aggressive conduct against Assad’s government since the beginning of Erdogan ’ s presidential with changing the form of

Imperial Ambitions : Conversations with Noam Chomsky on the Post-9/11 World is a 2005 Metropolitan Books American Empire Project publication of interviews with American linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky conducted and edited by award-winning journalist David Barsamian of Alternative

Erdogan showed the consideration he gives to the Union by returning his ships off the Greek island of Kastellorizo ​​last week. On Friday, gathered for a new summit, European leaders again denounced "Turkey's unilateral actions and provocations" and called on "to work for detente in a coherent and sustained manner". They also condemned the TRNC's decision to reopen the Greek Cypriot resort of Varosha, a provocation for Nicosia and Athens. "We reaffirmed our will not to give in to these provocations in any way and we have confirmed that we will come back with decisions in the coming months depending on the evolution of Turkey's behavior," insisted French President Emmanuel Macron. It will undoubtedly take much more than threats of economic sanctions to push back Erdogan, who can also play on the millions of refugees who are on his soil to keep Europeans at bay. Only the involvement of the United States could change the situation in the region. And it will depend on the outcome of the presidential election of November 3, .

After tweet from satire magazine: Turkey outraged by "Charlie Hebdo" caricature by Erdogan .
Turkey has sharply condemned an front page of the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" with a caricature of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . Erdogan's communications director Fahrettin Altun accused the magazine of “cultural racism” late on Tuesday evening. The "so-called caricatures" are "repulsive" and without human morality, it said in a message. "The anti-Muslim agenda of French President Emmanuel Macron is bearing fruit!" Wrote Altun.

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