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Stéphane Fouks, vice-president of the Havas group: "The France of prefects shows its limits in the crisis"

 Stéphane Fouks, vice-president of the Havas group: © Sipa INTERVIEW - Stéphane Fouks, influence specialist, deciphers the government's communication errors in the face of Covid- 19. In your book Media Pandemic *, you teach politicians, and Macronie first of all, a lesson in crisis communication. Why? I address myself to everyone! I wrote this book because I am worried: as the pandemic continues to strike, a democratic crisis is gripping France. We are threatened by three failures, which form what I would call the French fiasco triangle.

Latest Clash Between China and Taiwan : A Fistfight in Fiji . The Chinese government disputed that account, saying Taiwan officials had acted “provocatively” and injured one of its He called the image on the cake at the event a “fake national flag.” “ Taiwan ’s move is intended to create ‘two Chinas ’ or

Longstanding tensions between China and Taiwan have erupted over a physical fight between their diplomats in Fiji . China 's foreign ministry, in a briefing on Monday, revealed its officials were aware of what was happening inside the venue, including the fact there was a cake featuring the Taiwanese

Des hélicoptères survolent Taipei à l'occasion de la fête nationale, le 10 octobre. © Chiang Ying-ying Helicopters fly over Taipei on the occasion of the national day, October 10th. A fight pitted two Chinese diplomats, who had invited themselves to a celebration of Taiwan's National Day, against a representative from Taipei. A gruesome episode that could have diplomatic consequences.

This is a cake that is making waves across the Pacific. On October 8, as its National Day approaches, the Taiwanese representation in Fiji invited around 100 local personalities to share a pastry decorated in the colors of the Taiwanese flag. According to local reporter Graham Davis, who disclosed the matter on Sunday on his Grubsheet site on the basis of "multiple sources," two employees of the Chinese embassy in Suva, the capital, invited each other and began to photograph the guests. Furious at being escorted out by a Taiwanese official, they started an undiplomatic brawl and sent him to hospital with a head injury. "The hall openly displayed the flag of a false country, and the cake was decorated with a false national flag," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian later protested. Ever since Chiang Kai-shek transferred the Republic of China there in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has persisted in viewing the island of Taiwan as a rebellious province, to forcefully recuperate if necessary.

China blames US for harming stability in Taiwan Strait

 China blames US for harming stability in Taiwan Strait CHINA-TAIWAN-USA: China blames US for harming stability in Taiwan Strait BEIJING / TAIPEI (Reuters) - China has said on Thursday that the United States was seriously undermining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait after a US Navy vessel passed through the area the day before, amid mounting tensions between Beijing and Taipei.

A physical altercation between Chinese and Taiwanese diplomats in Fiji has left a Taiwanese Taiwan ’s ministry of foreign affairs said two Chinese embassy officials arrived at the Grand Pacific He claimed Fiji “expressed that it attaches great importance to China ’s concerns and will abide by the

A Taiwan official was allegedly injured after becoming involved in a physical altercation with two Chinese diplomats at a function in Fiji earlier this The apparent confrontation comes amid escalating tensions between Taiwan and China . Even though Taiwan has never been controlled by China 's

To spare the goat and the cabbage

After the revelation by the press of the pastry incident, which had given rise to an official protest by the Taiwanese representatives to the Fijian authorities, Taipei has castigated these last two days an "irrational act" and assured that he would not be intimidated by diplomats "behaving like thugs abroad." Without dismantling, the Chinese embassy in Suva then delivered its own version, assuring Monday on its website that its agents "performed official functions on the public highway" (without specifying which) when they were "provoked. by an employee of the Taipei Trade Bureau who caused injuries and damage to a Chinese diplomat ”, insisting that“ there is only one China in the world ”. Even if the Beijing envoys have always considered it their duty to rise up against anything they consider to be a serious outrage against the "one China principle", the fact of coming to blows marks a new slippage of Chinese diplomacy of "wolf warrior" .

Covid-19: Beijing's vaccine diplomacy in South-East Asia

 Covid-19: Beijing's vaccine diplomacy in South-East Asia © ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccine race is on. It didn't take long after the discovery of the coronavirus that the vaccine race started. Having become more and more geopolitical, it is now a new area of ​​rivalry between China and the United States, particularly visible in Southeast Asia. From our regional correspondent in Kualu Lumpur, This is a visit that might seem trivial, if the situation weren't.

A physical clash between the Chinese and Taiwanese diplomats broke out in Fiji . It occurred at a hotel Political tensions between China and Taiwan have reached a new high in recent months. 'A false national flag was openly displayed at the scene, the cake was also marked with a false national

On 19 March, Fiji confirmed its first case, a 27 year old Fijian citizen who is a flight attendant of Fiji Airways. An opposition Fijian member of parliament Mitieli Bulanauca mentioned that COVID-19 has been spread by evil forces to assist China and they're responsible for the crisis we are in which is

This gruesome episode comes when Beijing is stepping up its diplomatic and commercial pressure against the Pacific island states, traditional bastions of support for Taipei. In September 2019, the Solomon Islands and the Kiribati archipelago severed official relations with Taipei to move closer to Beijing, and only Nauru, Palau, the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu still recognize Taiwan as an independent state. Until now, Fiji, closely linked with the Asian giant, has tried to spare the goat and the cabbage. Pushed by Beijing, which, according to The Guardian, has invested 1.5 billion euros in five years, they forced last year the trade mission of the Republic of China of Suva, which serves as an unofficial embassy of Taiwan, to rename itself "Taipei Trade Office". While in early October, the Fijian President and Prime Minister attended a reception at the Chinese Embassy, ​​at least two Fijian ministers participated a few days later in the Taiwanese tea party, where the ancient cooperation between Suva and Taipei was recalled in several fields, such as agriculture or medicine.

APK: Looking for alternatives to China

 APK: Looking for alternatives to China German companies in Asia should look for more alternatives to doing business in China. This is what high-ranking representatives of German politics and business called for at the start of the Asia-Pacific Conference in Berlin. © Reuters / D. Whiteside Provided by Deutsche Welle "Of course we want to diversify our supply chains," said Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier at the Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business.

Verbal sparring between a Trump administration determined to find someone to blame for the pandemic and China ’s Taiwan , however, is not playing along with China ’s plans, with all trends on the island pointing to Taiwan ’s citizens themselves increasingly identify themselves as Taiwanese

The Second Taiwan Strait Crisis , also called the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis , was a conflict that took place between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of China (ROC). In this conflict, the PRC shelled the islands of Kinmen (Quemoy)

Economic and strategic issues

Seizure of a complaint for "aggression" filed Monday, eleven days after the incident, by the Chinese embassy, ​​the Fijian police announced that it was opening an investigation to determine who are the aggressors and who are the assaulted in the fist of October 8. From a diplomatic point of view, it is still too early to say whether the "cakegate" could force Fiji to choose sides as the stakes are so high. Economic stakes, because these island states manage exclusive economic zones covering a distance of 370 km, and therefore immense fishing and underground resources. But also strategic, because each exclusive alliance of a Pacific state with Beijing deprives the US Navy of possible advanced military bases with the prospect of a regional conflict. And especially in the event of an invasion of Taiwan by the Chinese People's Liberation Army, an eventuality long agitated by Beijing, but increasingly feared .

On tour in Asia, Pompeo denounces China's "predatory" behavior .
© LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a press conference in Colombo, October 28, 2020 Secretary of State American Mike Pompeo on Wednesday denounced China's "predatory" behavior during a visit to Sri Lanka which he is trying to keep away from Beijing, before announcing in the Maldives the opening of an embassy to counter the influence growing Chinese.

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