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08:45  21 october  2020
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Books about the Corona crisis: In the crisis, the good, not the bad, comes to light

 Books about the Corona crisis: In the crisis, the good, not the bad, comes to light Marcel Fratzscher's book makes a plea for optimism. Other economists are also assessing the current situation in the pandemic. © Photo: imago images / Christian Ditsch Marcel Fratzscher heads the German Institute for Economic Research and is Professor of Macroeconomics at the Humboldt University in Berlin. The current crisis has exacerbated social inequality within society. Far too many people lose their jobs. Companies perish.

COVID-19 business interruption protection gap. Box 1. Insurance coverage developed for Some insurance products have been developed to offer explicit coverage for business interruption losses A pandemic risk insurance programme could also integrate requirements for covered businesses to

CNBC Make It rounded up a list of what insurance companies are offering to do for drivers during the current coronavirus health crisis. Here's exactly what relief auto insurance companies are offering drivers during the coronavirus pandemic .

Now that many companies, shops, bars and restaurants have had to temporarily cease operations due to the corona virus, the question is whether the loss of income can be reimbursed. And who would have thought: You can actually insure yourself against pandemics.

ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by Finanz.net ASIF HASSAN / AFP / Getty Images Hardly any pandemic insurances were taken out before Corona, now it is too late

From water damage and fires to break-ins and illness to accidents, the insurances take hold and cover costs . Now there is a pandemic and only very few companies are insured against it: "Protection against business interruption due to the risk of communicable diseases is hardly widespread at the moment," said Fabian Konopa, an expert from Funk Versicherungsmakler to gdv - because the likelihood that operations has to be discontinued due to a pandemic appeared to be relatively low until recently.

Virus: Europe tightens its restrictions, measures expected in France

 Virus: Europe tightens its restrictions, measures expected in France © Provided by Le Point Faced with the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, European countries further tightened their protection measures on Wednesday, with strong restrictions introduced in Northern Ireland, Catalonia and the Netherlands, and a new turn of the screw expected in France. Northern Ireland has announced the most restrictive measures in the UK for a month, as pressure increases on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take similar decisions in England.

Parametric insurance provides a simple way around the uncertainty in pandemic risk, but only better understanding and quantifying the risk can give proper Education, child protection , commerce, transportation, and human rights have all suffered. The consequences and lethality of Ebola have

With the amount of driving dramatically reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic , some insurance companies are now offering relief to drivers. Subscribe to CTV

Der Tagesspiegel writes that retrospective insurance is hardly possible. This is problematic for entrepreneurs who are now in a mess, but there is a good reason. Gunther Kraut, expert for pandemic insurance at Munich RE , told gdv: "At a certain point, the limit of insurability has been reached - at least with regard to classic insurance products."

Because for insurers, pandemics are one of the so-called "accumulation risks". These are dangers that can cause a lot of damage in a very short time and thus overwhelm the insurer. Natural disasters also belong to the accumulation risks - in contrast to a pandemic, however, these are mostly localized and insured events do not occur on such a large scale.

Who is insured against pandemics?

Usually, the pandemic protection for entrepreneurs is taken out in the business interruption insurance, but this does not happen automatically. In order for the insurance cover to also apply during Corona times or other pandemics, an additional so-called cover extension for official closures in accordance with the Infection Protection Act must be agreed in the contract.

OECD: Corona slows migration

 OECD: Corona slows migration The industrialized countries organization sees migrants as harder than average from the pandemic. And migration itself has also decreased significantly. That is bad for both sides. © picture-alliance / AP Photo / P. Giannakouris Provided by Deutsche Welle The pandemic and its consequences have changed the lives of people around the world. But migrants are much more affected than other population groups.

Acko General Insurance on Tuesday said it will offer one month's vehicle insurance free of charge to its customers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic . As people are not using their vehicles at this time, their insurance for the month remains unutilised, Acko General Insurance said in a release.

Pandemic Support. Last Updated Wednesday, May 6th, 11:32am. Learn what types of benefits or assistance are available during the coronavirus outbreak. If you lost your job and it was not your fault, you might be able to get unemployment insurance . Unemployment insurance will give you some

Most of the time, the phrase "company closure ordered by the authorities" is used, but some insurances also take effect through the "unnamed dangers" cover. The business interruption insurance then usually pays daily rates over a certain (previously agreed) period, which can vary contractually.

What many companies have actually taken out are policies that cover loss of earnings due to business interruptions or the failure of trade fairs and concerts.

Can private individuals also be insured against pandemics?

For private individuals, the expense of a pandemic insurance is usually not worthwhile, as the associated damage is usually not as high as with companies. But what is good to know: A normal occupational disability insurance only applies to some insurance companies if there is an official order that justifies the incapacity. Emergency protection policies take effect in the event of a serious illness, which is also the case if it is triggered by the virus.

Term life insurance also works as usual, but what is often not included in the insurance cover is a reimbursement of living expenses during quarantine and daily sickness allowance in quarantine as long as there is no medically necessary treatment. Olga Rogler / Finanzen.net Editor

Why Deutsche Bahn is now storing its data at Microsoft and Amazon .
Actually, Deutsche Bahn had taken until 2022 to completely rebuild its computer infrastructure. But these days the last computers are being dismantled in the Berlin-Mahlsdorf data center. © Shutterstock Deutsche Bahn. At peak times, the railway itself operated around 8,000 servers in order to evaluate the huge data stream from the trains and the railway infrastructure. This also includes the sale of tickets via apps and the railway website.

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