US News Death of David McMillan at 30: suffering from cancer, the youtubeur could not be taken care of because of confinement

13:40  21 october  2020
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Curfew against the coronavirus: what you can do, what will be prohibited

 Curfew against the coronavirus: what you can do, what will be prohibited © Ludovic MARIN / AFP The curfew introduced in Île-de-France and in eight French cities is not "a ban on traffic, "Emmanuel Macron explained to the French on Wednesday evening. However, this regime applied from Saturday requires the population concerned to respect rules reminiscent of confinement. Explanations.

Popular Youtuber, 30 , who thought shoulder pain was from arm wrestle with his father dies from rare David Macmillan, 30 , died from cancer after his shoulder pain went undiagnosed He was unable to see a GP and Covid pandemic cancelled a meeting with physio Doctors are not certain about how germ cell tumours in the abdomen form, but it is thought the

James Redford died of liver cancer at home in California on Friday aged 58. The disease can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and liver failure, while also increasing the likelihood of various liver cancers . The film also inspired a change to the way California firefighters received health care benefits when they

Mort de David McMillan à 30 ans : atteint d'un cancer, le youtubeur n'a pas pu être pris en charge à cause du confinement © Instagram screenshot Death of David McMillan at 30: suffering from cancer , the youtubeur could not be taken care of because of the confinement The planet youtube is in mourning. She has indeed just lost a member in the person of David McMillan. Just 30 years old, the latter died of a rare cancer which could not be treated effectively due to the severe confinement in the United Kingdom, last March.

Everyone around the world has had to revise their habits due to the coronavius ​​epidemic. Barrier gestures, wearing a mask and safety distances : everyday life has not really been the same in recent months . But if the situation tends to annoy some, it has proved fatal for others. This is the case of British YouTuber David McMillan. As revealed by his mother on her channel followed by more than 250,000 subscribers, he died a few days ago at the age of 30 . The man had a rare cancer of the bacterial cells of the mediastinum, which he could not treat properly due to severe confinement in the United Kingdom in March . Last January, the young videographer revealed that he felt pain in his shoulder, which he then attributed to an arm wrestling with his father. After several days, however, he had decided to consult a nurse, who had prescribed painkillers and recommended a consultation with a phytotherapist. Except that he was never able to go to this last because of the sanitary measures imposed by the government ...

Cancer is a silent killer, these 10 signs to look for

 Cancer is a silent killer, these 10 signs to look for © Provided by Gentside Cancer is a silent killer, these 10 signs to look for Some types of cancer show almost no signs until it is too much late and are therefore said to be silent . This is the case for ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer . Here are the symptoms that may alarm us. Your browser does not support this video Colorectal cancer: silent signs Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most frequent cancer in France and makes 18,000 victims each year .

David Spiegelhalter, chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication at the University of Cambridge, said that Covid-19 did not explain the high number of deaths taking place in the community.” Because they are not going to hospital to be treated for conditions other than Covid.

“The Death of Cancer is an astonishingly good read. Written by a cancer expert who happens to be a Accordingly, there could hardly be a more qualified individual to write about the inside story of 1. That the practice of cancer care is not keeping up with the knowledge base and discoveries 2. That

David McHamil's mother pays tribute to him

Last May, David McHamil had already describes his health problems in one of his videos. “I know this might sound like just another excuse not to post, but my health has deteriorated. I have muscle pain in my chest and back, which is actually a tumor in my chest. chest, "he explained in an excerpt spotted by the Daily Mail . For his mother, his disappearance is obviously a real tear, especially since as reported by our colleagues from across the Channel, he had an 89% chance of survival according to doctors. But the latter insists at all costs to keep the ideas clear in order to honor the memory of her son, who left too early. “He loved making these videos and loved the feedback. As a mom I'm incredibly proud of who he was and what he did, Pirate Dog won't shut down, I want people to keep on watch and appreciate r. Rest in peace my darling son, long live the Pirate ", she wrote with great emotion. A way to keep him alive a little longer ...

Why the re-containment could extend well beyond December 1 .
© Copyright 2020, L'Obs "I decided that it was necessary to find, from Friday, the confinement which stopped the virus", Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday evening. Until December 1 ...

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