US News Unexpected result: Lockdown has strengthened mother-daughter relationships in particular.

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Sliding: Most couples make this mistake at the beginning of their relationship - do you?

 Sliding: Most couples make this mistake at the beginning of their relationship - do you? Well, how did you get to know your sweetheart? And above all: How did you come to be together now? According to science, this plays an important role for your entire partnership ... © Shutterstock / Volurol The stories of couples getting to know each other are always exciting! Was it coincidence that brought them together, a benevolent friend and matchmaker who wanted to play Cupid, or maybe a higher force called God, Karma or Tinder ...? Even if no two stories are exactly alike, similar elemen

Mother - daughter relationships are improving in many households during the Getty Images. Recent research has found that during COVID-19 lockdowns , many parent-child Experts believe these strengthened bonds could be the result of mothers and daughters having more time to connect.

A mother and child in Manhattan. For parents lucky enough to be healthy and employed during the pandemic, the conflicting demands of work and But social distancing has given the lie to that idea. Now, with children popping up in Zoom meetings and with essential workers needing to go to work

The way families live together has inevitably changed a lot in times of lockdown. Many parents and their children had to move closer together - often in apartments that left little space for everyone. In the case of separated couples, on the other hand, the contacts were partially broken and the agreed visiting times of the children could no longer be adhered to.

Mutter und Tochter traut vereint © iStock / Charday Penn Mother and daughter dare to be united

But it was precisely the "moving closer" that also had positive effects, as a study from the USA has now revealed. The renowned cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken (69) asked 500 families about their coexistence during the lockdown, as reported by "healthline.com". His concern in advance: "In fact, I was nervous that I would only deal with families in crisis." But things turned out differently.

Did you know? Laetitia Casta's daughter is a photographer

 Did you know? Laetitia Casta's daughter is a photographer © Agence / Bestimage Did you know? Laetitia Casta's daughter is photographer Laetitia Casta posed for the lens of her life 19-year-old Sahteene, who was in charge of the Valentino Empathy campaign for the famous Valentino brand this summer. A real pride for the model and actress. Laetitia Casta shares a lot of things with her children, and it was therefore a source of pride when she posed in front of her daughter 's lens a few months ago.

The relationship had been tumultuous for over a year, she said, as he complained that her food was A mother and son in Kokyo Gaien National Garden of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, while Sneaking a kiss during lockdown in Milan, Italy.Credit Alessandro Grassani for The New York Times.

Some mother - daughter relationships can have a twisted bond right from the beginning, while some can take a difficult route when the daughter starts A healthy bond shapes the ability to have self-confidence. But an unhealthy relationship would make her doubt herself, resulting in low self-esteem.

On the topic: You can see what every mom should have done with her daughter in the following video!

Many families are moving closer together in the crisis

The McCracken talks showed that around half of the families are convinced that they will emerge even stronger from the Covid 19 crisis. Even more impressive: only five percent of those surveyed stated that they expected a permanent weakening.

According to McCracken, the biggest plus in the relationship was mothers and their daughters . Here even 60 percent were convinced that the lockdown had brought them closer together again.

During his interviews, says the researcher, he spoke to mothers who described their house as a kind of "train station" before the pandemic, where there was constant coming and going. The lockdown led the daughters back home and made the mother more visible to them again. "There was suddenly time so that mothers and their daughters could really talk and close the generation gap," says the researcher. Although cutting the cord is of course partly a natural and very sensible process, one can observe an all-round positive development here.

Watzke warns of corona consequences: "Can't go well forever"

 Watzke warns of corona consequences: Cologne - Borussia Dortmund's managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke has joined the warnings from Bayern Munich's CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge of the fatal consequences of the corona crisis for the Bundesliga. "It is clear that in this form it can no longer go well economically," said the BVB boss in the Bild newspaper and described a horror scenario for the clubs in the event of another lockdown: "Should there be another major interruption then the lights could go out for some.

And her mother , Liping, who had end-stage cancer, could not get proper medical treatment because Wuhan's hospitals were so overloaded with coronavirus patients. Ms Shi is still in Wuhan, where authorities are still preventing people from leaving the city

Building a positive parent child relationship is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges. But in the end, everything boils down to the kind of relationship a parent shares with the child – the better the relationship , the better the upbringing can be.

This is how you can really listen to your child.

mother-daughter relationships benefit from less distraction

family therapist Alisha Sweyd shares this opinion on "healthline.com". She explains that the conversation, which is now taking place more frequently in families, is generally very important. "But there is more to mothers and daughters." Mothers now have "more time and energy to talk to their daughters ." Distractions from other things disappeared or were at least pushed into the background, which resulted in intensive contact. According to

Sweyd, communication between mothers and their daughters is a little different than with the boys in the family. With the "men" it is generally better because it is about concrete activities. For girls, on the other hand, other signals are often more important, for example eye contact. Distraction is not very beneficial for the intensity in the relationship.

Ireland is the first EU country to announce second corona lockdown

 Ireland is the first EU country to announce second corona lockdown In the fight against the second wave of the corona pandemic, Ireland is the first EU country to return to lockdown. From Wednesday on, a six-week curfew will apply in Ireland, as Prime Minister Michael Martin announced. The northern Italian region of Lombardy has meanwhile imposed a night curfew, and in Spain several areas with particularly high numbers of cases are being cordoned off. British researchers announced they wanted to target volunteers in the fight against the virus.

The response to the virus will cause more deaths and result in far more negative health effects than the virus itself. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its tune on lockdowns , once trumpeted as the only surefire way to beat the epidemic.

Australian law enforcers have arrested an expectant mother for allegedly planning a protest against the Covid-19 lockdown in the state of Victoria, drawing ire The lingering coronavirus epidemic has taken a toll on the Australian economy and jobs, with officials previously admitting the country has now

Sometimes it can be helpful for mothers to be more relaxed about things.

Crisis makes us more sensitive

And, according to Sweyd, there is another very important aspect that plays a major role: what connects a crisis. The therapist puts it: "Both mothers and daughters are going through a difficult time at the same time, and we have never prepared for that." However, this is exactly what helps mothers and daughters to "treat each other more sensitively" and "to build a bridge through the commonality of suffering". According to Sweyd, part of this closeness will be lost again if the situation changes, but some positive things should remain.

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