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The King of Thailand has his “forgotten” son repatriated to Germany

 The King of Thailand has his “forgotten” son repatriated to Germany © Backgrid USA / Bestimage The King of Thailand has his “forgotten” son repatriated to Germany After being confined for several months in Germany with his mistresses, the King of Thailand Rama X has returned to his native country with his wife. The sovereign also repatriated his 15-year-old son, who had been kept away for many years. The life of the king of Thailand knows decidedly more twists than the most improbable of telenovelas.

Harold had an equally weak blood claim, through the brother-in-law of King Cnut, although it was he who was Edward's last nominated heir. Harold called out the English levy (the fyrd), which was an army of English peasant farmers obliged to fight for their king when required to do so, and kept it out.

William , warned of Harold ’s approach, determined to force battle immediately. At dawn on October 14 William moved toward Harold ’s army, which was occupying a ridge 10 miles (16 km) northwest of Hastings. William disposed his army for attack—archers and crossbowmen in the front line

King Harald of Norway feels a special bond with the British princes William and Harry. All three royals have a similarly sad experience in common that has not yet been overcome.

König Harald © Getty Images King Harald

Norway's King Harald , 83, is closely related to the British royal family. His grandmother, Queen Maud, was a born British princess, daughter of King Edward VII. He watched with great compassion the day when Prince William , 38, and Prince Harry , 36, came the long way behind in September 1997 Had to stride along the coffin of her dead mother Diana to Westminster Abbey. A scene that tore deep wounds in the monarch himself.

Harald Glööckler: Serious accident: "We could be dead"

 Harald Glööckler: Serious accident: His shrill outfits and his sunny disposition are the trademarks of Harald Glööckler (55). The star designer regularly surprises on Instagram with new looks and extravagant snapshots. © Getty Images gettyimages-880521868.jpg We have never seen him like this! You can see the outfit with which Harald Glööckler recently caused a stir in the video above. Nobody would have expected his latest posting ! In his Instagram story, the 55-year-old announced that he was in a bad car accident.

William was a distant cousin of Edward the Confessor and wanted to be the next king . He claimed that both Edward and Harold had promised him the throne, but English supporters of Harold (Photo on left shows William at a Battle of Hastings re-enactment). Harald Hardrada, Viking king of Norway.

Prince Harry led his own portion of the discussion but took a while to find his feet without the guidance of his wife. Judi said: 'When Harry speaks he displays his energy and passion by throwing himself literally into his causes, using large, high and very emphatic or illustrative gesticulation as he speaks.

King Harald: He also accompanied his mother's coffin.

Harald's mother, Crown Princess Märtha, died at the age of only 53 in April 1954 after a long illness of liver failure. The pictures of the then 17-year-old Prince Harald, who walks sadly behind his mother's coffin at the side of his father, King Olav, are still known to many Norwegians today: "When we were supposed to go to the funeral service, we walked from the Royal Palace behind the coffin to the cathedral. The way was very long ... ", so King Harald thoughtfully in Harald Stanghelle's book" Kongen forteller "(in German:" The King tells ").

"No, that wasn't nice"

A painful memory that he felt again at the sight of the two grieving sons of Princess Diana , † 36, and Prince Charles , 71. "I thought about the long way the sons had to go behind their mother's coffin. The two of them were even younger than I was when my mother died. No, that wasn't nice ...", Harald explains with deep sympathy .

quarterly balance sheet: Daimler makes one billion euros more profit than expected

 quarterly balance sheet: Daimler makes one billion euros more profit than expected The automaker increases its operating profit in the third quarter to three billion euros. Now Daimler wants to adjust the outlook. The share rises after the trading day. © obs The Daimler share rose by four percent after the trading day. According to its own statements, the car manufacturer Daimler has experienced a faster market recovery than expected. and recorded strong business development, especially in September .

Aethelstan could afford to call himself " King of the Anglo-Saxons and the Danes". Unfortunately, this was still a time when personal loyalty to a successful Ethelred the Unready The leader's name was Ethelred, and, in an unfortunate misunderstanding of an Anglo-Saxon pun, history has saddled him

Prince Harry entered into negotiations with the royal family after announcing his withdrawal as a senior royal in January, and was said to Robert's latest comments about the brothers come as he gave an interview in which he said Prince Harry and Meghan were 'edged out' of the royal family because their

In January 2018, Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine , 38, visited the Norwegian relatives and the greeting was incredibly warm. The bond between the royal families has always been close. A severe blow of fate seems to have tied it even tighter.

Source used: Harald Stanghelle "Kongen forteller", Dana Press

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Do you remember Kevin James from King of Queens? That's him now .
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