US News A new simulator is supposed to predict how many corona cases there will be in all federal states - and how difficult they will be

09:55  22 october  2020
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Laschet before the meeting with the Chancellor: "Citizens have the right to clear, binding rules"

 Laschet before the meeting with the Chancellor: The Chancellery insists on decisions at the Corona meeting with the countries. The prime ministers are also calling for tightening. © Photo: imago images / Political-Moments calls for clear rules. Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. In view of the escalation of the corona situation , Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of government of the 16 federal states want to try to curb the spread of the virus with a mix of tightening and more understandable rules.

How can this be , given that we are told we are in the middle of one of the most deadly pandemic periods in history, so deadly that You also did not hang traitors like you are suppose to . HANGINGS WORK. I read history. You have NO PROBLEM after. And if you can’t understand this then you will

How long could we potentially be social distancing? Until states and major cities and metropolitan regions have days where no new cases are being "It's difficult to predict the exact time right now, but it will end." We won't know if states that have already reopened will reinstate social distancing

The number of infections with the coronavirus in Germany has been increasing for a few weeks. Several areas already exceed the risk value. How will it go on? How many cases do we have to expect by the end of the year?

A research team from Saarbrücken has now developed an online simulator , which is supposed to predict exactly that. On the basis of various data, the researchers developed a mathematical model that can be used to create detailed forecasts for each federal state.

Infection situation as in mid-April

"Unfortunately, we are currently recording a sharp increase in the number of reproductions (R value), which indicates how many people an infected person infects on average," explains Thorsten Lehr, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy at Saarland University, in a press release . “In Germany, the R value is currently estimated at 1.56, in Saarland it is already 2.0, which means that an infected person infects two more people on average. A significant increase in hospital occupancy can therefore also be expected for . If the infection situation continues as it is now, we expect a similar number of COVID-19 patients in the normal and intensive care units in two to four weeks in individual federal states such as Saarland, as was recorded in the peak times of the first wave in mid-April, "warns Researcher.

Meeting with the Chancellor: This is what the Prime Ministers are calling for

 Meeting with the Chancellor: This is what the Prime Ministers are calling for Dispute over the ban on accommodation and different measures in each federal state: Today's meeting between the Prime Ministers and Chancellor Merkel harbors a lot of potential for conflict. © dpa When you could still go hiking together. Armin Laschet, Markus Söder and Michael Kretschmer will be standing below the summit cross on the Zugspitze at the annual conference of the prime ministers in 2019.

Staycations are popular here this summer, thanks to a slew of travel restrictions imposed on Sweden by other countries, due to its coronavirus infection rate. Latest figures suggest Sweden is getting better at containing the virus. The number of daily reported deaths has been in single digits for much of July

How much will I get? Is it taxable? What do I have to do? Will there be another stimulus check? What is a coronavirus stimulus check? In that case , because the IRS has extended the federal tax filing and payment deadline to July 15 (all states that tax income have also their deadlines, in most

If the infection rate remains so high, there could be 20,000 new infections in Germany in two to three weeks - per day. “At the moment it is mainly younger people who are infected, and the number of hospitalized patients, including intensive care patients, is correspondingly low. In two to three weeks, however, we expect the intensive medical care required to be sevenfold compared to the summer and assume that there will be 200,000 Covid-19 sufferers nationwide, i.e. active cases if the infection rates remain as they are now, "explains Thorsten Lehr.

He also warns: Even if the reproductive value is successfully reduced to below 1 by November, one can still expect 10,000 infected people a day.

The forecasts are constantly updated and recalculated.

The number of deaths is already rising and could continue to rise sharply. “One fifth of Covid19 intensive care patients still die. Our calculations have confirmed that, ”says Thorsten Lehr.

More than 7,000 new corona infections in Germany

 More than 7,000 new corona infections in Germany Another high: health authorities in Germany reported 7334 corona cases within 24 hours. The opening up of schools has not resulted in uncontrolled virus outbreaks, surveys show. © picture-alliance / dpa / M. Murat Provided by Deutsche Welle The corona virus is spreading rapidly in Germany. With 6638 new cases, the highest value since the beginning of the pandemic in Germany was registered on Thursday.

How many cases and deaths in your area? Enter a full UK postcode or council name to find out. Data for the most recent days may be revised upwards as new Northern Ireland has extended half-term and schools will be closed for two weeks from Monday. It has also imposed new , tighter restrictions

These are external links and will open in a new window. Health policy and human rights experts warn countries face a difficult balance between protecting public health and There was widespread criticism of how it handled the virus in the beginning, with some accusing Beijing of playing down the

These calculations are based on many different data. Surveys by the Robert Koch Institute and the district and state health authorities, but also clinical data from over 8,000 hospitalized COVID-19 patients from more than 100 German clinics and various information from the health ministries are evaluated.

  Ein neuer Simulator soll voraussagen, wie viele Corona-Fälle es in allen Bundesländern geben wird — und wie schwer sie verlaufen © Provided by Business Insider Germany

“We are also analyzing how the political interventions during the pandemic affect the infection rate. In our tables and graphs, you can see exactly what effects the contact restrictions or the school closure had. We use this knowledge for our forecasts and thus continuously improve the underlying simulation model. We are very pleased with how precisely our calculations can predict the actual development, ”says Thorsten Lehr.

In fact, the simulator is very easy to use. You have to specify the federal state and the period to be calculated and then you can display various forecasts. Here you can try out the simulator yourself.

Corona: Bodyguard security risk

 Corona: Bodyguard security risk Federal President Steinmeier is in quarantine after the corona infection of a bodyguard. It's not the first time a politician's bodyguard has tested positive. The Federal Criminal Police Office has set up a crisis team. © Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa Politicians, like Ursula von der Leyen here, are forced to come pretty close to their bodyguards - a risk in Corona times. Bodyguard security risk It is the one contact that top politicians cannot avoid - at least not when they leave the house.

Imagine trying to eradicate COVID-19 without knowing how many cases there are in Australia. Key points: Experts are concerned suicide risk will rise during the coronavirus pandemic. The Federal Government's suicide register is due to be ready in 2022.

C. Train passengers will soon be able to buy tickets on their mobile phone. So how much fluid does the average, healthy adult living in a temperate climate need? People are often afraid to call things by their direct names, use taboos not to notice dangerous tendencies.

The mathematical model cannot only be applied to Germany, says the research team. The only important thing for this is the corresponding data basis. “We have now set up these not only for Germany, but also for the USA, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain. For these countries, too, we can precisely predict various scenarios and calculate what would happen if, for example, the ban on contact is neglected, ”explains the pharmacy professor.

  Ein neuer Simulator soll voraussagen, wie viele Corona-Fälle es in allen Bundesländern geben wird — und wie schwer sie verlaufen © Provided by Business Insider Germany TOPSHOT-SPAIN-HEALTH-VIRUS-HOSPITAL © PAU BARRENA / AFP via getty images TOPSHOT-SPAIN-HEALTH-VIRUS-HOSPITAL

Corona pandemic: Angela Merkel prefers consultation with Prime Minister .
The corona numbers in Germany are increasing rapidly. Chancellor Angela Merkel has now brought the talks planned for Friday with the heads of government of the federal states forward to Wednesday. © AXEL SCHMIDT / REUTERS The corona pandemic is intensifying in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel now wants to bring forward the Corona summit with the heads of government of the countries planned for Friday in view of the situation.

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