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10:15  22 october  2020
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FILE PHOTO French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron © AFP / Gerard Julien. “What I see in the newspapers is that he insulted [UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle] Bachelet, or that he called Macron ’s wife ugly,” he said.

Brigitte Macron , 67, will self-isolate after the French First Lady came into contact with a person who Brigitte Macron , 67, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron , 42, is isolating Statement said she had contact with a person who had tested covid-19 positive

Brigitte Macron : cette photo qui lui porte préjudice © Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Brigitte Macron: this photo which harms her Brigitte Macron is at the heart of a controversy in spite of herself. On social networks, an internet user reacted virulently to a picture of the First Lady not wearing a mask. But, as pointed out by our colleagues from the World on Wednesday, October 21, this photo was taken when wearing a mask was not yet compulsory ...

Since arriving at the Elysee Palace, Brigitte Macron has, alas, been , accustomed to criticism. But this time, it was not her age , nor one of her outfits , which posed a problem, but her attitude, considered "contemptuous" by an Internet user . In a message relayed by our colleagues from World this Wednesday, October 21, the main party criticized the First Lady of for not respecting the wearing of the mask, photo in support. On the snapshot shared on the Web, the wife of Emmanuel Macron presents herself with her face in the open air, while the people around them are masked. Unacceptable behavior for this Internet user, who raised a rant on Facebook.

Curfew against the coronavirus: what you can do, what will be prohibited

 Curfew against the coronavirus: what you can do, what will be prohibited © Ludovic MARIN / AFP The curfew introduced in Île-de-France and in eight French cities is not "a ban on traffic, "Emmanuel Macron explained to the French on Wednesday evening. However, this regime applied from Saturday requires the population concerned to respect rules reminiscent of confinement. Explanations.

PHOTOS - Brigitte Macron , star de la Fashion Week : Dior elle adore. Découvrez ce diaporama et partagez-le à vos amis. Brigitte Macron ’s Jaw-Dropping Legs Prove That, in France, Age Is Just a Number | Vogue. The First Lady of France is a natural-born rule breaker, right down to her gamine

Brigitte Macron on Instagram: “Une petite photo prise hier soir à Bruxelles 📷. Brigitte Macron Wears (What Else?) Louis Vuitton for the NATO Spouse Summit. The French First Lady, Brigitte Macron , wore her signature silhouette in a summer fabric, punctuated by a coordinating bag.

"Take a good look at this photo, it illustrates the contempt, submission, arrogance, humiliation of France and the French . By its behavior of not wearing a mask, it shows that the invented itCovid [sic ] is for others. Do not expect anything honest from a courtesan, accustomed to taking advantage of his perversity, "he wrote, in a message at least virulent , targeting Brigitte Macron. If this photo is authentic , it is on the other hand dated several months . At the time when this shot was taken by Stéphane Lemouton, on July 13, the wearing of a mask was not yet compulsory.

  Brigitte Macron : cette photo qui lui porte préjudice © Provided by Gala Brigitte Macron, face in the open air, discussion with her husband, at the Hôtel de Brienne, July 13, 2020. Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Wearing a mask in public space has was made compulsory on August 28, that is to say more than a month after the taking of this

shot As pointed out by our colleagues, the generalization of wearing the mask was then "just an idea" at that time specific. On July 12, fourteen doctors recommended the use of the mask in closed public places. In his speech of July 14, Emmanuel Macron let it be known that he wanted that this rule be adopted. On July 20, it came into effect in enclosed public spaces. But it is indeed on August 28, and not before, that the wearing of the mask was made compulsory in the whole of the public space, in Paris and in the inner suburbs. On July 13, during Emmanuel Macron's speech to the armies at the Hôtel de Brienne, Brigitte Macron was therefore not above the law, as some have suggested ...

Caricatures: the Arab-Muslim world protests again against France .
© Provided by Le Point caricatures, Mahomet Bangladesh , Pakistan , India , Mali ... France continues to be the target of criticism from the Arab-Muslim world. On Friday, they were tens of thousands of people, in many countries, to demonstrate against France, to burn effigies of Emmanuel Macron or to call for a boycott of French products. The reason for their anger does not change: they protest the position of France on the caricatures of the prophet Muhammad .

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