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15:00  22 october  2020
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Uli Borowka publishes his previous employment contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach on Facebook. The ex-national player talks about it with SPORT1.

Kurios: Borowka postet seine Profiverträge © Provided by sport1.de Curious: Borowka posts his professional contracts

"Again a nice find from the past" - this was posted on Monday by the former national player Uli Borowka ( Borussia Mönchengladbach , Werder Bremen ), whom she used to do his rustic style of playing only called "the ax" on Facebook and showed his employment contract with the foal elf, for whom he played from 1980 to 1987.

"Those were my contract offers from 1986 and 1987 plus my employment contract with Borussia and my termination," said the former defender in an interview with SPORT1 . "I found these letters while cleaning up. I just wanted to put the stuff online, the response was sensational. That was a mere 33 years ago, and fans can look into such a contract. There is nothing bad in it, but only what I deserve. "

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Basic salary 5000 marks gross

But what kind of numbers could the user read in his working paper of yore?

"The contract offer specifically stated that I received a gross monthly basic salary of 5,000 marks. In the year there was a performance-related bonus of 50,000 marks, but I had to play 30 competitive games to get this amount. If I only played 27 games a third was deducted from me, "says Borowka and adds:

" If we had finished first to fourth, I would have received 60,000 marks gross. In fifth to eighth place, 30,000 marks. Anything below that then 10,000 marks. So I would have totaled Get around 120,000 to 140,000 marks gross per year if everything had gone perfectly. "

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No comparison to today. "That was in 1986/87 when I was a regular at Borussia." Other colleagues who were also regular players like Lothar Matthäus a few years earlier would have "earned four or five times as much" back then.

Borowka's first contract in Gladbach was certainly out of proportion to today's salary of a professional. "I had a monthly basic salary of 2,500 marks gross and an annual performance bonus of 20,000 marks gross. I would also have ridden to Gladbach by bike. It was a dream for me to play there," says the 58-year-old.

Comparison with Matthäus

It wasn't about a lot of money for him, as he admits today, "just like with Lothar Matthäus, who would never have changed. For him it was about 20,000 to 40,000 marks gross. I had a bomb time in Gladbach and in Bremen. "

In 1981 Borowka had been promoted from amateurs to professionals. The first few years were of course not easy, but he eventually won a permanent place. In 1986 there was a first tough round of negotiations with Gladbach's former manager, Helmut Grashoff. Borowka remembers conversations that were not so easy.

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"Back then, I only signed for a year because we were not entirely in agreement. The next contract offer would have been from 1987 to 1989. I even found my notice of termination. The additional contracts contained all the premiums," reports the former defender at SPORT1 and holds the documents in the camera.

Grashoff: "You are part of the inventory"

Borowka remembers the moments in the manager's office very well. "Mr. Grashoff always said 'You are part of the inventory, so it is difficult for you to fall up the ladder'." Borowka was only 25 years old at the time before moving to Werder Bremen in 1987.

"I wasn't that happy with my third contract. I was sitting in the manager's office and always had the feeling that he saw off my chair legs because he was looking down at me," says Borowka, looking back as if it had been yesterday .

"Grashoff asked me my arguments about why I want to earn more. I said I had been a regular for three years with 34 games. He just looked at me, his pipe was smoking, and said, 'That's not an argument, you have something else other?' I should be grateful that I was able to come from the amateurs to the professionals. " Test

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Thoughts of a change came up. At the time there was also interest from FC Bayern . Here, too, there were negotiations with a well-known manager.

"I had an offer from FC Bayern, but it didn't work out. I was already in agreement with Uli Hoeneß. But then he called me and said that there would be bad blood because Jupp Heynckes, who was also moving to Munich , did not want to bring players from Borussia. Suddenly the agreement with Hoeneß was null and void. Who knows what it was good for. "

BVB bosses "preferred to play tennis"

There was also a flirtation with Borussia Dortmund , reports Borowka. "At that time I also negotiated with BVB, but it didn't come to a conclusion because one or the other preferred to play tennis over the weekend." Then he quickly came to an agreement with Otto Rehhagel and Werder Bremen:

"From my point of view, I did everything right. I got a call from BVB saying they didn't have time, but they really wanted to sign me." No matter what I do earn elsewhere, I would get 100,000 marks more if I signed it. But Otto was already on my word. "

Despite renewed lockdown: professional sport still possible in France .
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