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17:25  22 october  2020
17:25  22 october  2020 Source:   drwindows.de

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If Microsoft has reason to believe that a Microsoft account has been compromised, that is, has gotten into the wrong hands, then this account will be blocked. The rightful owner can contact support in such a case, he will then be asked to go through the recovery process. In the course of this recovery, a lot of information is requested.

The trigger for this article is the annoying topic of the very numerous and presumably very often unauthorized locks that have taken place recently, but in principle every owner of a Microsoft account should be aware of this process and how it works. In this way you have the opportunity to prepare for the worst case scenario.

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In this context, an urgent appeal is very important to me: Use the two-factor authentication! If you have not yet set it up, please do it immediately. If you know this option and don't use it, I can only feel sorry for you to a certain extent if your account is taken over hostile by spying on or guessing the password, I have to say that openly.

We come to the recovery form already mentioned: Its purpose is to collect as much information as possible in order to be able to identify the rightful owner. If you don't have certain information at hand, you can leave it out, but this also reduces the chances of a successful recovery.

The cat bites its tail in places, because some of the information you will not be able to provide in the worst-case scenario because you do not have access to your account. It can therefore be advisable to save this information separately and to update it from time to time.

Get out of your bubble!

 Get out of your bubble! © AFP - DENIS CHARLET Photo showing the logos of the mobile applications Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Messenger displayed on a tablet What if social networks locked you in your certainties? The same search on Google or Twitter will give different results for you and your neighbor, because your preferences have already been pre-registered.

First I list all the information Microsoft asks, then I follow a few tips.

Name Date of birth Country / Region Region / State Zip code Skype Username Four email addresses from the personal address book The subject of four emails sent via this account Five names from the Skype contact list Four phone numbers dialed via Skype Four IP addresses from which the account was personally accessed Date the Microsoft account was created Date of the last successful login Date of the last password change Alternative e-mail addresses or phone numbers that are in the account The place where the account was created Last hardware or software purchases made with this account The last four digits of the credit card saved as payment method Expiry date of the saved credit card Xbox GamerTags assigned to the account Serial number of the linked Xbox console Device- ID of the Xbox One or Xbox 360

Now, as I said, a few tips on the requested information:

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Mail Addresses, subject lines, Skype contacts - these are the things that are very easy to find out, and they don't have to be the latest information.

You can see the place, time and the IP addresses of logins to your Microsoft account on this page: https://account.live.com/Activity .

Of course, it is not a mistake to drop by there from time to time without a specific reason and to check whether there are suspicious activities.

You can read the date of the last password change, which is also requested, on this page: https://account.live.com/proofs/Manage/additional

You can find your purchase history here: https: // account.microsoft.com/billing/orders/

The device ID of the Xbox One can be found in the settings under "Console information", on the Xbox 360 the item is called "System information"

Last but not least: Make sure that the security information how additional e-mail addresses or telephone numbers are always up-to-date: https://account.live.com/proofs/manage/

As already mentioned above, I recommend creating such a data record, keeping it in a safe place and storing the data to check and update at regular intervals - so that you never need them.

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