US News Health Minister Jens Spahn: "With some rules you ask yourself: Do they actually fit together?"

18:35  22 october  2020
18:35  22 october  2020 Source:   bunte.de

Laschet before the meeting with the Chancellor: "Citizens have the right to clear, binding rules"

 Laschet before the meeting with the Chancellor: The Chancellery insists on decisions at the Corona meeting with the countries. The prime ministers are also calling for tightening. © Photo: imago images / Political-Moments calls for clear rules. Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia. In view of the escalation of the corona situation , Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of government of the 16 federal states want to try to curb the spread of the virus with a mix of tightening and more understandable rules.

In Germany, a new maximum value for detected new corona infections was reached within one day: According to information from the RKI on Thursday (October 22, 2020), the health authorities reported 11,287 new cases. The fear of a renewed shutdown of public and economic life is growing steadily. But Health Minister Jens Spahn (40) recently gave the all-clear. " I don't see a second lockdown, as it is always meant," , he explained in an interview on Jodel.

Welche Folgen hat Jens Spahns Corona-Infektion? © Provided by BUNTE.de What are the consequences of Jens Spahn's corona infection?

Rather, we know today that there are no outbreaks in certain areas, for example in retail or at hairdressers, if the so-called AHA rule - distance, hygiene, everyday mask - is observed. Accordingly, these areas would not have to be closed again. A lockdown at the local or regional level cannot be ruled out in the case of a particularly large number of infections, as can be seen from the current example of Berchtesgaden.

Bundesliga: Europe? Hertha President counters Lehmann

 Bundesliga: Europe? Hertha President counters Lehmann Werner Gegenbauer, President of Hertha BSC, has revised Jens Lehmann's statement that the goal of the season is to qualify for the international competition. "As an advisor to Tennor, Mr. Lehmann speaks about and not for Hertha BSC," the 70-year-old told Sport Bild. © Provided by SPOX Jens Lehmann demands that Hertha qualify for the international places as soon as possible. "The goal is clear to everyone at Hertha BSC.

The Chancellor's appeal in the video is clear: "Stay at home!"

Corona vaccine at the beginning of 2021

The Minister of Health, who only tested positive for the virus on Wednesday (October 21) , also announced that a corona vaccine could be expected in the first months of 2021 . However, setbacks are always possible and it will take time for many people to be vaccinated.

Since it will also be a voluntary vaccination, Spahn appealed to the citizens: "When the time comes, please get vaccinated. The sooner we can get back to normal life." Corona self-tests are also being worked on at full speed. The CDU politician cannot promise whether these will be on the market before Christmas.

You can find out all the current events and top news about Corona in the BUNTE.de ticker!

survey: Germans favor Jens Spahn as the new CDU boss

 survey: Germans favor Jens Spahn as the new CDU boss 22 percent of Germans would like the federal health ministers to be the CDU chairman. However, he is not running at all, but supports Armin Laschet. © Reuters Spahn does not apply for the CDU chairmanship, but competes in a team with NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn would have good cards from CDU chairman, but few good cards as candidate for chancellor of the Union.

Spahn understands the frustration of many Germans

Some measures and rules to contain the pandemic meet with incomprehension among the Germans. When asked by a user why the terminally ill grandmother shouldn't be visited, but football fans are allowed into the stadium, the 40-year-old replied: "In the end, it's also about protection. The elders in particular have by far the highest risk." But he understands that some rules do not match at first glance.

Also the fact that nurses who have a positive corona smear, but are symptom-free free, are bitter for many. The Minister of Health indicated that this was an absolute exception rule that would only come into force if the supply of certain areas could no longer be guaranteed. This would be the case, for example, if entire wards, practices or hospitals could no longer work due to positive testing or quarantine of contact persons.

Opinion: No handshake, no passport? More tolerance please!

 Opinion: No handshake, no passport? More tolerance please! headscarves, crucifixes and now the handshake. In the case of the Lebanese doctor, who was denied naturalization by the judiciary, DW editor Jens Thurau pleads for more composure. © picture-alliance / dpa / S. Stein Provided by Deutsche Welle To start with, a little anecdote, it was many years ago. At the Bellevue Palace in Berlin, the then Federal President Johannes Rau received the diplomatic corps for a New Year's reception.

"We rather went the Swedish way!"

When it comes to the measures against the spread of the coronavirus, the Swedish approach in particular is seen as unique. Spahn also commented on the special path of the targeted herd immunity: "Sweden has definitely chosen its own path - also with many risks, especially for the elderly. With high death rates in the beginning for those in need of care, especially for the elderly. But the truth is also: We in Germany tended to go the Swedish rather than the Spanish way. "

Of course, Spahn continued, there were and still are restrictions. But compared to Spain, where the military was on the street and people were only allowed out for half an hour a day with a pass, "we were able to choose a significantly different route". Spahn emphasized that this was only possible because most Germans stuck to the rules and took care of each other. True to the motto: the more personal responsibility, the fewer government measures. This is also the way Sweden is betting. Spahn's thanks go all the more to those who stick to the rules: "We are not at the mercy of this virus, we can make a difference - and many of you do that every day. Thank you for that!"

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