US News Alice Nevers: family storm and rain of guest stars (Stéphane Plaza, Anthony Colette, Héloïse Martin ...) in this season 17

20:25  22 october  2020
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Storm Alex. Julien Doré will organize an auction to help the victims

 Storm Alex. Julien Doré will organize an auction to help the victims © MARC OLLIVIER - WEST-FRANCE ARCHIVES The singer Julien Doré. Shocked by the images of the floods in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, a village where his maternal grandparents are from, Julien Doré will organize a charity sale of objects belonging to him or belonging to his artist friends. The profits from this auction, which will probably take place on the Internet, will go to people affected by storm Alex in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Alice Nevers : tempête familiale et pluie de guest stars (Stéphane Plaza, Anthony Colette, Héloïse Martin…) dans cette saison 17 © EGO PRODUCTION / TF1 Alice Nevers: family storm and rain of guest stars (Stéphane Plaza, Anthony Colette , Héloïse Martin…) in this season 17 Notice of pitching for the prosecutor and her commander Marquand! Alice Nevers Season 17 summons a ghost and numerous guest stars in oh-so-topical surveys.

What a great family! With her companion Fred Marquand ( Jean-Michel Tinivelli ), her adopted daughter Ada and her son Paul, Alice Nevers ( Marine Delterme , who has just unveiled a photo of her model years) has succeeded in building a tribe , certainly recomposed, but very joyful and united. A beautiful harmony that will be undermined in season 17 of the detective series which arrives on TF1 this Thursday, October 22. Mathieu Brémont ( Alexandre Varga ), the father of the little boy of the now prosecutor, is indeed back after four years of absence. And the ex- (still?) Crook intends to claim his rights over his son by asking for joint custody. What destabilize somewhat the endearing tribe and disrupt the relationship between the police and the magistrate.

DRC: an opposition demonstration dispersed by the police

 DRC: an opposition demonstration dispersed by the police © ALEXIS HUGUET / AFP Martin Fayulu, June 30, 2019 in Kinshasa (illustration). Banned by the municipality of Kinshasa, the march organized this Wednesday by the opposition was dispersed by the police with tear gas. Opponent Martin Fayulu could not go to the place of resemblance. From our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi While Martin Fayulu and his activists had arranged to meet in a square in a working-class district in the east of the Congolese capital , at 8 a.m.

An intimate season

First of all, because Marquand (J ean-Michel Tinivelli, who made a funny request to Stéphane Plaza ) can't stand to see his place called into question, he who raised Paul from his earliest childhood. And yet, the son only dreams of one thing: spending time with his "real" daddy. Then, because, to avoid hurting her lover of Commander, rather ticklish on the subject, Alice decides to hide from her some of the demands of Mathieu, who has offered himself the services of an ace of the bar. Caught between two emotional fires, the prosecutor questions herself, loses her temper, resigns herself, for Paul's sake. Anyway, that's what she thinks! Despite his words, has Mathieu really changed? Is he ready to assume his responsibilities? You don't become a father in a day ... Fortunately, Alice Nevers can count on the support of Marquand, who decides to take her on a weekend to an island to take her mind off things. The ace ! The romantic getaway will turn into a nightmare, in a breathtaking two-part finale ...

Storm of Love: Florian Frowein: "Just one word: Freedom"

 Storm of Love: Florian Frowein: The grand finale of this year's season of " Storm of Love " will probably take place at the end of November and will end with the wedding of the dream couple. This year they are Franzi Krummbiegl ( Léa Wegmann , 29) and Tim Degen ( Florian Frowein , 32).

Plots that echo reality

On the job side either, our heroes are not preserved and will face the worst evils of our time. Since its inception, the series has made the exploitation of societal topics its hallmark. This season 17 is no exception to the rule. During the six episodes, Alice and Marquand will discover with horror the multiple applications of connected subcutaneous implants, will deplore the consequences of digital harassment, will have to deal with xenophobia and investigate in a hospital at the end of its rope due to budget cuts.

Many guests, sometimes against employment

Next to Marine Delterme and Jean-Michel Tinivelli who, over the seasons, rub off more and more on their character, parades a nice range of well-known guests. Fans of Nouvelle sta r will recognize Olivier Bas, ex-juror of seasons 9 and 10 on C8, as a principal. Those of Tomorrow belongs to us will be delighted to find among its students Sylvie Filloux, who played Judith Delcourt in the TF1 soap opera. Fans of Dance with the stars , for their part, will begin a pas de deux in front of the good performance of 'Anthony Colette, in circus suspected of the murder of his niece, played by Héloïse Martin. We will also appreciate the performances of Armelle Deutsch, Annelise Hesme, Marie Fugain and Eva Darlan. But the real surprise of the season is called… Stéphane Plaza , ( who confessed the reason why he hated Grey's anatomy ) quite convincing in a role against employment: that of a doctor devoured by the guilt, far from his usual real estate agent pranks… We buy!

Stephane Plaza: his rant against Emmanuel Macron .
© BORDE-JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGE Stephane Plaza: his rant against Emmanuel Macron Saturday, October 31, 2020, on his Instagram account, Stéphane Plaza pushed a rant against the new restrictions imposed by the government. The state is forcing it to close its real estate agencies. Emmanuel Macron announced it: the whole of France has been reconfined since Friday, October 30, 2020.

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