US News Two buses in front of the gate? "Bayern would find a gap"

14:35  23 october  2020
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That is why the Cuisance transfer to Leeds really failed.

 That is why the Cuisance transfer to Leeds really failed. At the traditional French club, Cuisance is initially on loan. During his presentation, he confirmed that a purchase option had been agreed, as reported by Sport1 . About the failed move to Leeds, he only said that his state of health was not the decisive factor: "There was no problem with the medical check in Leeds. I am in very good shape and ready to play." Transfer allegedly failed due to the demanded buyback clause As ex-Leeds striker Jermaine Beckford (147 games, 84 goals) claims in the p

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Respect for the "best team in the world" on the one hand, hope for their own strengths on the other: Before Eintracht Frankfurt's guest appearance at Bayern Munich on Saturday, coach Adi Hütter is looking for a way to to trip the record champions in good shape.

Hofft auf einen mutigen Auftritt der Eintracht: Trainer Adi Hütter. © imago images Hopes for a courageous performance by Eintracht: Trainer Adi Hütter.

Full defense or escape to the front? Get the wing game under control or close the middle? Hütter is also considering how to get a grip on Bayern, who are currently so strong in shape. "Putting a bus in front of your own goal will not work. Two buses are not enough, they would still find a gap," says the Austrian: "If we close the sides, they play through the center. If we are higher, they play over the chain. And at high balls and standards, they're good too. " That's how it is when you play against the "best team in the world at the moment".

Bundesliga: By SMS: Tiago asked for the FCB change

 Bundesliga: By SMS: Tiago asked for the FCB change Bayern Munich's newcomer Tiago Dantas (19) made the change to the triple winner apparently with the help of cell phone messages to Benfica President Luis Filipe Vieria. Vieira now made this news public - as did Dantas' thanks after the deal was over. © Provided by SPOX Tiago Dantas is already training with the FC Bayern team on Säbener Straße. Bayern have loaned the midfielder for one season, Tiago is initially planned for the second team.

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That's why Hütter demands courage and reflection on his own strengths: "We have respect, but we're looking forward to the game. Bayern are the clear favorites, but I want the team to carry on like they did last, be courageous and look for opportunities . " The coach knows that his team "needs a sidereal day and Bayern needs a not so good one", so a broad chest and resistance help: "We have to show that we are in a good mood, we have to go into the game with confidence, our possibilities looking, putting needle pricks, being uncomfortable and getting into the duels well. " A long list of requirements, followed by a certainty: "If we are passive, it will not be comfortable for us."

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At the professional debut: Bayern talent Sieb pulls ligament injury to

 At the professional debut: Bayern talent Sieb pulls ligament injury to His debut for the first team ended bitterly. Armindo Sieb injured himself in the cup game against 1. FC Düren and is out for a long time. © imago images Bad luck at the premiere: Armindo Sieb. At the debutant ball against the fifth division team in the first round of the DFB Cup, Sieb also had its premiere for the record champions' first team.

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"... then both look like a broken snow chain"

Whether Eintracht will compete in Munich with a three-man or four-man chain is not that important for Hütter: " If we don't close the rooms, then both look more like a broken snow chain. " Because: "If mistakes happen, they strike mercilessly." A fit David Abraham would come in handy, but a deployment of the defense veteran is uncertain. The Argentine is plagued by a tendon injury in the hollow of his knee, he will travel to Munich as one of 19 field players and will be treated again on Friday evening. During the final training session in the morning, he was on the field, but still didn't feel as if he was 100 percent, as his coach reported.

Kostic is still missing

Filip Kostic is not a candidate for the squad, who is well on his way and trains intensively, but should first become fully fit. Amin Younes, an invigorating argument after his substitution in Cologne, is on the plane to Bavaria, but is not yet a candidate for the starting XI.

Netz celebrates: Goretzka's jersey rips .
Against Lokomotiv Moscow meets Bayern star Leon Goretzka. A small mishap happens when celebrating a goal - and that makes for a lot of laughs on the Internet. © Provided by sport1.de Netz celebrates: Goretzka's jersey rips Leon Goretzka not only brought FC Bayern to the winning road in the Champions League at Lokomotiv Moscow in 2: 1 with his goal despite defensive problems . The national player, who is now ailing just like Thomas Müller, also caused a sensation on the Internet.

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