US News Second TV duel with Biden: Trump wafts a touch of desperation

14:50  23 october  2020
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USA 2020: Trump, PA criticizes Biden's environmental program

 USA 2020: Trump, PA criticizes Biden's environmental program USA-ELECTION: USA 2020: Trump, PA, criticizes Biden environmental program © Reuters / JONATHAN ERNST USA 2020: TRUMP, EN PENNSYLVANIA, CRITICISMS OF BIDEN ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM JOHNSTOWN, Pa. / PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (Reuters) - Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden traveled to states that are key to the US presidential election on Tuesday as the campaign intensifies and accelerating ahead of the November 3 poll when a record number of voters voted early.

Trump considered second best in debate praised as ‘more controlled’ and ‘much better’ than last month’s chaotic affair. Though the groups are not representative of actual US voters, they offered a snapshot of the reaction to the debate, which came just two weeks before election day, as Trump

Trump and Biden clash over Hunter corruption claims at final debate. The second and final presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden is underway in Nashville, with the candidates looking to make a closing argument in prime-time, less than two weeks

The US President has played through his repertoire of unfair attacks against his challenger. Trump does not harm himself with his appearance - but whether he helps him?

Donald Trump auf der letzten TV-Debatte vor der US-Wahl im November. © imago images / UPI Photo Donald Trump on the last TV debate before the US election in November. Trump has a touch of despair

In psychoanalysis there is the phenomenon of projection. A person ascribes his own wishes, fears or worries to another person. Projection is a defense mechanism. Your own problems are passed on to someone else - whoosh, they're gone.

How projection works in politics could be seen on Thursday evening at the last debate between the American presidential candidates before the election. There was Donald Trump on the stage, who in recent years has really used his presidential office extensively to pass one or two talers on to his companies, and in all seriousness accused Joe Biden of being a corrupt politician who received money from Russia and China received. $ 3.5 million from Moscow, $ 10 million from Beijing, and there was something about Ukraine too. That was remarkable even by Trump's standards. After all, the president doesn't just bill US taxpayers for every glass of soda a Secret Service agent drinks at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort. He and his children also earn a lot from the fact that complacent Arab princes book entire suites of rooms at the Trump Hotel in Washington.

US Presidential: Twitter blocks a controversial article on Biden, then apologizes

 US Presidential: Twitter blocks a controversial article on Biden, then apologizes Facebook and Twitter blocked an article in the "New York Post" without initially providing an explanation © STRF / STAR MAX / IPx / AP / SIPA The bird representing Twitter. POLEMIQUE - Facebook and Twitter blocked an article in the “New York Post” without initially providing an explanation The confession of Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter could not be clearer: block the sharing of 's web address a New York Post article about Joe Biden with zero context as to why is "unacceptable".

Further, Biden committed a number of gaffes throughout the night, including making a misplaced Hitler reference The moment painted a picture of Bush as an out-of- touch career politician who was not attuned to Ultimately, in my view, Trump ’s performance was by all measures stronger than Biden ’s

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden met for the second and last time on a debate stage Thursday after a previously scheduled town hall debate was For Biden , it was 90 minutes to solidify an apparent lead less than two weeks before the election. Here are key takeaways.


Yes, the way Joe Biden's son Hunter marketed his surname all over the world is unsavory. He was a moderately successful lawyer and lobbyist, but he was courted by clients from Ukraine and China because his father was the US vice president. You can call it corruption, even if it's a form of corruption that you see on every corner in Washington. People turn their proximity to power into money - that's how the game works. And, by the way, among those who play it particularly well are quite a few of Trump's closest friends.

But Trump and his rifle tensioners don't pick on Hunter Biden because they want to hurt Hunter Biden. You want to meet your father, Joe Biden, because he's about to win the presidential election right now. The attempt to defame him as a senile old man has failed, as has the attempt to attach the label "left-wing radical anarchosocialist" to him. So now the Trump camp is trying to portray Biden as a corruptible rascal who can be paid by America's enemies. Proofs? There is not any. What is there are a few incomprehensible emails and text messages of unclear origin and an alleged witness who has nothing to offer other than vague claims.

Despite the polls, Donald Trump promises a "republican wave"

 Despite the polls, Donald Trump promises a © Provided by Le Point trump, presidential As the November 3 deadline draws closer, the forecasts do not seem to favor Donald Trump . Faced with bad polls but also a Republican Party plunged in doubt, the occupant of the White House visited Georgia and Florida on Friday, two states he can hardly afford to lose. he wants to win against Joe Biden.

Disgraced former adviser for Donald Trump , Roger Stone gives 'pep talk' to Joe Biden ahead of presidential debate.

Trump refused to participate and the two candidates instead held dueling televised town halls “You have one more debate that’s been heightened because the second one didn’t occur. The Trump campaign said it would force Biden to account for his nearly five decades of foreign policy positions.

The whole attack that Trump started on Thursday is therefore surrounded by a touch of despair. The president knows that if the polls even half reflect reality, he is heading for the end of a cliff. Behind it it goes steeply into the depths. But maybe it's just a lack of imagination. Four years ago, the strategy of branding Hillary Clinton as a corrupt, money- and power-hungry fury was also successful. So why, Trump might think, shouldn't it work again this time?

Well - why? The debate also provided the answer to this question. Trump has obviously decided that the corona pandemic, which was only China to blame anyway, and that the country is doing great again because the share index is rising daily. He also reminded American blacks that apart from (perhaps) Abraham Lincoln, no American president had done more for them, and the Latinos that - keyword projection - it was in truth Biden who had the children of illegal immigrants locked in cages.

What we know about the "Hunter Biden affair", a new obsession of Trump supporters

 What we know about the © Copyright 2020, The Obs Donald Trump is not going four ways: for the president in trouble in the polls two weeks before the election, "the Biden family is a criminal enterprise." These accusations, which his Democratic rival Joe Biden brushed aside without wanting to resonate with, have become the new rallying cry for supporters of President . "Lock him up!" - Trump fans chant for the extrajudicial imprisonment of Joe Biden https://t.co/c6AKCEcMbQ —atrupar (@Aaron Rupar) "Lock him up!" "They

The two argue over the president's pandemic response and son Hunter Biden 's business interests abroad. You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. Biden accuses Trump of downplaying the risk and not accepting responsibility.

Watching the many stumbles of both President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden on the campaign trail, one can’t help but wonder if either really wants to win. Neither Trump nor Biden – both old men a decade past traditional retirement age – want that kind of trouble.

That was, as Biden once annoyed and rightly noted, for the most part "malarkey", which could politely be translated as "nonsense". But the president doesn't care. Trump talks what he says, and his supporters believe it no matter how high the malarkey factor is. And the rest of Americans now know perfectly well that their president is hostile to the truth.

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Bottom line: It is quite possible that Trump's civilian demeanor in this debate did not harm himself as badly as he did with his rumble during the first television duel a few weeks ago. Did he help himself a lot? Who knows. Trump's problem is that he is who he is. And that most Americans are simply fed up with him.

Biden ahead of Trump: The Candidates' Advertising Spending Compared .
In the past three months, presidential candidate Joe Biden has spent more on programmatic advertising in the US than any company. Much of the money went to the video sector. © Nuno21 / Shutterstock.com US presidential candidate Joe Biden. If the US presidential election were all about advertising spending, Joe Biden would already be the winner. The 77-year-old's campaign spent $ 582 million on advertising through October, according to provider Advertising Analytics .

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