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20:20  23 october  2020
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USA: Agreement in principle with Moscow on extension of "New Start"

 USA: Agreement in principle with Moscow on extension of According to its own statements, the USA has made basic agreements with Russia on an extension of the "New Start" agreement on nuclear disarmament. "We are ready to extend the 'New Start' agreement for a certain time," said US negotiator Marshall Billingslea on Tuesday. The prerequisite is that Russia agrees to a limitation or "freezing" of its nuclear arsenal. However, Moscow rejected this as "unacceptable".

Die Elternzeit soll beide Elternteile entlasten. © Provided by WUNDERWEIB Parental leave should relieve both parents. When does parental leave begin for mothers and fathers, does special protection against dismissal apply and can it be extended? We have the answers to these and more questions.

For many mothers, parental leave is a matter of course and rightly so! But also more and more fathers are applying for parental leave in order to be able to spend several weeks or months with the family. But when does parental leave begin for mothers and fathers? Can an extension of parental leave be requested? Are there differences in parental leave with twins? We clarify these and more questions for you.

"It's not arbitrary or coincidental": Spahn defends plans for extended special corona rights

 Health Minister Spahn has explained why he considers the extension of special rights in the corona pandemic to be necessary. There is new criticism from Bundestag Vice Roth. © Photo: Imago Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn wants to extend special rights in the corona pandemic. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) defended the extension of special rights he wanted.

Fixed-term employment contract and pregnant: Does the protection against dismissal apply here?

When does parental leave start?

Parental leave begins on the day for which you applied for it. For mothers, this can be the case on the day after the end of maternity leave at the earliest. Fathers can take parental leave from the day they are born.

I take parental leave!

How long can mothers and fathers take parental leave?

For each child a total of three years of parental leave can be requested or taken, for each parent. The three years do not have to be taken in one go, but can be spread out.

Since parental leave is a free time-out , it is essential to apply for parental allowance . You should also check whether you can afford to take time off together or whether you prefer to take parental leave separately. You can have the amount of parental allowance you would get calculated using an parental allowance calculator .

Coronavirus: Spain is considering new measures and a curfew

 Coronavirus: Spain is considering new measures and a curfew HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-SPAIN: Coronavirus: Spain is considering new measures and an curfew © Reuters / NACHO DOCE CORONAVIRUS: SPAIN CONSIDERS NEW MEASURES AND COVERFIRE MADRID (Reuters) - In the face of the resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Spanish government is considering imposing new restrictions, including a curfew in Madrid and other parts of the world other regions hard hit by the new coronavirus, Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa said on Tuesday.

Parental leave with twins: Are there any special features?

Do you have twins or even triplets? Then the parental leave does not end after three years at the latest. Because here, too, the following applies: Each parent is entitled to three years per child. That means six years for twins, and another three years for each additional multiple.

Working after parental leave: Why it's harder than I thought

Extending parental leave: Is that even possible?

You only applied for one year of parental leave, but for whatever reason you would like to add for a few more months? That is entirely possible, if your employer plays along . Submit an application in good time and ask for an extension of parental leave. However, it is up to your employer to reject this, after all, he also planned.

The same applies if you want to shorten parental leave.

How can I split parental leave?

Does special protection against dismissal apply during parental leave?

There are still relatively few fathers who take parental leave when they request parental leave.

Extension of the curfew: "We lost a week", criticizes the mayor of Le Touquet

 Extension of the curfew: © GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP At the microphone of Europe 1, the mayor LR of Touquet Daniel Fasquelle criticizes the extension of the curfew announced Thursday by Prime Minister Jean Castex. According to him, the government's policy on the health crisis is "muddled". 54 departments under curfew from Friday at midnight, without forgetting French Polynesia. This is the strong announcement made Thursday by the Prime Minister Jean Castex to try to stem the circulation of the coronavirus .

This protection against dismissal applies not only during parental leave, but also when an employee requests parental leave, but no later than eight weeks before the start of the leave . If, on the other hand, parental leave is requested after the child is three years old, the protection against dismissal applies no earlier than two weeks before the start of parental leave.

Saving for Children: With these 7 tips you can take care of

Parental leave & work: Can you have both?

Do you or your husband want / have or have to work after the birth of your child, but also not forego staying with your child? You can also work on parental leave. Up to 30 hours a week are possible. In the end, it is not the weekly average that matters, but the total hours per month.

At companies with more than 15 employees, you also have a part-time entitlement. The following applies: If you work part-time for your employer on parental leave, you must not be placed in a worse position. When the parental leave expires, everything will run as before and your working hours will automatically be increased again.

If it is not possible to work part-time for your current employer, you can also work independently or for another employer during your parental leave with his / her written consent .

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For each reconstituted family, its legal protection .
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