US News Almost 300 new deaths in France, over 41 million cases worldwide ... update on the coronavirus

23:40  23 october  2020
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WHO fears drastic increase in the number of deaths after global corona wave

 WHO fears drastic increase in the number of deaths after global corona wave Geneva (Reuters) - The World Health Organization (WHO) fears considerably more deaths worldwide after the rapid increase in corona infections. © Reuters / DADO RUVIC A 3D-printed coronavirus model is seen in front of the words coronavirus disease (Covid-19) on display in this illustration Currently around 5000 people with or from the coronavirus die every day, said the leading WHO -Scientist Soumya Swaminathan on Wednesday.

New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic in the world.

  Près de 300 nouveaux décès en France, plus 41 millions de cas dans le monde... le point sur le coronavirus © Majid Asgaripour / WANA / Reuters The situation in France

France passed the milestone of one million Covid-19 cases on Friday since the start of the epidemic, and the situation continues to deteriorate with more than 40,000 new cases recorded in 24 hours, according to Public Health France.

A total of 42,032 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded on Friday, 410 more than the day before, a new record since the generalization of large-scale tests, to reach a total of 1,041,075, according to figures published by the agency . The death toll has also grown, with 298 new deaths recorded in 24 hours, for an overall death toll of at least 34,508 since the start of the epidemic.

Coronavirus: New daily cases reach a record of 400,000 in the world

 Coronavirus: New daily cases reach a record of 400,000 in the world HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-CASES: Coronavirus: New daily cases reach a record of 400,000 in the world © Reuters / TOBY MELVILLE CORONAVIRUS: NEW DAILY CASES RECORD WORLDWIDE 400,000 (Reuters) - New coronavirus infections worldwide surpassed 400,000 on Friday, a daily record that comes as Europe steps up restrictive measures in the face of a new epidemic wave. The European continent has become in recent weeks the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic with 140,000 new daily cases recorded on average.

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The test positivity rate continues to climb, to 15.1% against 14.3% the day before, and only 4.5% early September. 2,091 new patients were hospitalized (for a total of 15,008), and 299 new serious cases (+37) admitted to intensive care, bringing the number of seriously ill patients to 2,441, 122 more in 24 hours.

Over the last seven days, 1,714 Covid-19 patients have been admitted to intensive care, indicates the health agency.

Video: Virus: "too many countries" register exponential progression of cases warns WHO (AFP)

Faced with the gravity of the situation, the government announced Thursday the extension of the cover -fire at 38 new departments and French Polynesia. About 46 million inhabitants are now affected by this measure, which has become inevitable according to Emmanuel Macron, who estimated Friday that "in the phase where we are, we have no other choice".

Covid-19. More than 250,000 dead in Europe, tightened restriction measures

 Covid-19. More than 250,000 dead in Europe, tightened restriction measures © OLI SCARFF / AFP The work of a street artist, in Manchester, United Kingdom, where two-thirds of deaths linked to Covid-19 in Europe. Faced with a second wave, European countries are putting in place drastic measures to counter the evolution of the coronavirus, which has claimed more than 250,000 victims since the start of the pandemic.

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Limited efficiency of the plasma of cured patients

Transfuse plasma to patients with Covid-19 (liquid part of the blood which concentrates the antibodies after disease), taken from people who have been infected but recovered does not reduce their chance of being seriously ill or dying, according to a study published Friday in the medical journal BMJ.

As a treatment for Covid patients suffering from moderate forms, "convalescent plasma has shown limited efficacy", concludes the study carried out in India and published in the medical journal BMJ, which however calls for new studies to be carried out. concentrating on plasma containing high levels of neutralizing antibodies.

According to some studies, transfusion of plasma containing antibodies has been shown to be effective in treating Ebola virus or SARS, which is related to the new coronavirus.

Global update

The novel coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 1,139,406 worldwide since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease at the end of December, according to an established report by AFP from official sources Friday at 11:00 GMT.

More than 41.7 million cases of infection have been officially diagnosed.

The United States is the most affected country with 223,059 deaths, followed by Brazil (155,900 deaths), India (117,306), Mexico (87,894) and the United Kingdom (44,347).

Coronavirus. Reconfinement, a measure that is spreading in Europe .
© Tiziana FABI / AFP A large part of European countries have opted for the reconfinement of their population in the face of the progression of the new coronavirus. Faced with the rebound of the novel coronavirus epidemic in Europe, like France, the majority of countries are taking drastic measures to try to control the contamination.

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