US News US Elections. Joe Biden promises free Covid-19 vaccine "for all" if elected

04:05  24 october  2020
04:05  24 october  2020 Source:   ouest-france.fr

USA 2020: Trump, PA criticizes Biden's environmental program

 USA 2020: Trump, PA criticizes Biden's environmental program USA-ELECTION: USA 2020: Trump, PA, criticizes Biden environmental program © Reuters / JONATHAN ERNST USA 2020: TRUMP, EN PENNSYLVANIA, CRITICISMS OF BIDEN ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM JOHNSTOWN, Pa. / PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (Reuters) - Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden traveled to states that are key to the US presidential election on Tuesday as the campaign intensifies and accelerating ahead of the November 3 poll when a record number of voters voted early.

Joe Biden outlined how he would tackle Covid - 19 as President Trump goes on the attack at a Florida rally. Biden outlines his plan to tackle the crisis if elected , saying it would include free vaccines for all . The coronavirus crisis was one of the main clashing points at the debate in Nashville.

Joe Biden 's Agenda for the Latino Community. The Biden Plan to Invest in Middle Class Competitiveness. An idea that goes back to our founding principle that all men are created equal. It’s an idea that’s stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean, more powerful than any dictator.

Joe Biden, le 23 octobre 2020, à Wilmington, dans le Delaware. © KÉVIN LAMARQUE / REUTERS Joe Biden, October 23, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Democratic candidate for the White House, presented Friday in Delaware his program to fight against the coronavirus. He said he would make the vaccine free for everyone in the United States.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden promised on Friday October 23 that the coronavirus vaccine would be "free for everyone" as part of his national plan to fight the pandemic , if it was elected president of the United States .

"Once we have a safe and effective vaccine, it should be free for everyone, whether you are insured or not" , he said, presenting in Wilmington (Delaware) his project for " get ahead of the virus ”, 11 days from the presidential election .

Trump and Biden expected for a televised duel, each on his own

 Trump and Biden expected for a televised duel, each on his own © JIM WATSON US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, during their debate on September 29, 2020 in Cleveland Unprecedented evening for a riddled election campaign historic events: 19 days before the US presidential election, Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden, leading in the polls, will respond live Thursday evening to questions from voters, but each on a different channel.

Biden added, 'Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain president of the United States of America'. President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden started off their final presidential Why aren't US COVID - 19 mortality rates catching up with surging cases yet?

Trump and Biden squared off on the economy, COVID - 19 , race, climate change and more. President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden participate in their second 2020 presidential campaign Biden says any foreign power who interferes in election "will pay a price". Fact check: Trump says

President Donald Trump , lagging behind in the polls, also wants the future vaccine against the virus, which could be ready in the next s week, to be free.

Democrats blame Republican billionaire for failing to put in place a strong federal response to the pandemic, which has claimed more than 223,000 lives in the world's most bereaved country, the United States.

"The Covid-19 exceeds anything we have faced in our recent history and it does not show signs of slowing down" , launched Joe Biden, stressing that "the virus is getting stronger in virtually all states" American .

"I abandoned America" ​​

"We've been in this crisis for almost eight months and the president still doesn't have a plan," , said the 77-year-old former vice president.

REPORT. In Florida, Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus cools seniors

 REPORT. In Florida, Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus cools seniors © Chandan Khanna, AFP Joe Biden supporters decorating their golf cart at the end of August for a parade in The Villages. The Villages in Central Florida is the largest retirement community in the United States. Firmly republican. But more and more residents are proudly showing their support for Joe Biden.

It's time for us , for We the People, to come together. For make no mistake. United we can, and will, overcome this We must be. All elections are important. But we know in our bones this one is more consequential. Just judge this president on the facts. 5 million Americans infected with COVID - 19 .

Are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris trying to prolong the pandemic? That might be the result of their reckless efforts to erode confidence in a vaccine — even Thanks for contacting us . We 've received your submission. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to quit playing politics with COVID - 19 vaccine .

"He abandoned, he abandoned you, he abandoned your family and he abandoned America" ​​, he hammered in a televised speech.

If elected, Joe Biden pledges to put "immediately" in place a national strategy "to finally get ahead of the virus and start living again" .

He therefore wants to consult the governors of the 50 states during the transition period, before his inauguration on January 20.

Once in power, he would call on Congress to pass a major law to finance the fight against the coronavirus and would establish the mandatory wearing of the mask in federal buildings and in interstate transport.

Biden ahead of Trump: The Candidates' Advertising Spending Compared .
In the past three months, presidential candidate Joe Biden has spent more on programmatic advertising in the US than any company. Much of the money went to the video sector. © Nuno21 / Shutterstock.com US presidential candidate Joe Biden. If the US presidential election were all about advertising spending, Joe Biden would already be the winner. The 77-year-old's campaign spent $ 582 million on advertising through October, according to provider Advertising Analytics .

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