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04:15  24 october  2020
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Storm of Love: Florian Frowein: "Just one word: Freedom"

 Storm of Love: Florian Frowein: The grand finale of this year's season of " Storm of Love " will probably take place at the end of November and will end with the wedding of the dream couple. This year they are Franzi Krummbiegl ( Léa Wegmann , 29) and Tim Degen ( Florian Frowein , 32).

'I’m looking for someone who is easy going , loves a laugh and is not afraid to have a go at new things,' admits hunky Farmer Harry, who resides in When asked what the most romantic thing he's ever done for a woman is, he added: 'I protected my ex -girlfriend from a coyote who tried to attack her

Farmer Wants A Wife Australia's Farmer Harry reportedly wants to quit the show a. The unlucky-in- love farmer was the talk of the show 's launch party earlier this month in Sydney – Harry was The Bachelorette Australia A shirtless montage, plenty of pashes and one contestant dramatically kicked

He still firmly believes in finding his great love on TV. Till Adam tried five years ago to take the heart of " Bachelorette " Alisa Persch (32) by storm. Without success! In 2018, the single man tried his luck in the dome show " Love Island " - also in vain.

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Then he found the supposedly great love in teacher student Hanna Annika and took part with her on the RTL show " Temptation Island ". The couple separated only a short time later! Now Till wants to start a new attempt at love - and that of all things in the cult show " Bauer sucht Frau "!

She will welcome Till to her farm! How sexy organic farmer Denise lolled on her tractor recently, we show you in the following video:

Laeticia Hallyday on her love life: "It's not easy. We are often a couple of three "

 Laeticia Hallyday on her love life: © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGE Laeticia Hallyday on her love life:" It's not easy. We are often a couple of three " In an interview with the show Sept à Huit, which will be broadcast this Sunday, October 18, Laeticia Hallyday confided in her complicated romantic relationship with Pascal Balland. The disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday will never recover . If time heals the wounds, the widow of Taulier, who died on December 5, 2017, is trying to smile again.

handsome farmers who are looking for love on the show . " Farmer Wants A Wife has had back-up farmers since the first season. If farmer Jack's situation The Bachelorette Australia Georgia Love ’s hilariously savage response to a fan who brought up her Bachelorette ex has us cheering.

Looking for love : In the clip one of the female hopefuls dressed in a white lace wedding gown as she walked through the farm barn. An ex -serviceman who has travelled the world, he said he's ready to settle on the family farm where he grew up. 'Not only do you get a farmer , you also get a guy that

Ex- "Bachelorette" -Star Till Adam: "I find that attractive"

Till tries for the fourth time, the big love on TV to find. Whether organic farmer and horse host Denise (31) will take his breath away? Remains to be seen. In any case, in addition to 30 hectares of grassland and numerous animals, it also has an enviable, well-trained body!

The 31-year-old single man already raved in an interview with RTL: "She has her own company, lives her own life and has both feet on the ground and I find that attractive. It also exudes a certain maturity that you can missed a bit with other people. "

organic farmer Denise is skeptical at the sight of Till Adam

The 16th season of the RTL dome show starts on October 26th - as usual with the support of presenter Inka Bause (51). But a short excerpt could already be seen beforehand that organic farmer Denise is not entirely sure whether candidate Till could really suit her due to his past TV appearances. The horse landlady explained with a good dose of skepticism: "I asked myself what someone like that wanted on my farm? I am looking for someone who will later be here with me on the farm and help out!" However, Till tried to convince his lady of the love and said that he grew up on a farm himself: "My parents had many animals in the garden, my father even had horses and I myself bred pigeons."

Thore Schölermann wishes his children a nature free from contaminated sites

 Thore Schölermann wishes his children a nature free from contaminated sites © Eon Thore Schölermann with dog Rudi at Environmental protection begins in your own four walls. Apparently the "The Voice of Germany" presenter Thore Schölermann (36) and his wife Jana (33) see it that way. "We live very consciously," explains Schölermann in an interview. For example, they tried to buy regionally, not throw away any food and generally produce less rubbish. The two would also eat less meat: "I go hunting myself and know what it means to kill an animal in order to eat it." Many

The call out begins: ' FARMERS LOOKING FOR LOVE '. 'Australia's most SUCCESSFUL love show is BACK,' it continues, with contact details included at the bottom. 'The Farmer Wants a Wife is searching for single farmers who are ready to fall in LOVE .'

I'm an oyster farmer , and I'm looking for a wife .' He then explains his town has a low population which presumably makes meeting women difficult Jedd goes on to say that his ideal wife would have to share his passion for oysters: 'Does she have to eat oysters? Yeah, of course she does!' he laughs.

You have already found happiness. Farmer Gerald Heiser and his Anna are even expecting their first child! In the video below you can see a picture of Anna's sugar-sweet baby ball.

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